Welcome to our Team's Homepage

Welcome to our Team's Homepage
Aug 12, 2013

Thank you for coming to our page of honor and inspiration.

We once again are training for another event with The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's (LLS) Team In Training. This year we are unable to particpate in the Dallas Marathon, so we we are embarking on new grounds. We will both be training for the Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend 2014 on Jan. 11-12. Chris will be doing the 'Goofy' - 1/2 Marathon on Saturday, and Full Marathon on Sunday. And Cheryl will be doing 'just' the Full Marathon on Sunday. As most of you know, the LLS Team in Training group raises funds to help stop leukemia, lymphoma, Hodgkin lymphoma and myeloma from taking more lives.

We've included some new pictures of James, who is now 10. He has fought and continues to win his own fight against Leukemia. We are happy to say that James remains cancer free after completinng his 3 1/2 years of chemotherapy treatment on July 7th, 2011. He has hit the 5 year mark since diagnosis, this year, which is a big milestone. He continues with regular exams and blood draws to ensure the cancer doesn't return. Even though James has completed his treatment there is much more work to be done to help those now and those that come after James. There are still too many that continue to die from this ugly disease.

Our son James and all of the sons, daughters, moms and dads thank you for making this donation. James and 800,000 others are the real heroes on our team, and we need your support to cross the ultimate finish line - a cure!

I hope you will visit our web site often to see our progress.

Thanks for your support.

Chris and Cheryl


Supporter Comments

    "Go get them Team Berg!!!!! Love it that you're in the race again. Thinking of you, John & Laurie."

    John & Laurie Mason

    Wed Aug 21 06:11:54 EDT 2013

    "Cancer Sucks! I wish I could sit at the finish line with an ice cold beer. Congrats to James and the Berg family for kicking cancer where the sun don't shine. JS"

    Joe Schmit

    Wed Aug 21 10:01:56 EDT 2013

    "Good Luck!"

    Delk Family

    Wed Aug 28 08:49:30 EDT 2013

    "We hope you all can reach your goal for such a wonderful cause!!! The Huss Family"

    Mary Anne and Michael Huss

    Wed Aug 28 10:37:45 EDT 2013

    "Good luck!"

    sara burnett

    Sat Aug 31 12:40:07 EDT 2013

    ""Good luck!""

    Clucas Family

    Mon Sep 23 02:32:23 EDT 2013

    "Happy to support James & the Berg family in a great cause!"

    Eric Valadez

    Fri Sep 27 11:33:08 EDT 2013

    "Keep smilin! Love Brooks and Suzie"

    Suzanne Walker

    Sun Oct 06 09:35:23 EDT 2013

    "Keep on fighting and running!!"

    Bill and Susan Delrow

    Sun Oct 06 12:17:12 EDT 2013

    "Best of luck to the whole Berg clan..... to James, for winning his fight, and to his mom and dad, for continuing the fight to help others..."

    Brad Remington

    Mon Oct 07 12:08:54 EDT 2013

    "Best wishes to the entire Berg family! "

    Horton Family

    Mon Oct 07 08:36:01 EDT 2013

    "Good Luck! God Bless!"

    Ana & Jose Motta

    Thu Oct 10 09:32:14 EDT 2013

    "Chris and Cheryl, James and your family are an inspiration to me and to so many others. James remains in my prayers. Sincerely, Alexa"

    Alexa Anderson

    Fri Oct 11 08:02:34 EDT 2013

    "James, rock on!! Cheryl and Chris, run on!! "

    Sue & Dale Jenkins

    Mon Oct 14 04:54:38 EDT 2013

    "Chris, a half marathon followed by a full the next day? More power to you, buddy. Good luck to both you and Cheryl on this one! "

    David Haase

    Wed Nov 06 12:02:50 EST 2013

    "Good Luck Chris and Cheryl! Here's hoping you have a great run and that the whole family continues to enjoy good health. We love you, tom and sue"

    Sue and Tom

    Mon Nov 11 07:51:19 EST 2013

    "It's been some time since I've checked James' Caringbridge page and it's wonderful to hear he is doing well! Congratulations to all of TEAM Berg I know your faith and your team spirit at home really helped James get through what must have felt at times, a terrible nightmare. Good luck w/the half marthon and FULL MARATHON! wow!"

    Gloria Campos

    Sun Nov 17 02:28:23 EST 2013

    "James, you are a hero to so many! Glad I'm on your team."

    Sean Hamilton

    Sun Nov 17 05:55:38 EST 2013

    "To an amazing fighter...#inspiration"

    shelly slater

    Fri Nov 22 02:36:23 EST 2013

    "Thankful that James is living a cancer free life! Miss you all! ~The Landins"

    Scott and Colleen Landin

    Sat Nov 23 12:18:31 EST 2013

    "We support your efforts to fight cancer! "

    Jim & Marcy Krier

    Sun Nov 24 06:53:51 EST 2013

    "Go team berg!"

    Dan and Lisa Peckham

    Mon Nov 25 09:52:31 EST 2013

    "God bless and good running!"

    John Yowell

    Mon Nov 25 02:19:09 EST 2013

    "God bless and go rock the marathon like we know y'all will!!"

    Tom and Esmi Upton

    Sun Dec 01 02:51:05 EST 2013

    "Good Luck Chris and Cheryl!"

    The Meslers

    Tue Dec 17 11:04:29 EST 2013

    "Keep up the good work!"

    Kenneth Daly

    Tue Dec 17 12:58:36 EST 2013

    " Long live Team Berg and all they run for!"

    tom joles

    Tue Dec 17 03:29:18 EST 2013

    "Adam and I were thinking of you all the other day...I'm so glad everyone is doing well. Good luck on the run!"

    Lori Bland

    Wed Dec 18 10:01:04 EST 2013

    "Go TEAM BERG!!!!! Seth and family are cheering you on!"

    Kathy Ensor

    Wed Dec 18 03:13:08 EST 2013

    "Good Luck on your run. I love a great success story and I hope that you can help other kids with your commitment. "

    Kenny Nordlund

    Wed Dec 18 04:23:18 EST 2013

    "Cheryl - Kick some butt! Sending big hugs and good vibes to you and the family. Happy holidays. "

    Julie Woo

    Thu Dec 19 09:29:25 EST 2013

    "Good luck on the marathon."

    George & Bonita Shubat

    Mon Jan 06 01:17:28 EST 2014

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