Nina's Fundraising Page!

Nina's Fundraising Page!
Feb 12, 2009 by Nina Thompson

Training and Running to Save Lives!

Welcome to my Team In Training home page!

I have signed up to run a 1/2 marathon in Alaska! That's only about 4 months away, so I am kicking it into gear!

I am raising donations for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society as a participant in their Team in Training Program. Each donation helps accelerate finding a cure for leukemia, lymphoma and myeloma. More than 823,000 Americans are battling these blood cancers.

My inspiration to join Team in Training is my friend Stephanie, who was diagnosed with leukemia at the age of 21 in April 2007. She nearing the end her two year battle, and is on her way to an all clear this spring!

I have already begun my training, and can say that I have successfully completed running 3.5 miles consecutively! For a girl that hasn't done any running since junior high, that's impressive! Only 10 more to go! Keep checking back for more updates!

ps. that's Stephanie and I taken in 2007.


I wanted to thank you all because I met my fundraising goal, a full month and one day before my 1/2 marathon! I also wanted to update you on my final stretch of training!

My longest run to date has been 11 miles, so I feel like 13.1 isn't that far off! I also participated in the NJ Marathon as part of the Marathon Relay team on May 3rd, which was a lot of fun! We split the marathon into 4 parts, and finished in just under 5 hours. It was a big Team in Training event, so not only did we cheer for fellow team members, we got a few cheers ourselves! I want to thank my teammates, Caitlin, Janelle and Allison, and my adoptee mentor Kathleen, cause it was a lot of fun!!

Now that I'm month away from my final goal of actually running the 1/2 marathon, I thought I'd round out my "Top 6" things I've learned so far with TNT and give you an additional 4, to make it an even10! I hope you enjoy!!

1. Cancer doesn't care, and boy does it SUCK! I've heard so many stories through this journey, and it has motivated me even further. The one thing that I have learned the most is that cancer doesn't care and it's so important that we try and find a cure, for all types.

2. Did you know that you have to eat every 45minutes you run? Your body needs to hydrate AND needs nutrition. There is a huge food group of "running" food out there that I never knew existed! Goos, gels, "Shot Blocks" (think gummy candy), jelly beans - even pretzels are recommended!

3. It's all MENTAL! Running 11 miles isn't that much further than 7, and 7 isn't that much further than 5! You have to be your best cheering section because you CAN run that far! It's all a mental game you play with yourself!

4. Last but not least, Team in Training has been a great life experience so far. I've met a lot of amazing people, heard a lot of stories, all while trying to fall in love with running (key word- "trying"). If you have the time, I would suggest checking it out! (

Thank you again, because without each and every one of you, I wouldn't be off to Alaska on June 18th to run on June 20th, for a CURE!!!

PS. Stephanie's last treatment was on May 20th!! YEAH!!!

Update! April 15th - Tax Day & Recommittment Day!

I have Recommitted! Which means, I WILL be on that plane to Alaska, and thanks to all of YOU, I am 87% of the way there!! Thought I'd share an update with you all on my progress!!

I was on vacation last week and even I packed my running clothes! I ran 5K one day, and did my dutiful hill repeats another. That's just as simple (and deadly...) as it sounds, choosing a hill, and running up (and down it) over and over again! I also thought it'd be fun to shake it up and share with you the Top Six things I've learned so far in my training process that might be helpful for you. They are:

1. My puppy Maggie (a french bulldog) is not a good running buddy. She lasts about a block.

2. The first 1 mile or so is the hardest to run because your muscles are just getting warmed up, after that, it gets a bit easier. (JUST a bit)

3. Running socks are very important! (for not getting blisters!)

4. Running with someone and talking with them makes 5 miles fly by! Get a running buddy!

5. Our head coach, Ramon, is CRAZY and even though I want to kill him when he screams (lovingly) at us to run harder (favorite catch phrase "what are you doing?!") - I secretly love him! So if you can, get someone that motivates you to run harder, faster, and teaches you well!

6. If you are running, walking or crawling, as long as you're moving forward towards that finish line, that's all that matters.

Here's to getting to that Finish line!!!

UPDATE: HOLY COW! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for the donations! I can't believe I'm at 60% of my goal!! THANK YOU!

