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Getting there
Sep 23, 2011 by Luci Smith

We are getting there folks. Getting there with the miles and getting there with the fundraing. I get to walk 22 miles tomorrow. That is a long ways. One can do lots of thinking, praying, and missing there loved ones during that time. I am missing my Dad. But each step gives me hope. I am doing this for my Dad.....for him. He got cancer and he gave it a very good fight. Tomorrow I will train hard for him....he is my reason. Along the way I collected many more reasons why I am doing this. Every step, no matter how painful physically and emotionally it has been, has been worth it.

We are very close to the fundraising goal. Only $408.00 to go. We can do it.I know we can. GO TEAM!!!

26 Days and Counting
Sep 23, 2011 by Luci Smith

My dad at his 80th birthday with my daughter Jena...

May we all work hard for everyone to continue celebrating

birthdays together!

Well, only 26 days left before marathon day. Feeling pretty good physically. Got 20 miles done today in training, in the great NW rain. My body is not objecting to this and for that I am so very thankful.

I am still a bit short on my fundraising though. I got about $900.00 left to raise. Yahoo it is under $1,000.00 so that is a big step in the right direction. SO, if you were thinking about donating now is the time. We can get the last $900.00....easy peasy.

I have a couple of fundraisers happening that I would like to share. My husband is still selling photos or doing photo shoots and 100% of all profits goes to LLS. Here is his web address.

Also I have a fundraiser night this Tuesday, September 20 at Old Spaghetti Factory in Vancouver. You need a flier for them to give the 10% discount of the bill to LLS. They are also extending the hours to include lunch here is that website. I will be sending out the flier again so you can print it out.

Also, I am raffling off two gift certificates (worth $20.00 total) to Old Spaghetti Factory. To get a ticket just donate to my web page and put OSF next to your name. $5.00 buys you three tickets and $10.00 buys you 7. So far I have only three people who donated for this so your chances are pretty good.

I want to leave you with this. It was take from a nurse who helps cancer patients. Thank every one for you way I could do this with out you all.

A Day in the Life... by Kate, my friend and Oncology Nurse.."Pt" is the cancer patient...

"Many blood cancer patients face a bone marrow transplant as the only option for a possible cure. These patients are forced to stay in the hospital for 30-90 days, enduring high dose chemo, total body irradiation, and immune systems so suppressed they can't even leave the ward.

Me: Oh man. 530 am. I am so not ready to get up. Didn't sleep well last night, air got chilly coming in through the window. My pelvis ached from running that day. Fiona woke me up with a nightmare. Sigh.

Pt: Oh man. 530 am. I was just woken up an hour ago for vital signs. Again. Didn't sleep at all last night. Feeling suffocated from the lack of fresh air. My entire body aches and I only managed one lap around the ward. Whole night was a nightmare. Sigh.

Me: I can't do anything with my hair today. It's driving me crazy. Hmmm. Should I get it cut? Grow it? Color it? I can't believe how grey it's getting.

Pt: I wish I had hair.

Me: Gotta make lunches for the kids. What should I eat for breakfast? Homework in backpacks. Dogs fed. Training run in. Come on kids! We're running late! Too much to do. Not enough time. I hate being so rushed in the morning.

Pt: Hope my kids are eating well without me there. Ugh. Breakfast. I miss tasting food. Gotta choke down something to stay strong. Pills taken. How much/many times I went to the bathroom recorded. Come on nurses! The sores in my mouth are killing me! Not enough to do. Too much time. I hate how the mornings drag on.

Me: Work. So hard to see patients struggling. So amazing to see them do well. Miss being home with my kids. Stress and worry over correct chemo doses. Blood products. Keeping blood pressures normalized. Reactions. Pain control. 12 hour day. Tired. Ready to go home.

