My Fundraising Page

My Fundraising Page
Apr 17, 2009 by Bethany McCrary

Marathon Training and Fundraising...

Good Day!

I am currently training to run a marathon as a member of The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's (LLS) Team In Training. As part of the program, I am raising funds to help LLS continue in their efforts to research & one day, cure cancer. I am completing this race in honor & memory of my loved ones, affected by cancer.

My fundraising goal for LLS is $3,000 and I would be grateful for any level of support through donation. Please reach out to me (214-906-1812) if you have any questions regarding how your donation will be used. Sorry for the long letter..... but please read on.....

I hope very much that you will visit this web page often as I will be keeping a TRAINING LOG BELOW. I will work to keep this page updated with day-to-day progress reports & other details. Remember to check back frequently!!

Much Love & ALL My Thanks,


*for those of you who have been checking back, please note posts are re-ordered, most recent are at the top.... see...


This last saturday's run was 14 miles and


It's Friday!!! Fridays are weird days in training because you are excited that the week is over, but there is quite a bit of anticipation about saturday morning's long run. Tomorrow is 14 miles, longest thus far. I bought a "hydration belt" this week and last night was my first run with it. Its essentially a fanny pack that rests in the small of my back & holds a 20 oz. water bottle. It feels awkward and was a little hard to get used to, but its A LOT better than holding a water bottle for an entire run. More to come after tomorrow's training...


This last weekend was our 8-10 mile hill training day. I had planned on being at saturday training then driving to Austin afterwards, but when Friday rolled around I decided I needed to just go ahead and get to Austin sooner than later. Austin was nice and My mom and I went to see my great-grandmother in Fredericksburg. It was a day well spent. I knew Mom and I would have a full day on saturday, so I postponed my morning "long" run to sunday. I got up and headed to the hike-and-bike trail to put in my miles & it was a great run. Austin is much more humid than dallas, but I had my water and GU so all was well. The only trouble I had with running in Austin vs. Dallas is that I am unsure of the milage I did... I am still trying to figure that one out. Its somewhere between 5 and 10 !? You would my body would know by now what 5 miles vs. 10 miles feels like.... not really.


I did an easy 30 minute last night and am feeling good. My knees and ankle are sore but nothing I can't get over. I have been icing at night and that is really helping. Tonight is yoga. And this saturday will be 10-miles of hill training. wow.


Today we "loop the lake!!!" As you might (or might not) know, our saturday runs are at White Rock Lake in Dallas ( So every weekend until now we have done "out and backs" meaning if you have a 6 mile run, you go out 3 miles and back for a total of 6. Since the lake is between 9-10 miles, we did an out & back of 3 miles, then finally got to go all the way around. Me and 2 other TNT chicks ran together the whole way. This run made me realize just how far 26.2 miles really is. For the first time on a saturday run, I was feeling a little overwhelmed.


Today was my first run since our 9 mile on the 11th. I went to the doctor, had some X-rays taken & am now the proud owner of a lace-up ankle brace. My diagnosis.... too much range of motion in my ankle. I rolled it back in college and seem to have ripped some if the ligaments off the bone. So the swelling and pain are because I am simply over-working all of the muscles in and around that old injury. Dr. prescribed the brace and some physical therapy to strengthen the muscles, etc. The brace really helped during my training run tonight, its still a little sore, but definitely something I can run through. We have a 12 mile run on sat., I am pretty anxious since I am been take a break these last 2 weeks.


I am headed to Beaumont this weekend for another wedding!!! I took this week off from running, my ankle has been swollen since my last run. I would run through it, but I am having a lot of pain that feels like an injury more than soreness. I'm trying to get into the orthopedist, more to come.


I have been out of town a lot in the past few weeks - between my birthday weekend in Austin, weddings and 4th of july - but I was back at the lake this morning and ran 9 miles. My longest run thus far. This morning was also my first experience with a GU pack, which is a nutrition supplement that you take in order to give your body something to burn on long runs. If we are the car, GU is the gas that makes us go. I never thought I would see the day I would be taking nutrition supplements during workouts.


