Jamie Pellettera's Fundraising Page

Jamie Pellettera's Fundraising Page
Feb 02, 2009 by Jamie Pellettera

Racing to Save Lives

Welcome to my Team In Training home page.

I'm training to participate in the Rock N Roll Marathon in Seattle on June 27th, 2009 as a member of

The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's (LLS) Team In Training. All

of us on Team In Training are raising funds to help stop leukemia,

lymphoma, Hodgkin lymphoma and myeloma from taking more lives. I joined in the beginning of February and I will be training all the way up until the big day in June. Above is a picture of me and our honored team mate Micah at practice. Micah was diagnosed with Leukemia at age four. He luckily has survived and has been one of the strongest little boys I have met! He shows up at all of our training days to cheer us on. I am

completing this event in honor of Micah and all of the other children, men and women battling these blood cancers. These people are the real heroes on our team, and we

need your support to cross the ultimate finish line - a cure!


...that a child could come through all three years of treatments successfully and still pass away due to the SIDE EFFECTS of the medications that were used to save his life and rid his body of this horrible cancer? When we find a cure this will no longer be a possibility.

...that your donation of $25 will provide up-to-date infomation for a patient on their specific disease and allow them to make infomed decisions for their personal treatment options or that $150 can supply laboratory researchers with supplies and materials critical to carry out their studies? Did you know that $10,000 equals one year of Children's Hospital Orange County (CHOC) parking for 100 parents to visit their hospitalized child following a bone marrow transplant or $100,000 or can fund one research grant?

...that blood cancer is the number one cause of death for individuals UNDER the age of 20? If we find a cure, this ends! They could finish college, have a career, start a family or work toward a cure for another life threatening disease.

...that the best news of all is that we are advancing this darkeness of blood cancers. Through research from over the last 20 years we're currently experienceing about an 80% survival rate. With your help we'll be well on our way to 100%.

Would you please partner with me in this? I CANNOT DO IT ALONE. Please make a 100% tax deductible donation to support my participation in Team In Training, which has raised over 800 million dollars for the Society since it's inception in 1988 and of which 75% directly benefits the Society's work toward a cure (more then the majority of all other fundraising organizations), and help advance LLS's mission.

Please make a donation to support my participation in Team In

Training and help advance LLS's mission.

I hope you will visit my web site often. Be sure to check back

frequently to see my progress. Thanks for your support!


Hey guys just wanted to give you an update of upcoming events and other ways you can participate!


Will be holding a garage sale/bake sale. If you are interested in donating any unwanted items or your time to help out please let me know!


Come to California Pizza Kitchen in Victoria Gardens and present the Philanthropizza Flyer (contact me for details) and CPK will donate 20% of your check to The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.


Come to BJS in Rancho Cucamonga and present the flyer (contact me for details) and BJS will donate 15% of each check to The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.


Like to golf? Register for the Leukemia and Lymphoma golf tournament that will be held on Sunday April 19th at Upland Hills Golf Course. There will be many oppurtunities to win a variety of things! Contact me with more information about registration.


The Bacchus Society will be hosting a Wine Tasting Event at the Orange County Pavaillion. Many different wineries will be present as well as food and entertainment. Tickets are 75 dollars and tickets are limited so let me know as soon as possible if you are interested!

For more information about any of the events or The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, please contact me at:

Jamie Pellettera

7892 Marshal Ct.

Fontana, CA 92336



If you prefer to send a check rather than donate online, please make all checks payable to The Leukemia and Lymohoma Society and address the envelope to the address above.

(Please remember that online donations will process faster.)


Supporter Comments

    "Jamie, You are such a great person. I think what you are doing is very extraordinary! Good Luck to you. Love, Alex"


    Tue Mar 03 02:27:49 EST 2009

    "Left over Bunco money...I didnt need it so I figured I would throw it your direction...sorry it isn't more!"

    Amber McGregor

    Wed Jun 10 11:38:54 EDT 2009

    "Ryan, you are such an awesome young man. You are doing amazing work raising money for cancer treatment and it's been wonderful getting to know you and spending a little time with you at the SMHS softball games. God bless you and keep you going strong! Love to you and your family, George & Patti Gregoroff"

    alex turner

    Wed Jun 07 01:35:47 EDT 2017

    "We are so Proud of you and all you are doing! You go GIRL! Love, Ricky and Cyndi"

    Cyndi Penny

    Tue Apr 14 11:42:06 EDT 2009

    "From the Merge IT team! "

    Mon Sep 25 10:16:52 EDT 2017

    "Good Luck to you and your team!"