Pt: Fighting. So tired of the struggle. Praying I'll do well. Miss being home. Miss my kids. Miss my pets. Miss my kitchen. Miss my bed. Miss my life. Stress and worry over nurses getting correct chemo doses. Blood products. Keeping my blood pressures normalized. Afraid of reacting to things. Need better pain control. Neverending day. Tired. Wish I could go home.

Me: Home. Back to the healthy chaos of a loving husband, 4 kids, 2 dogs and a gecko. Tired, but happy.

Pt: 3 more weeks til I'm home. Please just let me make it that long. Tired, scared, but hopeful.

Thank you for helping me get my patients home and back to their lives."

Chuggling along
Sep 08, 2011 by Luci Smith

Hello Everyone-

Hope you all had a fantastic summer.

For me summer was a blur. To be honest it was not the best summer.....maybe could even be classsified as the worse. SIGH. I am still adjusting to life with out my dad and all the other stuff that comes along with the grieving process. Training for TNT and a family that understands (at least tries too) my outbursts and the need to just be alone for time to time has gotten me through the summer. Summer is over, kids are back to school and that means I get to help out in some wonderful classrooms and see kids growing and learning every day. Things are looking better. I will get through this.

We are up to training 18 miles (hopefully we will get it done this Saturday before it gets to hot). Okay that is a ridiculas long way. We were driving the other day for 14 miles and I looked at my husband and said...I walk farther then this. WOW......that made me question my sanity.

We are also on the home stretch for the final fundraising. YIKES. I still need to raise $1,400.00. My goal is to do this by the end of September. Okay to reach that goal, I need all your help. Please if you have been thinking about donating to LLS, now is the time to do so. Remember every little bit counts. No donation is too small and no donation is to big. Please help spread the word. Also, if your employer or if you own your own company and need a tax write off, this is a great way to do it. So ask them please.

I want to end with some words from my mentor, Karin. Karin has luekimia and she is one of the reasons why I do this and will do it again and againg and again.

"Yesterday, I walked 17 miles! Today, I texted my coach to let her know JUST how THANKFUL I am to be affiliated with the TEAM! Who would have guessed 3 1/2 years ago -- that I would get NO sleep on a Friday night, get up at 4am and walk 17 miles, and then on Sunday feel GREAT!???! No muscle aches or pains -- just another day in paradise :) I know I wouldn't have!

Oh, just to keep you posted on my numbers are going up again, pretty, I know that before too long, I will need chemo again :{

As long as each round of chemo keeps me here, with my family, for a few more years---I will gladly go through it again (YUCK)....maybe after a couple more rounds, because of help, from people like YOU, they will have found a cure for CLL....THAT my friends, is my hope and prayer!!"

Halfway there.
Aug 15, 2011 by Luci Smith

Well, as the miles keep adding up and the fundraising work increases, it's getting harder and harder to get these updates out to everyone. I had no idea how much work this was! Thank you for your patience as I try to keep y'all up to date.

Training is going pretty good. Well actually it is stink'n hard! In addition to this marathon, I am also training for the Portland to Coast (PTC) event, coming up on August 26th. This is a walking relay race, stretching from Portland to Seaside, OR, 130 miles away. I am walking three legs for a total of about 18 miles in a 28 hour period. Crammed in a van with like-minded and sweaty individuals, lots of walking, little sleep, and no flushing toilets. Jeepers! Kinda crazy I know. My Dad thought I was nuts (I've done this repeatedly a few times for reasons that even escape me!).

Fundraising efforts for the marathon (Team In Training) has been at full tilt. I am really new with this fundraising stuff so I hope you'll be patient with me as I try out different things. Hopefully it's not too much!

The good news is, I've received LOTS of support and now we are looking at fundraisers at two awesome restaurants. One will be at Noho's restaurant in Portland (Hawaiian) and the other one will be at the Old Spaghetti Factory in Vancouver. I will definitely let you know the dates as soon they are finalized so you can join us for a yummy meal and help the fight against cancer.

