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I run because...
Mar 17, 2011 by Christine Ricklefs

Running has been going pretty good, slowly getting the miles in and figuring out and maintaining my winged scapulas. Ha Last week I even taped my scapulas down-let me tell you something; I looked like a weirdo but had a solid 6 mile run and quarter mile cool down with little to no pain! Yay :) I feel so accomplished when I get done with a run; however I need to relearn how to run outside. I have such a hard time finding my perfect pace and maintaining that pace while I'm outside. Good thing is I have lots of time before June! A little bit at a time-that's what I like to remember- even if I don't always live by that.

Fundraising has been going very well! THANKS to all of those who have already donated. I will be taking donations until May so feel free to drop something in the mail or donate to the right of this post on this handy dandy website. I’m getting so close to my goal!! YAY, thanks for all the support. :)

When I first started this training, I wanted to remember my grandmother and help those who are currently battling cancer. I never thought it would morph into such a huge part of who I am. I love to hate getting emails about those in the community who have been recently diagnosed with cancer, who are still fighting, and my favorite- those who have won their fight. Hearing of others stories and struggles or discovering another person affected by this disease gives me so much motivation to go run yet at the same time it stinks that another family/person is affected. I run for these people, for those who have been affected in some way, for those that need hope the most. I struggle with not being able to be there and help everyone whether it is big or small but at the end of the day, knowing that in a very small way I am helping raise awareness and even money for research, and various patient aid programs including scholarships for school is really cool!

Running used to be a way to stay healthy, have a great time with my friends during track season, something I felt like I had to do but was never my favorite thing! However these past few months, running has become top notch in my book! Running helps me relax (hello anxiety reduction haha), refocus my attention, and is enjoyable.

More than anything, running reminds me that together we all can do things we never thought we could. I never thought I could enjoy running, feel as if I was leaving an extraordinary mark on the world around me, share my grandmother’s story or even talk about her again. Running and participating in TNT helped me work through things that I’ve ignored for years- I hope I keep running with enjoyment after this process is over!

Love the life you live. Live the life you love. – Bob Marley

Training update
Mar 02, 2011 by Christine Ricklefs

Training has been going relatively well, a few minor bumps but nothing too serious! Nothing a taking a few days off can't fix! I love going to the gym late at night and to be honest it’s usually the only time I can fit it in because I'm not a morning person. You definitely don't want to go during peak hours, it’s more of a social environment at the Student Rec; lets just say I'd never get my runs done but I would have continuous conversation with my friends. haha. I'm up to about 4-5 miles a day; it's been a good stress release from school!

I had my first fundraising event last night at a local restaurant, Cafe Mexicali, I thought it went well. I'll find out how much I raised tomorrow! It was relatively easy to do; all you had to do was pass out loads of flyers advertising your event. For each person that used a flyer, I got 20% of what they spent! In a college town, around Spring Break, a burrito place is a pretty busy place; I'm optimistic! I got a few other ideas up my sleeve; hopefully I can get them set in stone over Spring Break.

Enjoy your Wednesday!

Run, Forest, Run!
Feb 18, 2011 by Christine Ricklefs

The running has been getting better through the week, thank goodness! I think my cold is finally gone and my body is finally getting back into shape! Yahoo :) I've reconfirmed that I'm a night runner, I love running later in the day. It is so nice to run off the stress of the day, come home shower and feel completely recharged. I partake in morning runs but they almost stress me out (haha, can you tell I'm a night owl), thinking oh gosh I just need to get this done so I’m not late for class or meetings or whatever. My goal this week is to become more comfortable with morning runs and find enjoyment in them. After all, races are in the morning as well as group runs (can't wait till the next one) :)

I keep bouncing around several fundraising opportunities but haven't nailed anything down in stone yet, which is kind of frustrating. I'm sure something will fall into place though, my first round of exams are over so I'll have more time to go talk to community members.

Have a great day!

1st Group run
Feb 12, 2011 by Christine Ricklefs

We had our 1st group run today at CSU's track, it was a lot of fun. I'm not much of a morning person and I've never done a group run, so this was a new experience. I'm still trying to get over a cold so I'm hoping the run next week goes better!

At the TNT kick off I met Kathy, she's our team hero! Below is a picture of us.

Why I chose TNT
Feb 10, 2011 by Christine Ricklefs

Why I chose Team in Training, it felt right- plain and simple. I want to become an oncologist because cancer is a large part of my family and I feel I have something to offer patients. I helped my grandmother everyday with her personal battle with this disease; I want to give people hope they will get better.

For several years, I've wanted to honor my grandmother in a very special way and helping others at the same time while remembering her. What a better way to remember my best friend then help raise money for a cause I believe in. I asked my brother if he would run the half marathon with me and he immediately said yes! I am so excited to be doing such a wonderful thing to honor a woman who gave me so much throughout my childhood and helped instill strong values in my life.

This will be a busy spring with graduating from college, working, training, and fundraising but with all of your help and encouragement- I know I can achieve anything.

If you want your dreams to come true, wake up!!

Christine *

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    "Good Luck Christine! Have fun."

    mark buckley

    Tue May 03 09:31:21 EDT 2011

    "Great job, Christine; Let's see how much above your goal you can go!! Youre grandma would be so proud of you!"

    Sue Trees

    Sun May 01 08:42:56 EDT 2011

    "Nice work Christine! What a wonderful way to honor your Grandmother! "

    Jennifer Garvey

    Wed Apr 27 10:40:28 EDT 2011

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