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Thank You
Jul 11, 2012 by Lewis Beasimer

Thank you for supporting my efforts to meet the challenge of the 2012 Grand Canyon hike with Team In Training benefiting The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS). Your help and encouragement got me to the finish line. But more importantly, you are helping to accelerate finding cures for leukemia, lymphoma and myeloma and bring increased hope to nearly 958,000 American patients and their families who are on the front lines of the battle against these blood cancers.

With your help and support, we raised $3977.00 during my participation on the Grand Canyon hike team. Additionally, I earned Triple Crown status by completing this event. Triple Crown status is given to those who complete three events of differing sports. I couldn’t have achieved either of these without your encouragement and support.

I have two public photo albums, one for training and the other at the Grand Canyon. If interested, please view my photos and leave a comment or two.


Grand Canyon

Kaitlin's Thank You
May 22, 2012 by Lewis Beasimer

A few posts back, I wrote about Kaitlin. If you missed it, you can read about this little girl's story here. She wrote everyone on our hike team a letter. I wanted to share the letter she gave me.

Silent Auction
Apr 27, 2012 by Lewis Beasimer

Meet Doug Campbell
Apr 27, 2012 by Lewis Beasimer

I first met Doug Campbell in December of 2010 at our Cycling team’s Honored Heroes dinner. Doug, a cheerful and outgoing man, is an active member of TNT NTX and serves as the chairman of our TNT Mission Committee. He was diagnosed with blood cancer in 2000, and has been in remission several times.

That evening, Doug shared his story and wanted us to know that to him my cycling teammates are the real heroes in the room. He was thankful for our commitment to do something to give him and others like him hope and a reason to continue their fight. Having trained for cycling events in the past, he also advised us to “just keep peddling”.

Last year while training for the half marathon, I was worried Doug was reaching the end of his battle. Currently, Doug is fighting graft versus host disease and is tired of his ongoing battle with blood cancer. I’ve followed his story through the caring bridge website, and the things he goes through just to live another day is heartbreaking and downright scary. Not only is Doug fighting this battle, it places an enormous amount of stress on his wife and kids who provide their support and love.

Doug is truly an amazing man, and has completed multiple TNT events, including an Ironman, while in the midst of his battle. Even though I’ve only met him once, he left a big impression on me. He is an encouraging voice in my head telling me to “just keep peddling” even while training for the half marathon and also now that I’m training to hike the Grand Canyon.

I don’t consider myself to be a hero, but Doug is definitely right about one thing. My involvement with Team In Training is partly driven by a commitment to give Doug and others like him hope and a reason to continue their fight. However I can’t do it without your help. Every donation helps fund research, provides medical payment assistance, and provides education and support for families in need. Please help me battle blood cancers join me in making a difference by donating today.

Images From The Trail
Apr 27, 2012 by Lewis Beasimer

We have been hiking every weekend, each time increasing the milage. Along the way, I've gotten to visit some interesting parks and preserves while learning more about my teammates. Here are a few images from a couple recent hikes.

One of our teammates sharing her Honored Hero story and the steer we saw later.

A group shot and Texas bluebonnets

A couple more group shots

We made it up the steep bridge.

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    "Lewis, good luck on the Grand Canyon hike! The LLS is a wonderful organization and I've participated in the Light the Night Walks in memory of a friend who died from lymphoma."

    Cari Luyster

    Wed Dec 28 01:02:11 EST 2011

    "Keep it up, Lewis! Thanks for continuing to look for a cure for my mom's lymphoma. Which event are you doing next?"

    Serena Lambiase

    Mon Jan 16 09:19:48 EST 2012

    "Good luck, Lewis!"

    Justin and Dawn Knowlton

    Wed Feb 01 11:53:28 EST 2012

    "Can't wait to take your class! Thanks for all of your hard work as a mentor this season - you rock!! "


    Wed Feb 29 02:09:26 EST 2012


    Sally Holt

    Tue Mar 13 10:14:21 EDT 2012

    "Raffle. Good luck!"

    Patty Chavez

    Thu Mar 15 11:11:12 EDT 2012

    "Thanks for participating in the scavenger hunt today. :-)"

    Julie McCalpin

    Sat Mar 24 05:51:39 EDT 2012

    "This is for the Cheese class."

    Elwin Hornedo

    Sun Apr 01 01:09:03 EDT 2012

    "Great Cheese Class!"

    Robert & Gwen

    Mon Apr 02 01:05:35 EDT 2012

    "Good Luck!"

    Richard & Myles

    Tue Apr 10 11:08:35 EDT 2012

    "Go Team!"

    Melissa Straubel

    Mon May 28 02:30:53 EDT 2012

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