I'm a gluten for punishment though, so we are also adding an on-line Pampered Chef party. This is a great opportunity for all our out-of-town supporters since everything can be done from the comfort of a computer. Orders are placed on-line and the product shipped directly to your door. Here is the website with more details:

The last fundraiser I want to tell about is dear to my heart. WHY? Because it involves my husband! Most of you know that Paul loves to take pictures. Well, right now, any prints or products you order through his website will support The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. He is donating all sales (after printing costs) directly to LLS through my fundraising page. You can check out his blog post here were he explains it all. There are some great photos here!

Feel free to contact him if you are interested in portraits as well since all prints you order from that also go to this fundraising effort.


So I guess that between TNT training (doing 15 miles on Saturday!), PTC training, fundraising, trying to make a fun summer for two darling little girls, and all the other wifey, mommy, and puppy duties....well, it has been busy to say the least! I have also been overwhelmed. Overwhelmed by your generosity. We reached 50% of our fundraising goal by donations only, from family, friends and even STRANGERS! That was a HUGE milestone so congratulations to all of you who helped us reach that!! Now, here's to the next 50%!

My Team in Training
Jul 25, 2011 by Luci Smith

My team and I completed an 11 mile walk this morning. It was great up to about mile 9 and then my legs started to get so very heavy--it was hard. Very hard. BUT it is done and I look forward to next week when we do 12!

Below are some photos of my teammates; taken during the last few months as we travel this journey together. Many more pictures to come; I'm sure. This team is a wonderful group; encouraging and confident. I would say most of us have had cancer affect our life in some way or another. Many have lost loved ones or dear friends. Some have had cancer themselves and is now in remission. My teammate, Bob gave his testamony last week and it really touched me deeply. Just this spring, he discovered that the cancer he'd had, previously in remission, has come back. He is going through treatment and is still training to do a half marathon in the Fall. Bob intends to continue training and raising money as long as his body allows him--his daughter right beside him doing the same. Amazing courage.

This was a hard week in hearing the word cancer for me. Seems like just about every day this week I heard of someone who's cancer has returned or who was diagnosed with it or who passed away because of it. It sucks. BUT, I also have heard amazing stories. Like the one who's child was diagnosed with Luekemia and the doctor's next words were....."but with treatment it is fightable." Several years ago this was not an option for many, but LLS has been funding research for so many years that treatment is getting better better and folks are beating cancer more and more.

I beleive a cure is a long way off, but we are definitely headed in the right direction. LLS is doing an amazing job with research and helping cancer patients. To be a part of this team at this time in my life could not have been better. God's timing is always perfect--even when we don't see it at the moment.

Looking forward to being with my team on Wednesday. They are becoming such a big part of my life.

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    "You are such a wonderful inspiration to others!"

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    Wed May 11 10:33:19 EDT 2011

    "Luci, you are my hero! I KNOW how hard it is right now, and yet you are still keeping on! Your Dad would be SO very proud! Love you!"

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    Sat Jun 18 05:28:07 EDT 2011

    "For are dads!!"


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    "Go Luci & Mika!"

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    "Little late sorry! Hope the event went well. "

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    "You are doing such a great job Luci and working so hard! Here's to your dad and my sister, smiling down on us!"

    Tamara Driscoll

    Thu Sep 22 08:13:39 EDT 2011

    "People are smelling good and feeling good about helping a good cause after the scentsy party you had at your house and online. What a great success it was, and what an honor to bless your LLS fundraising efforts and you with some free product! Love you! "

    Sat Oct 01 12:04:50 EDT 2011

    "Luci- This should put you over the top of your goal. We love you and am sorry for the loss of the Dad you loved so much."

    Gordon and Samantha

    Sun Oct 02 01:56:57 EDT 2011

    "Thank you so much to all who purchased photos at to help support this effort!"

    Paul Smith Photography

    Thu Oct 13 10:43:22 EDT 2011

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