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It's Over
Jun 06, 2012 by Kaitlyn Patterson

My deadline has come and gone, it's over, the last of my badgering emails and posts and events. This was a very very difficult thing to do. Some people can fly through the fundraising, but I guess it just depends on the support one has. I recieved one response from my 50+ letters sent out to family. I got no response from a long lost "friend" on Facebook. This is definitely one of those finding out who your friends are things. I have a lot! check out the name list to the right, those are people that love me and/or love my cause. A few even love Scrappy Owl. Not on the list are the ones that came to my events, the ones that ordered stuff they don't need from parties just to help out. Those that pretended they had money to spend on frivilous fun week after week. Those repetitve small donations really added up. Cash donations since April 6th as well as the 31 Party proceeds are not recorded on the website, since they are all just reimbursement to me after LLS charged my credit card for the remaining balance. Trust me, I'm not pilfering donations, and I will have a very substantial tax deduction next year!

Some life altering things... well, I ran the half marathon. I thought I was hooked and couldn't wait to sign up for another event, but...I haven't ran since then. I took a month off, which is like starting over. Oh well. Still looking forward to some fall runs and more fancy medals.

I will NEVER fundraise again. I can't stand asking for money, and people can't stand giving it. I even got my very own "please take me off these emails." email response from an old friend. She didn't have a penny to spare and made me cry. Wonder why you haven't heard from me in a while? That's why. Trust me, we all felt like that! you didn't have to actually say it.

Through all this I have learned better organization and cleaning of my house. weird? Well, I had to learn to host some parties and babysitting and whatnot and therefore got a book. It has helped. Maybe when YOU stop by you don't think I'm clean and organized but I've gotten very comfortable with a "clean enough." I'm so happy.

I still have one more thing to take care of. I never held my chocolate party drawing for the handpainted martini glasses. I have it ready to do, it just needs to happen.

Thank you to everyone who helped me along the way. The money WE raised can go a long way to help cancer patients, and who knows when that little extra push will come for a cure?

Thirty One Party
May 08, 2012 by Kaitlyn Patterson

This Friday at 6pm, get ready for fun and 31 products!! Awesome, I'm so excited, after this party I will have cute organization, I swear. Kim, the consultant, is donating 50% of her commission to LLS, how awesome!! And I'm pretty sure we're going to have the chocolate fountain rolling. Yum! If you can't come, pretty please shop online!

I am reaching the very very end of my fundraising window and desperately seeking your help. Remember that whatever I don't raise by the 28th I get charged! I am counting on my friends and family and all of your friends and family to help me out so I'm not paying back hundreds of dollars in donations. Please share the website and encourage people to buy from my party! Thanks!

May 04, 2012 by Kaitlyn Patterson

I can't believe it, I did it. I finished a half marathon. I ran a half marathon, almost the entire way. I am beyond impressed by the experience. I could not believe my time to finish, I originally estimated 4 hours, I finished in 2hrs 42 mintues. 13.1 miles in case you're not paying attention, and I ran it! The course through downtown Nashville might have been gorgeous, I'm not sure cuz I couldn't look around much while concentrating on all those HILLS!!!! Lets just say that Florida doesn't offer too many training opportunities for hills unless you make it downtown to run bridges. If you never heard me mention doing that it's because I didn't. Ouch. Speaking of ouch, everything hurt the next day. Heck, everything hurt after crossing the finish line. And I mean EVERYTHING! We went to eat dinner that evening and my mouth hurt. My mouth! I'm guessing it's right where my tongue was riding for the race, like the seat it had to take while I breathed hard for nearly 3 hours. I stayed dehydrated for 3 whole days, could barely move and found out how many muscles my body really does have. A lot.

