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One week from today I will be riding 100 miles for LLS
May 29, 2011 by Lindsey Buxton

I am excited and overwhelmed that I am riding 100 miles a week from today. Together my family, friends, co-workers, strangers and I have raised close to 4,000 dollars for Leukemia and Lymphoma. You guys are awesome. This weekend was our last ride before Tahoe and it was the best so far. It was so great I did it again today!!

It took us all around Multanomah Falls and back to Troutdale.

I ride for those who can't, and that is why all the training and fundraising was worth it. Can you believe I have been training and fundraising since January??? It shows that you can do anything with the support of your family and friends and even strangers!

Thank you all and for those of you who would still like to can until my ride next Sunday June 5th, at Lake Tahoe!!!

75 miles and still going strong......we are sooooo close!!!
May 14, 2011 by Lindsey Buxton

Today was awesome:) The weather was good, my team was on fire, and we completed 75 miles in 7 hours!

There was a ginormous hill or I should say mountain I climbed that was insane. We are down to the wire with just one week until my fundraising goal due date!!! And we are soooooooooooooooo close! And just 3 weeks until my big 100 mile ride, ekkkk!!!

But I can say today, that after 75 miles I could have squeezed out more. And it is all because so much of this training is mental. It is mental to have a goal, mental to know people afflicted with Leukemia, Lymphoma, Hodgkins, and Myeloma don't have the option to stop or give up. They keep on fighting, and I am telling you that pushes me to ride harder every single time.

I am riding for LLS and your donation to support them and my ride for them would be generous, amazing, and touches more people then you can every imagine.

65 miles:) When is the weather going to be good?
May 07, 2011 by Lindsey Buxton

So today was by far the hardest in the past 4 1/2 months of training for me to get out of bed for. I was tired, it was rainy, and 65 miles on the agenda seemed intimidating....even though I did it last weekend (do you ever get use to that amount of mileage?). But even though my bed was calling I knew what I had to do.

I had to ride.

I want to ride.

I ride for so many people and kids who would if they could.

We are down to 4 weeks until my big ride! Can you believe it?? We are at 86% towards the goal, we are soooooooo close:)

Keep the support coming!

66 miles today!!!
Apr 30, 2011 by Lindsey Buxton

Today I rode 66 miles for leukemia, lymphoma, myeloma, and Hodgkin's with my team. But I really can not believe how hard this is and has been.

Just as I can not imagine how hard and scary having leukemia would be.

I think this is the hardest physical thing I ever done. I mean ever. And mentally as know the saying "do something everyday that scares you." Well I think that goes hand in hand with this training.

I am not being dramatic, I am not exaggerating. I have been scared to the highest level so far in my 31 year old life several times with this training. Like going 38 mph on a bike down a very curvy road with no bike lane and cars wishing by you. This was a couple rides back. But I had a physical reaction to the point of shaking once I reached the bottom of the hill, but I never quit and never stopped. Since then I have been getting used to the speed and inclines with practice but I have still been scared.

I am sure a patient diagnosed with Leukemia is just as scared at times.

But I have not quit or stopped, I just keep plugging along. And I can tell you this has not been easy. I have been near tears or in tears several times. But I just keep trying.

And days like today, when I finish 66 miles against my mind saying NO and my body shaking and wanting to quit.....I did not and I did it.

And I did it because.........Although I have a choice, a leukemia patient does not.

Last week I was at 2,100 dollars towards my goal of 3,600....and thanks to all of you and some cupcakes...we pulled in another 1,000 dollars!!

This just shows...where there's a will...there will always be a way. And with a team you can do anything!!

I am confident we will meet my fundraising goal. And I know if offered leukemia or 100 miles on a bike, I know what the answer would be for anyone. And for that I am riding;)

61 miles:) And I mastered mt granny gear!
Apr 16, 2011 by Lindsey Buxton

I rode 61 miles today! My longest ride to date! Boy oh boy did we do some hills! Thanks to my awesome coach Sally I am now in controll with my shifting and the granny gear;)

We are getting closer and closer with all of your donations out there:) Thanks so much! But we still have way to go, we are currently at about 1900 with some donations I mailed it.

NO AMOUNT is TOO SMALL. This is a great cause, 76 cents of every dollar goes back out in the form patient support and research. All of which gets us closer and closer to finding a cure!!! You can donate on my website super easy:)

I am also taking orders for cupcakes for Easter! One dozen cutely packaged and decorated for just $15 dollars! Available for pick up/delievery Friday/Saturday/Sunday this week just in time for Easter:)

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Supporter Comments

    "Way to go Lindsey!"

    Vince Langmann

    Fri Feb 18 07:25:46 EST 2011

    "Go get um Lindsey!!"

    Holly Furushima

    Sun Feb 20 06:16:09 EST 2011

    "Your are smart, beautiful, funny, and now it seems, a true humanitarian! How great can a person be? Thanks so much for making this effort!"

    Steve Henwood

    Sat Mar 26 04:30:52 EDT 2011

    "Oh Lindsey, it's been great getting to know you and riding with you. You're doing so well on the team this year and I know that you'll totally enjoy Tahoe. Enjoy it, I'm going to miss it again for the 2nd time in 11 yrs of being involved with LLS. YOU ROCK! GO TEAM!"

    Don Knotts

    Thu Apr 28 03:47:42 EDT 2011

    "Lindsey, 75 miles in the book - and one more steep hill conquered. Way to go! You are almost there, keep up all the hard work."

    Coach Sally

    Tue May 17 12:01:29 EDT 2011

    "Good luck!"

    Katrina Wyant

    Wed May 25 03:31:05 EDT 2011

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