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07/11- Group Swim
Jul 12, 2011 by Jordan Michel

Well... we all thought we were in for a light workout at today's practice... After all, the calendar says "Recovery Week". I suppose we all forgot to consider that our wonderful Coach Beth has a penchant for pain.

Our workout? 200m warmup, consisting of 25m alternating kickboard drills and kickboard "fin" pulls (we place the board between our legs like you would a pull buoy and swim... it ensures you don't twist your lower body in the water by forcing you to lift the weight of the water if the board twists too far.)

Main Set: 800m continuous swim. That's right... 800m! That's 300m more that our swim test, and for those of you quick with the math... 1/2 a mile!

So much for recovery week.

For more, read the blog... "SeeJemTri":

07/10 Bike/Run Brick
Jul 12, 2011 by Jordan Michel

After Saturday's... fun you can rest assured that I had no desire to be out of the house never mind working out. However, we had another epic practice day... 30 mile ride followed by a 2 mile run... at 7am!

Again, I am fairly strong on the bike and this ride, though the West Orange Trail is hillier than the roads we rode the week before, turned out to be a fun ride. The coaches and a few teammates brought some SaltStick and Endurolyte capsules and they DEFINITELY helped with the cramping. I was able to maintain a good pace of somewhere between 16 and 20mph the entire ride (I hit 24 on a few downhills) and did not cramp or feel fatigued the entire way... until the run that is. I stretched and walked a little to relieve the cramping and finished strong.

It turned out to be a great practice for me, and the entire team ROCKED it. Truly an EPIC weekend.

07/09- 500 (1000) Meter Open Water Swim (Test)
Jul 12, 2011 by Jordan Michel

I didn't quite make it into the pool for my Thursday "on your own" swim because of thunderstorms and decided to save my energy on Friday for the Epic workout I would have on Saturday for our open water swim test at Lucky's Lake Swim. 500 hundred meters each way... I could barely sleep Friday night because my nerves got worse with every passing hour.

Ibelis made me breakfast in the morning and drove me to the lake. It was a nice morning for a swim, and from the beach, looking across the lake; it didn't seem all that far. "I can do this.” I told myself.

When we finally got into the water, Coach Ryan and Coach Beth stayed close to me, I felt good at the start, but the feeling didn't last too long... The second I started breathing heavily, the nervous energy returned, which as it turns out just makes it EVEN more difficult to breathe. I found myself scanning the water for Coach Beth and the red buoy of salvation. That wouldn't be the last time I found myself doing the same during this swim.

Coach Beth, merciful as she is, gave me a reference point... a floating red buoy in the middle of the lake. I'm quite goal oriented and the marker gave me something to aspire to... I made it there; then she said "Okay, time to head back to the cabana." Oy...

To read about the rest of the morning visit:

07/06- Bike
Jul 06, 2011 by Jordan Michel

Today's workout:

Warm-up easy spin small chain ring 10mins.

6mins as 80/20 percent effort alternating legs. This means one minute with 80% effort on the left leg and then 1min with 80% effort on right leg. Repeat set x 3.

Ride 5mins at 80% effort, then 2mins at max effort. repeat x 3. Keep cadence at 85rpm or higher.

Cool down 10mins small chain ring cadence 85%.

Sounds pretty easy... and it was... except for that "2 mins at max effort part". It seems your output from "max effort" tends to go down the longer you ride. I went from 27mph sustained at max effort in my 1st rep to about 20mph in my last... whew!!!

It was fun turning heads while I was keeping up with the cars in a 25mph speed limit zone though. haha. I was not as sore on this ride as I was on Saturday's and cramp free makes me happy!

Looking forward to tomorrow's swim!

07/05 Swim
Jul 06, 2011 by Jordan Michel

Had some help in the pool today from Ibelis... I still didn't swim as much continuously as I would have liked but I did make some progress. Breathing is STILL one of my biggest issues and it comes with it's own set of problems...

I currently only breathe to my right, which causes me to come up too early for air sometimes or too late depending on how fast I am breathing. I also pull a little to the right when swimming becasue those strokes on which I breathe tend to be a little stronger. All in all, this leads to a waste of energy from correcting left and becoming hypoxic from improper breathing... So... I worked on breathing to my left. It was uncomfortable at first, but by the end of my workout I was doing 1 armed drills and breathing only to my left in order to become more at ease with it.

I probably ended up swimming about 700 meters by the time I was done... Thursday's workout? See if I can swim that continuously. Gearing up for the 500m open water swim test Saturday!!!

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    "Keep up the awesome training! I miss the team practices!"

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    Vanessa N. Santos

    Mon Apr 11 09:27:46 EDT 2011

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