On Saturday March 14th, we had the "Connection to the Cause" Breakfast. Before the breakfast, we were going to run on the Westside Highway and were given our times. Being a beginner, and a half marathoner, our time was to run for an 1hour 10mins. How this worked was we ran "out" for 35mins, and then would run back, which should be the same amount of time. Well we ran "out" for the 35mins and when we got back to the breakfast location, we realized that coming back we only ran for 25mins! So we shaved 10mins off our time coming back! Crazy!

The "Connection to the Cause Breakfast", was where we got to meet our "honored" teammates (teammates that have battled leukemia and are training for a marathon/1/2 marathon as well), as well as people were given the opportunity to stand up and share their connection to the cause with their teammates.

In a room of about 100 people, about 8 brave souls got up and shared with us their inspiration to join Team in Training. An aunt, two sisters and a father, themself, their mother, each story as heartwarming and breaking as the next. We were all bawling at the end. After also hearing some of your personal connections to the case , I realized that am running for my friend, Stephanie, but I am now also running for all these people, their loved ones and yours. But most importantly, we are all running for a CURE.

UPDATE: WOW! I can't believe that in only just over 2 weeks I've already raised over $850, that's incredible! Thank you so much for all of your support and words of encouragement!

Training is going well! I'm not going to lie, it's been very challenging at times, and even painful!, especially when training outside in 29F weather! But I promised myself, when they say run, I run! When they say lunge, I lunge! I am dedicated and this is only a small sacrifice that I can make in order to help others. I want to thank everyone for their donations as their small sacrifice as well.

It's all paying off though! My first 3.5 mile run on Feb 14th, I almost didn't finish, I couldn't breathe, and I honestly didn't know what I got myself into. Yesterday, I finished my third 3.5 mile run, and I was energized, and itching for more! I can't believe I've gotten that far in only 2 and a half weeks! Will update more soon!


Supporter Comments

    "Hi Nina! It's been some time since I've seen you - but I wish you the best of luck in your run. I'm glad your friend is doing well. I think you're permanently stuck in my head with a red apron and hat... ohhh BMH. Best of luck, hun! Shawna :)"

    Shawna Craig

    Tue Feb 17 12:20:43 EST 2009

    "Run Nina RUN!!! Super proud of you honey! :) XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX"

    Rebecca Hanson

    Thu Feb 19 10:50:31 EST 2009

    "Good Luck, Nina!!"

    Lesley White-Buefort

    Thu Feb 19 08:10:29 EST 2009

    "You make us all PROUD!!! Have fun and Good Luck."

    K M Dollinger

    Thu Feb 19 10:15:23 EST 2009

    "Thank you to all of you that made a donation allowing me to exceed my goal for the team! I appreciate your support! Go Team Avalonia - Find A Cure!!!"

    Keith McCluskey

    Sat Oct 12 11:04:36 EDT 2013

    "Thanks for taking the time and for caring"

    Michael Rigg

    Mon Mar 09 08:49:35 EDT 2009

    "Go Nina! What a great thing you are doing :) Run fast and be proud, you are awesome!"

    Lauren Waterman

    Tue Mar 10 08:04:53 EDT 2009

    "Go, Nina! Thank you for doing this. "

    Cynthia Meyer

    Sun Mar 15 08:49:59 EDT 2009

    "Go get em girl. "

    Raymond Cassidy

    Sun Mar 29 09:18:13 EDT 2009

    "Your love and support has meant the world to Stephanie, Nina! You can do it!!! Bill and Hilary XO"

    Bill and Hilary Midon

    Tue Mar 31 08:46:20 EDT 2009

    "I have had cancer twice and am alive and well today! I believe everyone deserves the same chance."

    Terri Greenslade

    Mon Feb 15 03:47:41 EST 2016

    "good luck Nina best wishes Don and Jenny Dunstan"

    Jane Dunstan

    Fri Apr 17 07:11:48 EDT 2009

    "Wishing you lots of luck Nina! The team at Rooster PR"

    Rooster PR

    Tue Apr 21 09:25:43 EDT 2009

    "In Honor of Mary Gribbin ~ L'Chaim"

    Fri Aug 19 11:16:50 EDT 2016

    "Good luck, Nina!"

    Cuauhtemoc Castillo

    Tue May 19 12:57:33 EDT 2009

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