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Jul 17, 2012 by Kelsey Kaspar

Surviving the Hudson: a day at the NYC Triathlon!

Team ASK, or KAS, or the popular Team SAKā€¦ made it from start to finish without a hiccup and with all three of us achieving personal record times. It was s great race day this year! No rain, and not toooo hot. If we had one complaint, it was that the lack of Hudson waves made for a bit more trash-in-the-water than last year. Adam was attacked by a cheet-o bag for a few strokes, while I beat off a two foot floating dead fish. To hear more about the race, see results and check out pics keep reading!!!

Adam made up some major time on his first transition, and went hard up the ever steep and challenging "hot corner" in front of Mom, Emily, and Coach Scott, and by this time Sheila and I were done with our bike-motoring up the west side highway and back from da bronx. Everyone was careful about hydration, and Sheila even set a record for gel's consumed at 6! Well, what's a new mother to do??

By the time we made our way to the run course, the sun was blazing and the crowds were out. The run across 72nd street is a trip with thousands of cheering fans. They decided to clear the homeless man and rainwater pond from the run's entrance tunnel this year, so no obstacle course. With some inspiration from tons of TNT supporters yelling GO TEAM, I miraculously overcame my shin splints to run 9 minute miles, achieving a PR for the 10K! Sheila glided along the course with all smiles and almost no effort, and Adam fought through his knee injury and survived the hills of Central Park finishing with a big smile.

At mile 5 we were cheered on by the Barbach family, which was just the boost we all needed for that last 1.2 miles. At the turn for Dead Road I was greeted by the loud howl of a vuvuzela and ringing of cowbells, I knew my Mom (forever my Coach and #1 fan she is Queen of the noisemaker), Emily and the finish were so close. I saw them in the distance and I couldn't believe I had just ran the whole race, when everyone was saying I would most likely have to walk the course. Just when I was about to loose it Coach Mike popped onto the course and ran with his arm around me and said, "you did it. finish strong. stand up tall and just breathe." I did as I was told and took a few deep breaths and headed towards the finish, looking up to the sky to say a private "thank you" to Dad, for his strength and guidance...I knew he was with me every step of the way.

Crossing that finish line was the best feeling but even better was running back to My Mom and Emily to cheer on my two favorite people as they finished the race. Seeing Adam and Sheila running towards the finish filled me with pride and gratitude that I have such wonderful people in my life who love my Dad and I so much that they dedicated all this time and energy to fundraising and training for such a big event...not too mention swimming in the dreaded Hudson!!!

After all the hugs and tears and "We Did It!" high fives and fist bumps we were off to a well earned lunch at Cafe D'Alsace. Not only do they have great burgers and beer but this is where Mom, Dad, Adam and I ate our last NYC meal together two weeks before he died. It's becoming a bit of a tradition to eat there after such events and we were so happy to share it with our friends and family...especially Charlie and Ari who joined the group and bought lots of celebratory beers!!! Overall the day was one of the best on record!

Of course this Day could not have been possible without all of the support we have received. Not only have you all reached deep into your pockets to support such an important cause BUT you also listened to us incessantly talk about our training, complain about our sore muscles and have forgiven us when we bailed on late night celebrations to hit the hay for an early morning training session. You're words of encouragement and support motivated us to not only finish this race but to finish strong!

Much love and Thanks,

Adam + Kelsey

3:30 a.m. wake-up call....sunrise over the Hudson heading up to Swim Start


How many people does it take to get Kelsey in her wetsuit?!

Walking "The Plank" to start. Looking Good!!

Can you spot me?

Away we go....swim with the [dead] fishes. Yuck!

The Famous "Wetsuit Dash" to transition.

Adam looks mighty happy to be outta that river!

Looking Hot going up "Hot's Corner!"

40K Bike up the Henry Hudson...

Super fun to ride the Westside Highway sans Subaru!

Then it's off to the 10K run in the Harlem Hills of CP.....

All smiles as we cross the finish!!! We did it!!!!

Adam's final time: 2:55:45

Kelsey's final time: 2:57:54

Hi Mom!!!!

Congrats to the team!!! Way to go Sheila on her first Triathlon!!!

Friends that Tri together stay together:)!!!

Shout out to the #1 Fans of the day!!! They were up as early as we were, yelled louder than anyone out there and had as much heart and spirit than all of us combined. You guys are awesome!

Happy to be reunited with my Hubby...even happier to be on my way to a beer!


Jul 06, 2012 by Kelsey Kaspar

Race weekend is finally here! It hasn't been an easy road to get to this point. Adam and I are both nursing some injuries and have been squeezing in as much Physical Therapy as possible to make that 1 mile swim, 25 mile bike and 6.2 mile run bearable. Due to my injury I haven't run in 3 weeks and am having all kinds of doubts about my ability to race (so are my Dr.'s!). There is talk of a possible stress fracture on my shin but we won't know until some further post race imaging is done. I know I can finish, but I also know it's really gonna hurt! To top it all off, my Best-friend and teammate, Sheila, unexpectedly lost her Grandma two days ago. So, the stress is on for all of us right now, and boy, are we feeling it. So what is going to get us across that finish line?

