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May 16, 2011

Woof! Woof!

5/16 Update: Rode all over San Diego county...from inland to the coast, around, rode by where IMom works, she rode by all those nice homes in Rancho Sante Fe, rode by Tanya's house. Awesome day for a ride. One more really long ride this weekend, then she tapers until event day on June 5th. Speaking of event day, it is not too late to contribute to the cause. Mom am riding on behalf of my cubemate, Tanya, whose ladybug pin will be taking that tour of Lake Tahoe with her. Oh, and we LOVE licking the salt off mom's face when she gets home! Yum!

5/8 Update: Got up to 86 miles today while Daddy did a fundraiser for mom by selling Mother's Day flowers. Our neighborhood expects this tradition every year. Mom loves cycling with her group, but we sure do miss her as she is gone all day long. But that's OK...we are revved up and excited for when she gets home. Mom says only 2 more long rides, then a taper ride, then event day...and her birthday. What the heck shall we get for her?

5/1 Update: Mom has been so busy riding all these hills, that we totally forgot to remind her to do her updates. THis past week she conquered that Purple Monster mountain and rode her longest ride ever of 80 miles. The team also rode by Tanya's house, and Mom gave a touch to the ladybug pin of Tanya's that she rides with every week. Go MOM!!!

4/11 Update: Got over the 70 mile mark on Saturday. Gorgeous ride after a night of rain, so the air was so clear. Mom tackled more hills and had new folks in the pace line. Tanya still rides with mom via Tanya's ladybug pin on Mom's bike saddle. Here is a picture of her from last year....sigh....but she would be cheering Mom on!!! Thanks for all your support!!!

4/6 Update: Oops, mom missed a few weeks. She is now up to cycling 64 miles and has gotten up to 37mph. Tanya's ladybug pin is providing Mom great strength. She has tackled West Lilac and Champagne Blvd...2 pretty steep climbs. Go mom!

3/20 Update: Mom rode 52 miles with her awesome team, which now includes our Auntie Ellen, who is like cheetah on a bicycle. They all conquered that Torrey Pines hill (we have only heard the swear words about it) and had a great bike ride. And mom got up to 33 mph...she can go faster, I just know it. Mom also got a ladybug pin from Tanya's husband, so Tanya, who mom is riding for, now goes on every ride that mom does. Tanya will get Pattie up those hills.

3/14 Update: This weekend Mom took the train from Solana Beach up to San Juan Captistrano and then road her bike back with teammates. Very cool riding through Camp Pendleton. That was 47.5 miles. Nice job, Mom. And she wore a bandage on her knee to use reverse psychology so she would not fall, and she DIDN'T. Maybe she needs 4 paws to help her balance. This week is hill work for her..oh my!

3/8 Update: "I am so grateful to all of the TNT alumni who are helping with their donations. That makes me feel very special. Thank you guys!!!!" Last Saturday our human rode up and down some big hills, and she made it to the top. Yeah! THat is her on the left.She was panting as much as we do when chase tennis balls, but her teammates were very helpful. She slept very well last night...did you know she snores? We heard it!!!

2/27 Update: The rain finally stopped, so mom had a great 42 mile bike ride with some of the "fast cyclists". She saw sights of southern San Diego she had never seen before, and she got to take the Coronado ferry with the rest of the cycle team. Her legs are a bit tired, but at least she didn't fall. Way to go mom! Take us next time, will you?

2/20 Update: Well, it was raining out, so mom rode with our dad human in the late morning. She accomplished 30 mile ride, however she has to learn how to stop falling while going UP a hill. That is just silly. We licked her ouchie, which made her scream, but she really felt virtuos by getting up and over that Bandy Canyon hill. Next up? Mom's first spin class. We hope she doesn't fall when not moving at all! Woof!

2/13 Update: Mom had a great second session riding around Harbor Island and Point Loma area. She tackled some small hills and can feel her legs working. Good thing she doesn't have 4 legs like us...they would all be a bit sore.

2/8 Update: Our human survived her first bike session, and she did not fall again. She learned how to ride in a pace is like dogs sniffing each others' butts :)...the bikers ride wheel to wheel. Do the tires smell? Hmmm, we might have to take a whiff.Way to go, Mom. Now, get back in the saddle and cycle some more.


Our human is training for an endurance event to cycle all the way around Lake Tahoe, which is about 100 miles. We think she is crazy, but then again, she has done a lot of marathons, so we think she can do this, too.

Now, we can't quite use our paws to run as fast as she can bicycle, but we will be cheering for her and supporting her all the way. As a matter of fact, it will be her birthday (yes, her 21st...ha) on June 5, when she does the Tahoe ride.

Our human, Pattie, is doing this ride in honor of her co-worker and cubemate, Tanya, who lost her battle with cancer this December. Do you know even dogs like us can get cancer? It sucks.

It you can spare a few dog treats, please donate them here to our human. She will need all the energy she can get to get up those hills.


Mocha and Kona, the Keller canines


Supporter Comments

    "That shirt was AMAZING!! Thank you so much! I hope you have a wonderful time on the cycle team!! See you soon! Go Get Em Pattie! XO Erin"

    Erin McKinney

    Thu Feb 24 11:38:17 EST 2011

    "Hey Mocha and Kona! I'm so happy to know my human isn't the only crazy person out there!"

    Wobble kitty

    Thu Mar 03 11:53:04 EST 2011

    "Happy Mother's Day!"


    Sun May 08 07:16:51 EDT 2011

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