Hill training....! This is when I say thank goodness I'm not in Austin. Every saturday until now we have done the trail along the lake, which is flat..... and I like flat. Today we had our first hill training day. We started at our normal spot, but rather than running along the lake, reaching a certain point and turning around, we each got a map and headed towards a nearby neighborhood. Being from the hill country, I was DREADING this week - but luckily the hills I grew up around and the hills in Lakewood/Dallas, Texas are not the same thing. NOT AT ALL to say this was an easy run. It wasn't! My route was 5.5 miles, with approx. 8 hills sprinkled throughout. Add to that, 90 degree heat -- intense. I ran with Amanda for the first half, then Andy for the last half. The great thing about the team is that there are enough of us that you can find someone who shares your pace, thus distracting yourself (to a certain extent) and getting through a run that at one point seemed daunting. What I learned - when running hills, try to keep your heartrate from jumping. Breathe. Slow down. Focus on your form. Thanks Coach Andy. That was a lifesaver.


Up to this point I have been following the "basic" training calendar - which is essentially the beginner route. After some thought, I decided to see if I would be able to jump up to the intermediate calendar. The level of your training calendar determines the milage you run on saturday mornings. So I woke up thinking about my milage for the day. Stay with 5 (basic) or go for 6 (intermediate) -- a 1 mile difference doesn't seem like a lot, but I was thinking more about the big picture and in a few weeks/months that would translate in a much bigger way. Long story long - I felt great at the 2.5 mark and decided to go ahead to the 3 mile marker before turning around. I ran with Amanda, another girl on the team my around my age, and it really makes a huge difference running with someone and chatting along the way.


We had a group fundraiser last night at a local bar. There were 5 of us who threw the event and the earnings will in turn be split between us. Each of us invited family and friends out to enjoy a few drinks and appetizers to help support our efforts. We had a great turn-out and met lots of new people!


Since our run on the Katy Trail last week, I have been going back almost daily. I feel safe running there by myself, and its similar to the hike and bike trail in Austin, except no lake :( . I ran 40 minutes tonight and feel great. Just in the few days since I started paying attention to my diet, I can tell a huge difference in my energy level and endurance level while running.


Sat. run day, we did 4 miles today. Rebecca, Robert's younger sister joined me and the group bright and early this morning. She was a good sport and we got to spend some nice one-on-one time together. She is 15 and growing up sooo fast (I feel like a parent saying that). I now have a sat. morning ritual of treating myself to a starbucks after my long runs. It's a simple pleasure but after a long week and an particularly early sat. morning, it's something I REALLY look forward to. I guess you could call it a self-inflicted bribe. So after starbucks, I took Rebecca home and headed to the grocery store to stock up on those "good carbs."


Still running, nothing too exciting to talk about. I have been reading up and supposedly 80% of your success comes from your diet. So.... suddenly I am way conscious of what I am putting in my body. I am learning about carbs and good ones vs. bad ones. Glycemic index is important for runners, the lower the index - the better that food is for a distance runner. We have our diet workshop on 6.6 I believe. Can't wait.


A group of about 7 TNTers met at the Katy Trail (running trail in uptown dallas) today after work for a group run. Andy, who was leading the run started off saying we would go 30-there and 30-back... meaning an hour of running. This was a little intimidating considering I have been slightly off on my training since memorial day. As we gathered and headed to the trail, he bumped our run down to 20-there and 20-back!!! I could manage 40 minutes. Andy and I ran together, he was nice enough to stay at my pace (which is an 11.5 minute mile) the entire time. Yes, this is slow, but I am building a foundation. We chatted the whole time and he told me about his last marathon, which just happened to be in Rome. Andy has a garmin watch and we ended up running 3.8. Pretty proud of myself.... I am making progress and my marathon goal is slowly becoming less overwhelming.


Great run last night, there was a breeze and I slowed my pace even more. I am still trying to find the right pace.... its hard to determine what a "conversational pace" is when your running alone, I mean I guess I could talk to myself. :) I do think I am getting close to finding it. It also depends on the music I listen to. Last night was "the band" radio via Pandora (google it) on my iphone. Since it's recommended that we not wear earphones I just play it out-loud, so passers-by get to enjoy as well! We have a stretching clinic tonight, I am looking forward to that.