    Fri Sep 29 12:36:30 EDT 2017

    "Thank you for walking! My mom also had NHL. "

    Tue Mar 07 12:20:23 EST 2017

    "You're amazing, Amy!! Wish I could be there but I'm out of town. Praying for more effective therapies for all leukemia and lymphoma patients! "

    Julia Mariscal

    Sat Oct 22 08:00:55 EDT 2016

    "Amy keep standing strong!! Xoxo"

    Julia Mariscal

    Sat Oct 22 06:03:08 EDT 2016

    "To our dear friend Leonel who has acute monocytic leukemia right now and received recent good news of a bone marrow donor. We love you and are with you brother. Wish we could join you Amy and Chris for the walk! "

    Julia Mariscal

    Sat Oct 22 01:19:09 EDT 2016

    "Go Any!!! "

    Julia Mariscal

    Tue Oct 18 10:32:33 EDT 2016

    "Love you lady!! Wish I could walk with you. "

    Julia Mariscal

    Mon Oct 17 04:29:44 EDT 2016

    "For you, your team and everyone else who is fighting or has fought cancer. "

    Julia Mariscal

    Tue Oct 11 07:44:53 EDT 2016

    "Go, Vickie!!"

    Keith Weltz

    Mon Oct 17 01:47:14 EDT 2016

    "There is a future where blood cancers will no longer affect our loved ones."

    Sonje Russell

    Mon Oct 03 05:17:58 EDT 2016

    "Ricky Fowler golf bag.If I win goes to Ryan Melendez "

    alex turner

    Tue Jun 13 12:53:33 EDT 2017

    "Good luck Ryan. Such a great cause! You are such a great man!"

    alex turner

    Tue Jun 13 11:57:17 EDT 2017

    "You will make your goal!!!!"

    alex turner

    Wed Jun 07 01:31:39 EDT 2017


    alex turner

    Wed Jun 07 01:29:33 EDT 2017

    "One more week, stay strong Ryan!!!"

    alex turner

    Wed Jun 07 01:28:25 EDT 2017

    "You are doing a great job Ryan!!"

    alex turner

    Wed Jun 07 01:27:40 EDT 2017

    "Keep up the great work Ryan!!!"

    alex turner

    Wed Jun 07 01:26:27 EDT 2017


    BJ's Restaurants, Inc

    Wed Sep 13 02:22:34 EDT 2017

    "Don;t ever stop figthing. We can beat this monster....."

    BJ's Restaurants, Inc

    Tue Sep 12 12:39:35 EDT 2017

    "Good job Kian joon workout g for good cause. Auntie Shery"

    Sun Oct 02 07:45:24 EDT 2016

    "Great cause.. Good luck..Marjan ❤️"

    Fri Sep 30 11:18:35 EDT 2016

    "Have a great ride Cindy! :))"

    Tiffany Bailey-Armendariz

    Thu Mar 24 04:21:20 EDT 2016

    "Best of luck!"

    Tue Mar 07 12:23:09 EST 2017

    "You're the best Amy!"

    Julia Mariscal

    Thu Oct 20 07:59:39 EDT 2016

    "Go Tyler!!"

    David Popko

    Sat Sep 23 08:06:59 EDT 2017

    "I am not able to attend the walk but definitely want to contribute!"

    David Popko

    Thu Sep 21 10:59:22 EDT 2017

    "You know I am behind you all the way!!"

    Thu Dec 07 12:27:07 EST 2017

    "Jamie you are an inspiration! Sorry I missed the walk! Hope to join you in the future. "

    Thu Oct 19 04:25:40 EDT 2017

    "Be strong flower girl and stay healthy! All the best to the team! "

    Sun Oct 08 08:57:48 EDT 2017

    "Go get 'em, Jamie! "

    Fri Oct 06 05:53:12 EDT 2017

    "Good luck Jamie ❤️"

    Thu Oct 05 08:48:13 EDT 2017

    "So Glad you are well and happy.... Stay Strong"

    Mon Oct 02 09:01:26 EDT 2017

    "Jamie - I am honored to donate to such a great cause. You are an amazingly strong woman and I pray for continued good news for you and, ultimately, a cure for ALL cancer. Stay strong to raise those beautiful children! Love you! Marie Bongiorno "

    Wed Sep 27 04:14:15 EDT 2017

    "Best wishes and keep fighting! "

    Sun Sep 24 10:11:06 EDT 2017

    "Good luck, Jamie."

    Fri Aug 18 07:53:23 EDT 2017

    "All the best to you and your team!"

    Wed Mar 08 03:30:24 EST 2017

    "Wishing you, your team, and the entire organization the best of luck!"

    Tue Mar 07 02:39:38 EST 2017

    "My very best of luck to you on your most difficult journey.."

    Tue Mar 07 01:14:21 EST 2017

    "Way to go Vickie!"

    Keith Weltz

    Fri Oct 14 10:19:35 EDT 2016

    "Best of luck to you and your team, Jamie!"

    Sat Sep 30 04:11:54 EDT 2017

    "Wishing the best to you and the team!"

    Thu Sep 21 06:25:35 EDT 2017

    "Good luck!"

    Fri Mar 10 05:33:36 EST 2017

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