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Workouts 24 -30 April 2011
May 01, 2011 by Bridget Jordan

Sunday: Easter, Happy Easter! I tried to do my run later that afternoon after brunch but no luck, it started raining really hard.

Monday: Ran 6 miles in 54 minutes and something seconds. I had a terrible terrible head wind on mile 1 and mile 5, side winds on miles 2 and 4 and tale winds on mile 3 and 6 which were also down hill! The head winds must have been about 30-40+ MPH at times. My time were about a 10.5 or 11 minute mile.

Tuesday: I tried to run with my team for group run but my stomach acted up right before i had gotten there. I did a warm up lap, and a 600 and couldn't do any more, my stomach didn't work with me for the rest of the night, It actually hurt all night.

Wednesday we had group swim. It was hard. 1 hour of swimming. Long and hard. Tiring.

Thursday: Rest day. Watched my son play baseball.

Friday: 90 minute ride with a TNT member. We rode from the YMCA from Briargate to Falcon (Meridian Ranch Road) We got a bit lost on the way back, had to turn back and reroute ourselves. The wind was just terrible. about 40-50MPH+ gusts at times. One the last stretch up Austin bluffs road from Woodman the headwind was so strong that I had only been peddling 7MPH!

Saturday: Ran on the treadmil at the gym 6 miles for 58 minutes. I did a nice and easy run. I focused on my form, how I landed on my feet. I made sure that I landed on the ball on my feet vs. flat footed and kept my elbows in.

17 thru 23 April Workouts
Apr 25, 2011 by Bridget Jordan

Sunday: Played soccer only. We only had 1 sub so I played just about the entire 90 minutes of the game. Alot of running that day. Alot of sprinting!

Monday: I ran 4 miles and swam 1 mile. I was supppose to only swim 1 hour but because I was suppose to run 1 hour on Sunday and I missed my run I decided to add that on Monday. So I decided that I would try it out and make sure that I could swim the entire mile. I did swim the mile in 36 minutes. I ran the 4 miles in 36:42.

Tuesday: I missed training. I had a upset stomach.

Wednesday: We had group swim. I felt good.

Thursday: Rest day!

Friday: Biked with Chris approximately 17 miles.

Saturday: We had our Bike-A-Thon! We rode our bikes for about 3 1/2 hours! We must have rode for about 50 miles if we would have kept track. My butt was killing me!

Workouts 10 April thru 17 April 2010
Apr 18, 2011 by Bridget Jordan

Sunday: My son had a baseball game. I spent the day there and recovered from the 45 mile bike ride the day before...

Monday: I did my hour swim, worked on what we worked on on Wednesday and I worked on my flip turn. I am getting my flip turn down! Yay! I ended up in the wrong lane once, but oh well LOL! The only thing is that I am going to deep on the flip turn and I am coming up out of breath, but it is easier to start swimming again this way rather than touching the wall and turning around and starting the swim again.

Tuesday: We had our Team run. We worked with coach Lee. He had us do lunges and some other warm ups. We did striders and interval training. We worked on our getting our pace down. I did hurt my right quad doing the lunges I think that I extended my lunge too far.

Wednesday: Swim night. Frustration set in again because I cannot get the strokes correct.

Thursday: Rest night, thank goodness because my quad was really still hurting. I couldn't do anything.

Friday: I still rested because I know that we will have a hard brick training on Saturday against the Denver team and I really have a sore right quad.

Saturday: We had a Brick training with the TNT Denver team. A brick training is ride 6 miles, run 1 mile. This gets our legs use to the transition from bike to run. They call it "brick" because it actually feels like we have bricks connected to our feet. Our Colorado Springs team kicked booty! We rocked it!

Workouts 3 April thru 9 April
Apr 13, 2011 by Bridget Jordan

Sunday: Had a soccer game: The weather started out really really pretty that day. 70+ out, I arrived at the soccer game it everything turned dark out, it started to snow, we had 50MPH winds and it was about 30degrees out! It was terrible! We did win though.

Monday: Did a swim, it was good. I do get tired of swimming though. I tried to copy what the guy in the lane beside me does. And then he started going really really fast.

Tuesday: Group run, interval training. We did warm ups 2 laps, and stretches. Then we did a 1200 at a 8 level, we did 2 600s, 3 400s. and 4 200s, and a cool down lap. It was a good workout.

Wednesday: Swim again. Our coach showed our team and me my video. Showed me what I am doing wrong, but I have to say, I think that I am improving. I don't think that I almost completely flipped over when I took a breath. And I don't think that I am crossing my arms as much as I did and I think that I am getting faster. After all of the negatives, I do think that I have some positives.

Thursday: It was suppose to be my rest day but I had a short 3.5 mile run to my son's baseball practice. I'm not sure what my time was because of the stop lights & I forgot to stop my watch. BTW,There was 2 torturous hills that I conquered & did not stop going up, BUT loved going down! Oh my goodness those hills were soooo steep! I ran quite fast by a creepy looking fella too even going up the hill so that may have helped my time.

Friday: My rest day. I changed my rest day because Fridays are easier for me.

Saturday: Duh Duh Duhnnnnn: 45Mile Bike ride up to Cheyenne Mountain Canyon! We rode with the TNT Cycle team. The ride started out nice, not to windy and then the wind started to pick up, I swear it got up to about 30MPH gusts! It was terrible at times! It was worth it though. After I got home, I had a steak on the grill and a bud light! YUM!

Our Team in Training Hero Kari Shultz's Story
Mar 31, 2011 by Bridget Jordan

Here is the story of our Team in Training hero, Kari Shultz:

Kari was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma in Fall of 2001, a little over a year after her first son was born. Luckily it was caught early (stage IIA) and she was able to begin treatment relatively soon after diagnosis. After she was treated with chemotherapy and radiation therapy, she was happy to learn that she had gone into remission. During remission she benefited from a monthly support group put on by The Leukemia Lymphoma Society. Without this support group she may have never gotten involved with Team In Training, and never have run her first marathon (Rock n Roll in San Diego, June 2003). In addition to this Kari ran a 1/2 marathon at the first annual Nike Women's Marathon in October 2004.

A little less than a year after her second son being born, she experienced a relapse of her disease in May 2007 and underwent a stem cell trans-plant. In January 2009 Kari was able to participate in her third Team-In-Training event, running the Rock n Roll 1/2 marathon in Phoenix!

Thank you for supporting Team-in-Training, supporting Kari, my other friends and families that you may have read about – many patients with blood cancers have and will directly benefit from your efforts.

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