I'm bummed I'll be missing our saturday training at White Rock, but will be doing mine remotely in Austin.... hey hike and bike trail! I can't wait!

Another thing to note, our team has organized a fundraiser here in Dallas. I am very excited and will be sure to have more details as it gets closer.


Saturday training was good! It was a little on the chilly side and drizzling all morning. I was about 10 yards from finishing and drizzle turned to down-pour. As I mentioned on twitter.... running in the rain is fine, I don't mind it - but I am not ready for my shiny new shoes to get muddy and gross just yet.


Still going at it, wish it were less humid around DFW, but summer is definitely here.... and sweating is good.


Today is my first day back from an annoyingly long week off. As each day passed, I felt like I was getting more and more out of shape (not that I was in shape from only 1 week on training, but you know what I mean...). I woke up a little earlier than usual this morning and went to yoga, and loved it. That really is a great way to start your day, I recommend it - if there's an early class near you. I'll run this evening after work, can't wait!!!

5.4 - 5.11

I am sitting out a week, had a doctor appt. and she said no running for about a week. Better now than later, when milage starts getting up there.... I will have more next week.

I would like to thank my amazing family for all of your donations, they are so much more appreciated that you realize! I am close to 20% - waaaahoooo.


Yesterday was our first saturday together as a team and it went well. We met at Run On, a running shop in here in Dallas, at 6:45 a.m. & were fitted for proper shoes. We broke into small groups and did a 2-mile around the neighborhood. I'm still trying find the right pace for myself but did manage to stay with the group, and didn't have to take a walking break.


First & foremost...thank you, thank you & thank you to my wonderful family for my FIRST donations!! My great-Aunt, Eileen, then also Great-Aunt and Uncle, David & Pat! I can't tell you all how grateful I am, I love you!

Happy May! And HAPPY FRIDAY because that = REST DAY! Last nights run was good; I'm feeling better each day. I tried to slow my pace a little so I won't burn through all of my energy early on. Robert ran with me, and it was nice to have the company. We ran through his neighborhood & saw lots of cute homes, good-looking yards with flowers in-bloom, a veggie-garden, dogs in the windows or yards. But hands down the BEST (or most entertaining) part of the run had to be watching a woman, in her driveway, attempt to get her cat out of the car. She had all 4 doors wide open & was using a golf umbrella as a cat poker, all while yelling at the cat like it was a small, uncooperative child. The cat, which had found a nice little spot above the back seats against the windshield, was not budging and it was hilarious.

Tomorrow morning is our shoe clinic & first "long" run, with the group. Every sat. morning we will meet as a team & do our long run for that week together. The distance for tomorrow is 3 miles, which isn't what you think of as a long run when related to marathon training, but we are building our foundations for the first few months. July is when the mileage starts to get up there. I'll see you back here tomorrow....


So I did my second "30-min easy" last night and it was better than the first, EXCEPT it rained the WHOLE time...! If not for my training schedule, I would have easliy poured myself a glass of wine, put on my PJs & watched Bravo with Beddy all night. BUT our coaches say we need to get out and run in the rain (unless of course, theres lightning) in case it actually rains the day of our event.... which makes sense. I must say though, that if I saw someone out running in the pouring rain, I would wonder, "is that necessary?" I'm learning it is...!

Soreness level.... we're down to a 3...


So I thought yesterday would be the peak of my soreness...... wrong. Yesterday was a level 6 soreness. Today is probably a level 8, but I love it. Today is another 30-min. "easy" and I'll have to report back post-run.


Today is alternative workout day, anything but running. Since I am SOOO sore from day 1, I did 30 minutes of stretching. Nothing too exciting.... stay tuned.


First day!!!! It was to be an "easy 30 minutes" .... turns out when your completely out of shape, nothing is easy about running for 30 minutes. BUT I got through it (with some walking breaks).....!

*note, most recent posts are at the top!


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