Welcome to Life For A Cure's Fundraising Page

Welcome to Team Live For A Cure's Fundraising Page
Jun 29, 2016 by Riana Trowell

Throughout our time as a team, Live For A Cure and its members have contributed to raising $110,000 to benefit the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and we're not stopping there! 

Our fundraising dollars have gone towards many initiatives from LLS. In addition to research for cures for blood cancers, they provide one-on-one support to individuals with blood cancers, and support for individuals and their families to come together as a community. 

Our team has also participated in LLS' Volunteer Services Program which organizes opportunities to serve fresh meals to patients and their families at The Ronald McDonald House and Hope Lodge. 

Most of our teammates have a connection to cancer in one way or another. Whether it was our family, our friends, or even ourselves, we know what its like to exist in a world with cancer. Our mission as a team is to to get closer to living in a world WITHOUT cancer. 

Please join us in our journey to make a world without cancer a reality and not just a dream!



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Goal: $2,988.00
13 %
Donations: $375.00

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