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So close
Mar 20, 2012 by Ashlee Huber

Less than 2 weeks before the Half Ironman! I'm almost to my fundraising goal of $2,250! Thank you all so much for the donations! You have NO idea how much it means! Now for the hard part - Completing the race!!

1.2 mile swim

56 mile bike ride

13.1 mile run.


It's official
Mar 02, 2012 by Ashlee Huber

I'm officially a triathlete. I completed my first sprint triathlon this past Sunday in Oklahoma. It was a 300 yard swim, 8 mile bike ride, and a 5K. Since I had never done a triathlon before I was hoping to finish in 1:30 (an hour and a half. Not a minute and 30 seconds).

I got to the Simmon's Center in Duncan, OK and was a little nervous because I was a newbie. I'm NOT a fan of being a newbie. Anyway, come to find out this was a LOT of people's first tri so i was a little more at ease. My heat started at 7:45am so I got changed, had my # written on my arm (made me feel hardcore) and got ready for the swim. The gun went off (ok... I jumped in the water when it was my turn to start) and did my 12 laps (it was a 50 yard pool). Maybe meters? I think pools are yards. (It would help if we would all stick to the same measuring system. Let's all get on the same page America's and Europe!!) I finished the swim, dried off, and got ready for the bike. It was an indoor tri and the bike was a touch smarter than me so my dad had to help me adjust it. I finished the bike, ran UP-FREAKING-STAIRS to the indoor track. Seriously... making us run upstairs was not nice. Anyway... I got started ran my THIRTY-THREE laps. 33!! and finished in 1:09! I was pretty excited to beat my goal time by 21 minutes. It's not super fast, but for my first tri, i'll take it.

Doing this tri put a lot of things into perspective. I met a lady who's best friend is battling breast cancer while her daughter was just diagnosed with Leukemia. While I'm complaining about running upstairs, a 14 year old girl and her mom are both fighting for their lives. That isn't fair and it's exactly why I'm doing this. I'm a healthy 27 year old with no reason not to help kick cancer's a$$!

Feb 09, 2012 by Ashlee Huber

Last night I went to the gym and ran on the treadmill and got off and did some strength exercises. I don't know what the machines are called, my legs are pretty much rock solid now.

Except I have a broken hip. Ok that's a lie. but i did fall in the shower and my left hip went straight into the side if the bathtub. it was NOT my finest moment by far. Hopefully spin class tonight makes me feel better and less like a 95 year old woman with a broken hip and a bruise the size of an orange.

In all seriousness, I want to thank each and every person who has donated to my fundraising account! You have NO idea how much I appreciate it and I can't wait to kick some butt at the Half Ironman! There's absolutely no way I could do this without the support of my family and friends that's donated, given words of encouragement, and worked out with me on days that I didn't feel motivated! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!

Don't forget! With each $25 donation I receive I will put a quote/business slogan/name on my pants/top/suit the day of the triathlon!

Squares update...
Feb 05, 2012 by Ashlee Huber

here's the most recent squares sheet. There's several left so feel free to share with friends and/or buy more!

we'll put the final sheet on this page and my facebook page just before kick off

good luck and thank you for your help!

Jan 29, 2012 by Ashlee Huber

Let me know which square you want, by row and column number. Each square is $10 and you can buy as many as you'd like. The numbers will be assigned to each row and column 30 minutes before kickoff. If your number corresponds with the last number in each teams score at the end of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd quarters and the end of the game, you win.

1st quarter = 20% of pot

2nd quarter = 20% of pot

3rd quarter = 20% of pot

End of game = 40% of pot

If every square is sold at $10 each, a total of $500 will be given away and the remaining $500 will be donated to my Team in Training fundraising account. Please pay by PayPal if you are unable to have payment delivered by Saturday 2/4.

Mail payment to:

Ashlee Huber

1306 Silver Maple Drive

Carrollton, TX 75007

If you pay by PayPal, please use my husband's email address

Please let me know via email at what squares you would like.

***Unsold squares will have randomly drawn arrows that will point up, down, left, or right that will determine the winner of that square.

Your initials will go in each box you purchase and I will update this once daily as to which squares are available.

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Supporter Comments

    "Good Luck!!! So proud of you:)"

    Lawrence & Amanda Ryall

    Sat Mar 17 08:54:24 EDT 2012

    "If you win, Danielle and I will make you an amazing gift basket!!!"

    Steven and Danielle Rountree

    Fri Feb 24 12:10:08 EST 2012

    "Good Luck and keep it up!!!! GO TEAM!!!!"

    Doug and Tina

    Sun Jan 15 08:22:50 EST 2012

    "Go Ashlee! Really proud of you!"

    Janet Pollard

    Sat Dec 31 11:53:56 EST 2011

    "Good Luck and GO TEAM!"

    Mark Day

    Wed Nov 23 12:01:29 EST 2011

    "Congrats on your first triathlete! :) - Bonnie & Mark Sims"

    Bonnie Sims

    Tue Mar 20 10:30:49 EDT 2012

    "Together, every little bit will make a Big Difference! <3 Thank you Ashlee for all your hard work and dedication! "

    The Future Mrs. Brown

    Tue Mar 06 12:20:01 EST 2012

    "Thanks for all your hard work Ashlee! You are making a difference!"

    Steve & Gretchen Huber

    Tue Mar 06 11:47:12 EST 2012

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