Welcome to Live For A Cure's Fundraising Page

Welcome to Live For A Cure's Fundraising Page
Apr 13, 2015

As a single member of Team In Training I know you can help me do incredible things like save the lives of blood cancer patients! As part of a team, you can help us do even more like help advance promising therapies into permanent cures; but that takes time and help, your help!


Across the US TNT participants are training together as teams to prepare for a sports event that will support cures and access to treatments for blood cancer patients!

They will be raising funds to continue The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's funding of the breakthrough development of therapies that have already saved and continues to save thousands of lives. As a team, we are that much stronger, but still need the might of your support.

Please donate now to this TNT team and help us all get closer to a world without blood cancers!

Thank you!


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    "For my hero Damon Bodine "

    Stacey Povich

    Tue Jul 14 08:48:28 EDT 2015

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Goal: $15,526.00
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Donations: $30,897.05

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