In a teary conversation about Bubbi's passing Sheila and I inevitably turned the conversation to my Dad's death. He fought for his life with such bravery and dignity for so long, only to hear the Doctors' weighted words, "There is nothing left for us to do." Those words overwhelmed me with such helplessness- quite possibly the worst emotion I would carry throughout his illness, because it signified the end of my beloved Father's life. There was no more hustling back and forth to the nurses station to find out his blood counts, no more jumping in the car to get his favorite foods so he would eat, no more searching in the bookstore for his favorite books to occupy him while he was all over.

What I didn't know at the time was how helpless those around me also felt. No one knows the right thing to say or do for someone who is so consumed with grief. Even I still can't find the right words of sympathy after having been through such a loss. In the midst of our conversation Sheila said, "After Paul died I felt lost in my hopelessness, I just didn't know what to do for you. But now, training for the Triathlon and fund raising in his name I finally feel like I have done something for you...and for him. I don't feel hopeless anymore." That sentiment touched me deeply and profoundly. I cannot accurately express how grateful I am for those words. In the midst of my injury misery and my worry for Sheila and her family and a general feeling of helplessness, what she said reminded me why we race.

On Sunday, when my leg hurts and I feel I cannot go further, I will remember My Dad and his brave and strong fight, I will hear Sheila's words and know that I am not helpless but I have his and my team's strength behind me. It may not be pretty, but I will finish!

Thanks to all of you for your support and for taking the time to read, encourage and donate. You all are an inspiration and will be in my thoughts on race day.

Much Love,


My Father's Daughter
Jun 15, 2012 by Kelsey Kaspar

At 6 a.m, last Saturday, as Adam dragged me out of bed to train. I yelled at him, "Don't let me sign up for another triathlon EVER AGAIN!!!" The word, "Why?" was running through my head like a news ticker. Why am I getting up this early on a Saturday? Why do my legs hurt so bad? Why did I have that glass of wine last night? You get the idea. I had reached the point in my training where everything felt stale and stiff, especially my muscles. This year everything feels different, the improvements are less noticeable and vast making the victories smaller and less celebrated. I guess you could say that last year my training was a bit "fear-driven." I was constantly asking myself, "Can I do this?" This season I already know I can complete a 1 mile swim, 26 mile bike and 6 mile run. So what is it that gets me out of bed this year (besides my loving and supportive husband)?

So, back to last Saturday... after my mini temper tantrum and a wrong turn over the Verazano (I have been since off from all future navigational duties) we arrived at Coney Island for our first ocean swim with the team. We swam about a mile in some seriously cold water and then ran 5.5 miles. During our boardwalk run, just as the fatigue was starting to kick in we passed by this huge restaurant sign with the words, "Paul's Daughter." In that moment I remembered why I was doing this. I train because to this day my Dad is still finding new ways to inspire me. He is still cheering me on and is still my biggest fan, as I am his. Father's day is almost upon us and while I feel like spending the weekend wallowing in my loss the triathlon clock keeps ticking despite it the spirit of Paul Kaspar I will keep going, even when I don't feel like it, because that's what he would have wanted for me, to keep moving.

So tomorrow, I'm gonna get up at 6 a.m.-no questions asked-and train.

Much Love,


Jun 15, 2012


We survived the Jump in the Hudson last summer and July 8th we are going back for more! When we set out for last year's race we thought it would be a once in a lifetime event, something on our bucket list that we could just check off. But after we crossed that finish line we knew we would be back. Why you ask? Well...there are a few reasons, the first being it felt soooooooo good to cross that finish line. The most important reason though is that we raised over $6,000 last year for Leukemia and Lymphoma research and this year we are determined to raise more. During our race last year hundreds of strangers cheered for us, People thanked us for our efforts as we rode by on our bikes. They held up signs saying, "My child has Leukemia, cross the finish line for us!" Leukemia survivors shouted, "Keep going, I'm a survivor! Run for me!" We couldn't have imagined the support and encouragement we felt on race day. We realized that while our family's Leukemia story ended in devastating loss there are still countless stories of struggle and survival still playing out each and every day. We race with hope that those stories have happier endings than ours did.

So....that is why we are braving the Hudson yet again, and bugging you all for more money. This year though we have some help! We have gone from "Team AK" to "Team SMAK." Meet our recruits- our very dear friends Sheila Barbach and Michael Brais. We have upped the ante and our fundraising goal is now $10,875. Help make this happen and donate! We will keep you posted on all of our progress over the next couple weeks but for now it's time to train!!!

Much Love,

Adam and Kelsey


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    "I am so proud of you both! "

    Jen Sperling

    Fri Jul 06 04:07:37 EDT 2012

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