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Mar 19, 2013

Dear Friends, Colleagues, and Kindred Spirits,

Welcome to my fundraising page. On June 2, I will be riding the 100-mile perimeter of Lake Tahoe on a fixed-gear bike to raise money for cancer. I have thought about training and fundraising for charity events in the past, but until now my participation has been limited to supporting friends by contributing to their charitable endeavors. Well, this time it's personal.

My friend Ezra Caldwell has been in treatment for colorectal cancer for almost five years. Ezra was a 34-year-old picture of health when he was first diagnosed in July 2008, when he aptly described the tumor as "dumb fucking luck." Since then, Ezra has undergone two major surgeries, each followed by 6-month rounds of chemotherapy, and he has poignantly chronicled his experience at Teaching Cancer to Cry. After 18 months of healthy remission, Ezra went for a routine PET-CT scan this past December and received some hard news. He was diagnosed with recurrent stage IV metastasis and given 6-8 months to live.

Ezra Caldwell is a man of many talents. After a 10-year career teaching dance in SoHo, he picked up a torch and started building custom bikes through Fast Boy Cycles, his one-man fabrication shop in Harlem. Before long, Ezra was producing some of the most beautiful steel bicycles I had ever seen and still finding time to take remarkable photographs, cook delicious food, and undergo brutal cancer treatment. He catered his own wedding in Nova Scotia, lived among guerrillas and refugees in El Salvador, and cooked Thai food at a restaurant in the North of England. Above all, he married a beautiful girl named Hillary and galvanized a global community of supporters who he generously and courageously invited to share his experience. Ezra is extraordinary as an individual, not merely as a cancer patient, and he continues to live an inspired life in spite of the circumstances.

I like to think Ezra and I share at least something in common when it comes to setting our own rules and deciding what should be possible. He wasn’t supposed to sit on a bicycle saddle for six months following his initial diagnosis, so he made himself an “Assless” bike with neither a saddle nor a seatpost and rode to his appointments anyway. People are not supposed to ride 25-pound fixed-gear bikes up switchbacks and around Lake Tahoe, but what better way to honor the man who has given me so much inspiration than to attempt AMBBR on the bike he built me in 2011? I have completed century rides in the past, but it will be a real challenge to pull this off on my Fast Boy.

As you can tell, Ezra has been a tremendous source of inspiration for me and thousands of others who have followed his story over the past five years. When I learned of his recent prognosis, I was overwhelmed with the impossible urge to DO SOMETHING, and this is what I came up with. My goal is to raise at least $5,000 to help find cures and better treatments for cancer, and I need your support to make this effort a success.

Please, make a contribution now or at least leave a comment below to wish me luck! I am counting on your help to honor my friend and improve the lives of future cancer patients who will have to face this cruel and indiscriminate disease.




Supporter Comments

    "We loved hearing about your incredible friend and inspired adventure. Happy to support you and this of luck! -Ryan and Patty"

    Ryan & Patty Dannemann

    Tue Mar 19 06:11:04 EDT 2013

    "Dear Patrick, I am inspired by your message on your website! Many people "feel badly" when they hear of the news of a friend's illness, but people don't always take action to help! I remember hearing stories from Hilary about your love of your bike(s) and that you had your bikes made by someone very special. I am so sorry to hear of the recurrence of your friend's illness. I will keep him in my prayers and wish you the best of luck with your Team in Training ride. Good Luck Patrick!"

    Colleen Girard

    Tue Mar 19 07:08:55 EDT 2013

    "This is amazing and inspiring. Good luck and look forward to hearing about it."


    Wed Mar 20 10:39:47 EDT 2013

    "anything for Ezra! thanks for doing this Patrick. Cheryl Carson and Nofre Vaquer"

    Cheryl Carson & Nofre Vaquer

    Wed Mar 20 10:47:17 EDT 2013

    "Patrick, We would love to help you gain more awareness for your story and pursuits. Let us know if we can help -- or reach Matthew at"

    Matthew @ Race Townie

    Wed Mar 20 11:03:08 EDT 2013

    "Hello Patrick, I don't know you and don't know Ezra but from reading his blog. I have been so touched by his story and inspired by the way he so fully lives his life. It is my pleasure to support you in your fundraising efforts. Best of luck in achieving your goal! Cheryl Mattis "

    Cheryl Mattis

    Wed Mar 20 11:13:31 EDT 2013

    "Quite the tribute - good luck Patrick!"

    John-Erik Emmetsberger

    Wed Mar 20 01:31:00 EDT 2013

    "Everyone should have a friend like you, Patrick. Best of luck to Ezra and to you. Also, this donation is in honor my friend, Mike Massab, who was diagnosed with cancer about a year ago. Keep positive and keep fighting."

    Ryan Beall

    Wed Mar 20 04:58:52 EDT 2013

    "Good Luck to you! What a great tribute to Ezra. I hope one day to have pne of his beautiful frames to ride around New York y. "

    Thomas Ennis

    Wed Mar 20 06:40:29 EDT 2013

    "Here's to true grit and determination...all the best"

    Gretchen and Doug

    Thu Mar 21 05:08:45 EDT 2013

    "Keep pushing!"

    Gerard Feil

    Fri Mar 22 12:37:40 EDT 2013

    "Good luck Pat!"

    Ryan Rubianes

    Fri Mar 22 02:07:35 EDT 2013

    "Go get 'em!"

    Donna Coallier

    Fri Mar 22 09:04:37 EDT 2013

    "A great challenge for a great cause. With you in spirit PW. /jps/"

    Joel Smith

    Sat Mar 23 09:01:08 EDT 2013

    "So proud of you, Patrick, and honored to be a part of your worthy efforts. Sending prayers to Ezra."

    Alyse and Jeff Sabina

    Wed Apr 03 08:36:09 EDT 2013

    "100 miles isn't easy... Great cause and best of luck! "

    Shaan Elbaum

    Thu May 02 11:06:14 EDT 2013

    "Very inspiring story, all the best for your ride."

    Harris Antoniades

    Thu May 02 03:23:24 EDT 2013

    "Good Luck Patrick!"

    Rashika Pandey

    Thu May 02 03:52:33 EDT 2013

    "Best of luck, Patrick!"

    Amanda Hinderliter

    Thu May 02 05:27:23 EDT 2013

    "Hi Patrick - good luck for a good cause! Mike Bellin"

    Michael Bellin

    Fri May 03 05:09:06 EDT 2013

    "Great cause and good luck to you on the ride Patrick!"

    John Toriello

    Fri May 03 09:01:44 EDT 2013

    "Good luck Patrick"

    Andreas Ohl

    Fri May 17 04:07:08 EDT 2013

    "An admirable and honorable endeavor, best of luck, Patrick! "

    Sheila & Harvey Behrman

    Mon May 20 05:58:06 EDT 2013

    "May the road rise to meet you ~"


    Wed May 29 02:38:10 EDT 2013

    "Good luck on your ride! "

    Curt Monday

    Thu May 30 11:27:38 EDT 2013

    "Go Patrick! We're proud of you. Have a blast! Love, Quinn, Amanda, Lorelei and Lola."

    The Goodwillie Pack

    Fri May 31 09:45:50 EDT 2013

    "Love this story and I'm so proud of you for doing this! Sorry I'm so late; I somehow missed that you were doing a fundraiser. Never too late I guess! Big hugs to you & Ezra too."

    Liisa Petersen

    Wed Jun 05 06:45:14 EDT 2013

    "Thanks for doing this Patrick. Look forward to hearing about it. "

    Nisha Sheth

    Thu Jun 06 09:48:23 EDT 2013

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