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Jul 07, 2015 by Megan Tataje

One final note, now that the season has wrapped up... five months of training and fundraising; blood, sweat and tears left out on the trail (and in the pool); injury and insult... but race day came and went and it was great (even if the swim portion of the race was cancelled due to unsafe conditions).

Thank you all for being with me on this journey, for supporting my training efforts, and for helping me to raise $3250 for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society... I couldn't have done it without you.

countdown... T minus 2 days!
Jun 26, 2015 by Megan Tataje




Just two more days til race day... Loading up the car tonight after work and heading to Philly. I've got a touch of the "squirrel brain" at the moment... still need to pack phone charger, bike shoes & helmet and water bottles... must stop checking the water quality website because it's freaking me out (still says "not suitable for activities involving direct contact with the river")... noticed a few dead flies on the dash, should have cleaned the car... did I pack my race confirmation already, or did I misplace it? guess I'll print it again just in case... don't forget to get gas on the way home... should i pack water from home, or just buy some when i get there... how many honeystingers is too many? maybe i'll just pack two more to be sure.

i can do this... i can do this.. i can do this...

i have biked more than the race distance. i have run more than the race distance. and i have swum more than the race distance (both in the pool, and in the lake last Sunday)... now i have just got to put it all together.

I CAN do this!

triathlon training derailed due to walking accident
Jun 26, 2015 by Megan Tataje

so, i've had a week off training because i had an accident last Monday. how's that for timing? after being so elated from my Sunday night swim, i was feeling totally invigorated and enthusiastic and raring to go with the next few weeks of training.

no, i did not get hit by a car, or fall off my bike. i did not trip over a root on the trail, or have a close encounter with a snake in the lake (yeah, freaked me out when i learned there are snakes hanging out in the lake)....

i injured myself whilst out walking.


as a result, i missed out on the best open water swim of the year! but, i got to document the efforts of my amazing teammates... so proud of them.


tonight i swam a mile
Jun 26, 2015 by Megan Tataje

Tonight I swam a mile for the first time in my life. In 4 weeks time, I will complete my first triathlon. I finally believe that is possible....

I am so enormously grateful for the support and guidance of the awesome Team In Training coaches. I would never have got to this point without them.

slowly but surely
Jun 26, 2015 by Megan Tataje


Yesterday was a big day... we had a 2 hour training ride in Prince William Forest (read "very hilly") followed by a short run. And then we learned how to change the rear tire... greasy dirty work, my friends!

Last night was my wine party fundraiser, so after training I rushed home to finish food prep and tidy up the house... We had a slightly smaller than expected turn out, but it was a great time! And together we raised $440 for LLS... so it was a great success!

Thank you to everyone who joined us... and we hope to see you next year at the third annual edition!

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    "Here's a donation to round out your fundraising to a nice even number :) I've had a blast training with you and am so glad you joined the Summer Tri Team! Go MegJams Go!!"

    Jeanette Townsend

    Tue Jun 09 03:23:05 EDT 2015

    "Lake Jackson Community Yard Sale"

    Lake Jackson Community Yard Sale

    Sat May 09 02:55:20 EDT 2015

    "Rock it, Megan. Go Team!"

    George Thuronyi

    Tue Jun 09 08:00:39 EDT 2015


    Rob Brown

    Sat Jun 27 07:44:41 EDT 2015

    "sorry I'm late to the party - chronic procrastinator"

    sean connery

    Sun Jun 28 02:29:23 EDT 2015

    "For the next round of jams :-)"

    Michael Witczak

    Fri Feb 13 08:29:03 EST 2015

    "Thank you Megan for all your hard work, your awesome!! Linda"

    Linda Marsh

    Fri May 08 12:54:21 EDT 2015

    "Two more days!! I'm so excited for you, Megan! You're going to do GREAT! Go get it!!"

    Jenn ZiBerna

    Fri Jun 26 12:16:04 EDT 2015

    "GO MEGS! "

    Tracy and Eddie Deegan

    Sat May 30 06:28:31 EDT 2015

    "Looking forward to seeing the before and after photos Megan!!"

    Mairead Maguire

    Mon Apr 20 10:06:44 EDT 2015

    "Go Megan Go! So proud of you doing your first Triathlon, and thank you for being such an inspiration for me in your fundraising efforts! "

    Tiffany Chappell Withington

    Mon Apr 20 02:00:05 EDT 2015

    "Thank you for the Valentine's Day jams!"

    Elisabeth Ovits

    Mon Feb 16 02:27:08 EST 2015

    "6th Annual Snuggie Crawl Scavenger Hunt was so much fun!"

    Snuggie Bar Crawl Fundraiser

    Sun Feb 08 11:33:10 EST 2015

    "Megan, You have huge heart that may need as much healing as the actual cancer victims and survivors. I am thankful to have you in my life, even if only for a a moment. Melody"

    Melody Peppard

    Fri Feb 06 09:56:22 EST 2015

    "You continue to inspire me even though I am now 3000 miles away in Oregon. "

    Gary Joaquin

    Thu Feb 05 08:08:39 EST 2015

    "Way to go, Megs! Behind you (literally and figuratively) all the way!"


    Wed Feb 04 04:49:56 EST 2015

    "Megan! I'm so happy you are doing a Tri. They are very challenging but very rewarding at the same time. You're going to be great at it!! Have fun and thank you for continuing to be a champion for LLS! Big hug! "

    Jennifer ZiBerna

    Tue Mar 03 02:01:41 EST 2015

    "way to go Megan! You are a constant inspiration to us all. Very excited to congratulate you as a triathlete this weekend!!!"

    Laura Holian

    Fri Jun 26 08:49:18 EDT 2015

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