So what do you think about during 3 hours of running? My toenail. My toes crossed in my right foot from wrapping a injury and my toenail cut into my toe. This was the foremost thought the whole time. My dog. Remembering what Annabelle's curly tail looked like from behing all those runs we went on during her short life. She always kicked my butt, anytime I thought I had had it, I'd look down and she was trotting beside me. Not running, not winded, just trotting. Cancer. Ugh. Dead loved ones, "in memory of _____" on the back of people's race shirts. Laminated photos of happier times, those gone but never forgotten. Dads, moms, babies. Bald but smiling children. The young woman with a vailiant "4 years cancer free!!" sticker running next to her mom that was "running for my daughter." A picture of a beautiful teenage girl born the same year as me, died so long ago. Missed out on all these amazing moments I've experienced. Never got to do so much. I wanted to hug this woman, also "running for my daughter." Tell her to close her eyes and hug me back, pretend I'm her for just a second, ease that pain. I wondered if it was second nature for her to pin her daughter's photo to her race shirt and take off again, like how many years she's been doing this. Maybe it's her first time. Rachel. Honestly, Rachel's family. I feel like I'm closer to all of them than I ever was her, but it's the sadness of those we leave behind that makes loosing someone sad. If they weren't loved, it wouldn't be bad. Now I think of Desi and D'jah, going through life without their mom. Ms. Sandi having to loose her baby and still be tough enough to raise her grandbabies. Mallory who's baby grows every day and won't remember his only Aunt. She doesn't have any other siblings, can I lend her one of my brothers? I know she loves them just as I love Rachel. We grew up together and we can feel each other's pain and love for family.

The truth is we all are out there doing the only damn thing we can against cancer. We throw money at the problem we can't fix. It's all we can do. We run because they can't. We keep going because the opportunity was stolen from them and it's not fair. We give money to try our best to help, to find a cure so that none of us loose anyone else. Give because we're thankful that it's not us, not my sibling, my mom, or my child. Please help me what we can. Give. I'm getting desparate to reach my goal, and I've seen those that have been saved from cancer research. I ran next to people who aren't dead beacause other's gave money. It helps. Every little bit helps. Please try, don't ever give in, just try to fight it, it's all we can do.

Doing Dishes!
Apr 23, 2012 by Kaitlyn Patterson

Tomorrow, it's Party Animal time at Doing Dishes in Mandarin. For $20 per child, they get to pick a party animal pottery item, paint it, and get it fired. Also, balloons, pizza and gluten/casein free cookies have been donated to make it an extra special party! We are also going to wear animal costumes because that's how we roll, feel free to roll with us! Come join us for a great cause tomorrow from 1-2:30pm.

Upcoming Fundraisers
Apr 16, 2012 by Kaitlyn Patterson

Here's the list of fun things to do that will hopefully raise lots of money to fight cancer. Whoop whoop!

Ok, this Friday, April 20th all day and all night long its a drop-off, mommy errand day and parent's night out. We will have the sprinkler and mud pie station set up outside, some crafts and weird foam stuff inside. If you don't want to drop off, come hang out! Price for drop off is $10 (+$5 for extra kids). If you're coming to hang out, bring a snack :) Please let me know if you're interested and what time frame you're thinking.

Tuesday, April 24th at Doing Dishes, its Party Animal time! $20 per child ($15 for 2nd, etc). Kids get to pick an animal piece of pottery to paint that will be fired in the kiln. This is lots of fun, we love Doing Dishes! I'm thinking the kids should dress up like animals, and I'm working on getting some costume prizes, snacks and treasures for the party. I will keep you posted!

I leave town right after that for the half-marathon on Saturday, April 28th!!! Wish me luck, I will need it!

When I get back, the week of May 7th, I plan on having a special Mother's Day craft day, drop off or not, just a special day of gifting to moms. And an in-house Thirty-One party the following week sometime. You will also be able to purchase from this party online if you can't make it. 50% of the commission goes to LLS.

Lots of fun to be had, spread the word, I'm doing well at 70% of my goal, but really need to make 100%!!

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