My Fundraising Page

My Fundraising Page
Mar 23, 2012

Dear Family, Friends and Generous Donors,

This Fall I will run The Philadelphia Half Marathon as a member of The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's Team In Training.

All of us on Team In Training are raising money to help fund the cure fro blood related cancers.

I came to join Team In Training in May of 2007. Many know my story. For those who don't...

I attended a bone marrow drive for a friends nephew who was 9 years old. When I pulled up to the firehouse where the drive was being held there was a huge sign with childrens handprints on it. It read "Thank You for helping our friend" It broke my heart to think that a group of fourth graders were worrying whether or not their friend would die.

That moment had a profound impact on my life.Being the mom of a healthy child in that moment, on that day, I realized....I could be that little boys mother. The response to the drive was overwhelming, a match was found. But Christopher was too sick to receive his transplant and passed a few months later.

The morning after the marrow drive I started to run. Despite never ever running more than a mile or so I set a goal to run a marathon as my symbol of endurance for those to suffer and to raise money to help fund the cure. You see that little boys Aunt (my friend) Mellissa was already coaching runners through Team In Training. She knew I could do it, so I trusted her and joined "The Team".

My first event was in Arizona, January of 2008. I successfully completed a half marathon(13.1 miles) despite chronic knee issues. I ran The NJ Half Marathon that June (still knee issues) and 26.2 miles throught the hills of San Francisco in October of 2008. I went on to complete 2 more races both half marathons in Virginia Beach in 2009 and Miami in January 2011.

In June of 2011 I fell through a landing in my rental and a rusty nail riped through my leg.This prevented me from running another event till now. I have been cleared to run again.

And so it is here that I appeal to all of you.

While many who join The Team start by wanting to make a difference and end up "runners". Sadly, I am not one. My sense of accomplishment never ever happens at the finish line. It always comes when I am standing in the dark waiting for the start of each race. It's then I have the time to reflect, to think about how I have done all I could to help fund the cure.

Since my very first race I have successfully raised over 33,000.00 for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society through Team In Training. I have been top fundraiser in NJ for two of my events and have been recognized twice as a national top fundraiser.

Some call us not so much. The real heroes are kids like Christopher and all who suffer through the life-changing treatments they endure day after survive and live. Some say running a marathon is hard.....well try chemotherapy.

This year I turn 50. (yikes, I realllly hate to admit this) I want to honor my milestone and myself with this raise 20,000.00 for this event. This will bring my all time total to over 50,000.00 (magic number, right?!) So 50 in 50.

In order to accomplish this (very lofty) goal I will be soliciting donations from any and everyone who is willing to help. I will sit outside grocery stores on Sundays and organize large and smal scale fundraisers. My commitment will be unwavering, of this you can be certain.

My hope it that all of Boonton and tri town area will back and support my efforts. I wish to enlist all of you and make this a community effort.I will be seaking donations large and small. On a corporate and personal level. With your help, I will not fail. WE will not fail.

I am looking forward to the next few months of warm weather running through the streets of Boonton and on the Boulevard.You will see me all around town (often in purple and green...Team In Trainings colors) and through Mountain Lakes and Boonton Township. Cheer me on (trust me running is very NOT fun for me) , run with me and help me represent our little town Boonton in the fight against cancer. Let's show the world that we have power, and community, and WE , together will beat this thing.

I sincerely hope you can make a donation and assist me in reaching my goal. I recognize that times are tough and it is with a full heart and much hope that you will do you best to give as much as you can. Every donation, no matter how large or small will be equally appreciated.

Thank You all for your unconditional love and support. athough Christopher inspired me to run my first mile, all of you who have shared with me your horrific experiences in dealing with this disease, and are living, motivate me and give me more resolve to continue on...I am also honoring you with each and every step I run.


Andrea xo


Supporter Comments

    "Good Luck Andrea!!"

    Kathi Davis

    Thu Apr 05 12:02:07 EDT 2012

    "YOU GO ANDREA ! We are so proud of you and your efforts ... xoxo"

    jayme januszanis

    Tue Jul 24 08:48:42 EDT 2012

    "Go Andrea!"

    Jessica Blanton

    Sun Nov 04 04:13:25 EST 2012

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Jessica Blanton $50.00
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John Kobilarcik $50.00
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