JUST DOING IT! (again!)

JUST DOING IT! (again!)
Dec 08, 2009 by Jessica Peck Williams

finishing the Nike Women's Marathon

October 18,2009 in San Francisco

"Give me FIVE, Help Save LIVES!"

5 Minutes of Your Time - Visit my website!

5 Dollar Donation - Or more if you are feeling generous!

If 580 people gave $5, I would meet my goal.

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5 Years Old - The age group in which ALL is most common.

5 Minutes - every five minutes someone is diagnosed with a blood cancer.

Welcome everyone! Thanks for taking time to visit my website, AGAIN!

I wanted to thank all of you who donated to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society when I trained for the Nike Women's Marathon in San Francisco last year. The 6 months of training were tough and sometimes agonizing but in the end very rewarding. I made some lifetime friends in my fellow teammates, coaches and mentors. My official time for the marathon was 6:54. Not that impressive but my own personal record!

So after all the celebration died down and after taking a month off from running, I was convinced to train for a TRIATHLON! Crazy since I don't know how to swim well at all! But by finishing a triathlon, I will enter an elite group of Triple Crowner's who have completed 3 different event (hike, century ride, marathon, &/or triathlon) with Team in Training. The LonestarTri will be held in Galveston on April 25,2010. I am signed up for the Olympic distance which is swim 1.5km, bike 25miles and run a 10K. Some experience triathletes are trying to convince me to do the half IRONMAN which is swim 1.2mi, bike 56miles and run a half marathon. If I get the swim part down just right, I just might be convinced to do it. Why not?!

All of us on Team In Training are raising funds to help stop leukemia, lymphoma, Hodgkin lymphoma and myeloma from taking more lives. Anything you can donate will greatly be appreciated. If I can just get everyone to donate $5, I will be reaching my goal in no time!

Thanks again for all your support and please come back and visit my site to check for updates!

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Supporter Comments

    "Good luck on the Tri. "

    The van Vliets

    Wed Mar 31 12:07:07 EDT 2010

    "now give me my cakes!!!!!!!! you better win this race!!!!"

    cy armstrong

    Fri Mar 19 10:08:49 EDT 2010

    "You go girl!!!!"


    Wed Mar 17 10:56:37 EDT 2010

    "St. Patrick's Day Cupcakes"

    Jessica Peck Williams

    Tue Mar 16 03:47:51 EDT 2010

    "Can't wait for the Irish Cup Cakes....yum! U the BOMB!"


    Fri Mar 12 09:54:23 EST 2010

    "The fastest way to my wallet is food!! Cant wait to eat some amazing cupcakes!!! :-)"

    Lauren Hunt

    Thu Mar 11 09:21:39 EST 2010

    "Thanks to Ashlynn Pham for buying her mommy and friends some cupcakes!"


    Fri Mar 05 01:18:54 EST 2010

    "This is for the Irish cup cakes, but my kiddos want more chocolate cherry ones instead. Jessica ROCKS! If you haven't tasted her sweet treats, you're missing out! Keep up the good work!"

    Imelda Montoya

    Mon Mar 01 10:50:53 EST 2010

    "Can't wait for the chocolate covered cherry cupcakes! We are going to blast LR! Keep up the great work pal. Love ya!"

    Edna "aka: Rockie" Montoya

    Mon Mar 01 10:42:48 EST 2010

    "Good luck with your fund raising! Thanks for making this effort"


    Tue Feb 23 03:39:30 EST 2010

    "You go girl!!! Congratulations for 2009 and good luck with 2010!"

    Carol and Elisa

    Thu Jan 14 02:55:32 EST 2010

    "Can't wait to taste those yummy cupcakes! :)"

    Kimberly Baker

    Fri Mar 12 01:20:33 EST 2010

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