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My Fundraising Page
Jan 05, 2009 by Sara Ward

Running to Save Lives

UPDATE March 19!

So training has nearly come to an end...we have completed our long run, our tapers are just about there and race weekend is upon us. It is really tough to belive that is just 2 days away! We have our Pasta Party tomorrow night and meet Saturday morning at SIX AM!! I am very lucky that my friend Tori is running the half-marathon with me...she is faster than I am . So she will do my walk intervals and go slower for me-the whole time!

This season has been amazing - i have toughted my way through a 20 mile run in 25-degree damp windy weather - which i was lucky enough to have my dear friend TNTCAPTDonna join me out on the hardest 10 miles! I have made some new wonder friends, especially my friend Megan from Canada! It's been fun laughing with her through the miles on the trails. There have also been 10-12 mile Saturday runs that made me feel so strong and powerful the feeling lasted through the entire weekend!

Next week we will also have a Mission Event, dinner at INOVA Fairfax Pediatric Oncology-our theme is Spring Cheer and we're really excited! Three more events are in the works for April-to be honest I really love this part of being Mission Captain.

Anyway -Saturday will be here soon enough-there will be a sea of purple TNT singlets We will be cheering each other on with a GO TEAM!! I will be wearing my Daddy's picture on the back of my singlet and smiling through all the miles too!

More from the other side of the race-we still have the Country Team Marathon Team still training - I'll be writing after the race!!

Thank you all for your encouragement and support over the last months!!





OOF sorry it has taken so long!

We are running somewhere called Belle Haven tomorrow-I swear I have been there before...I think I ran it in 2006 with Kami? Not sure but I'll defintely report back! Have i mentioned that I HATE running on trails that i dont know how to get to??!! They make me nervous!!

Anyway, I think we are only doing 10 miles tomorrow which is good because 20 miles last week was HAAAAARD! My mileage this season is on the low side, but that is fine for my bad discs i think! I had to jump from a long run of 12 miles to 20-cant remember if I actually DID 14 or 16? I think maybe i did? I know 18 never happened so doing 20 was definitely a confidence builder....

Every time i finish 20 miles i am AMAZED that i have done it - Let me say we were freeeeezing. Never had the chance to warm up because it was like 25 degrees out. It was also a very emotional day for different reasons. One of our runners lost her honored teammate-he was like 28 years old. She talked about him to the group. I read a letter from a participant on a different team visiting a friend in MD Anderson, a hospital ONLY for cancer patients-they are needing some 600 more beds I think??!! The woman writing the letter really showed through her visit at MD Andersont that cancer knows NO race/gender/age/religious/political- distinction- This is why we keep running and going. We need to stop it. Another runner talked of various friends and family who were battling different cancers-ending with HIMSELF!!! Again, we need to STOP IT!! So we started off cold and quiet....

I ran mostly myself at first because I started LAST as usual! The first 9 miles were great, easy FUN, then mile 9 was sooooo hard and all I could think of was "one more Donna-less mile" Thank GOD for Donna Marino for coming out to run the last 10 with me! She totally kept me smiling and my mind off the agony (ha ha) of the run! It was hard but fun, we laughed alot and had some quiet time too when it got difficult - but Donna is the kind of person whose optimisim always makes things right. And when we finished - it wasn't agonizing, it felt GREAT! And Now i feel totally ready! THANK YOU DONNA!

We have two more Mission Events coming up, which makes me happy - we are going to visit patients at INOVA Fairfax as well as Life With Cancer. I am in the beginning stages of organizing these events and am hoping that we get one or two more with them. I am very excited to do these Events and both organizations have been great and very welcoming to our runners/volunteers. I have to say it just feels GOOD to make someone smile and do something nice :)

Have a great day everyone-think I have said enough for one day :)




Updated February 8, 2009


We ran yesterday on the Mt Vernon Trail, along the GW Parkway and The Potomac. It is one of my favorite trails to run along even though it takes about 30 minutes to drive there....but it is a nice drive, so that is besides the point. Anyway our team met at 8am and it was COLD-Coach Joe prepped us with an ever so excited Coach's update saying it was gonna be a HEATWAVE!! not til about 10AM y'all! But I ran with my new Canadian friend Megan for the first 5 miles-she ONLY had ten to run- and we entertained each other the whole way and it was a bit sad when she turned around but i felt REALLY strong the whole way!!! BREAKTHROUGH! It was my strongest run to date!! I had a couple of tough Saturdays but this week was really different, I felt strong, tough and in my namesake Sara's words I was channeling my running Goddess! (Sara and I met in TNT DC when she lived here but now is in ASTORIA training in NYC for a TNT marathon in Rome!) So, I learned something from Sara there! I also was NICE to myself....I smiled to other runners, said 'good morning' and thought great thoughts about how nice the trails were, the weather, and that I was gonna Rock the RUN!!! and guess what- I DID!!! All TWELVE MILES!! I know my Dad was with me every step! and I have great confidence for the half marathon next month in DC as well as the full in Paris!

On Tuesday our Mission event will take 6 of us to INOVA Children's hospital to visit the children who are currently there, along with there families. We have home-made dinner to bring-Mac & Cheese from scratch-Chilli, cupcakes to decorate too! We' ll do Valentine's arts & crafts and have story time as well....I am thrilled that our group is so excited about going-I am working on several other events as well, because these people, mostly children are WHY we are running!! So stay tuned for future updates!



Hi everyone and welcome to my Team in Training webpage!

I am currently training for The Nations' Capital Half-Marathon with Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's (LLS) Team In training (TNT) at the end of March.

This season I was asked to be the Mission Captain for the Virginia and the DC Teams, this means that instead of mentoring a team through an endurance event, I am 100% dedicated in keeping both our DC and VA teams focused on the goals of LLS and TNT, Curing Blood Cancers and Improving the Quality of Life for Patients instead of just running their chosen events. I am really excited about this new challenge because we can really personally get involved with the patients!! So I will be planning what we call Mission Events. So far we collected toys for children who were in the hospital over the holidays. We will also be delivering dinner to families of patients, play with children who are hospitalized among other events.

Every five minutes someone is diagnosed with one of these cancers. Every ten minutes, another child or adult is expected to die from leukemia, lymphoma or myeloma. Lymphoma is the leading disease killer in men/women under the age of 35. Leukemia causes more deaths than any other cancer among children and young adults under the age of 20.

LLS strives to find cures for Leukemia, Lymphoma, Hodgkins disease and Myeloma, as well as improving the quality of life for patients and their families. LLS is making progress and a difference, and the five-year survival rates have risen significantly, but theres still so much more that needs to be done. In my small way, I will keep helping.

This season, I am be running again to honor my Dads memory. I ran for him in October in San Francisco with my friend Kathleen, another TNT Team Captain and I wore a picture of him on the back of my singlet. Kathleens husband held a poster with a picture of Daddy on his last fishing tripTony and George had that same poster at the NYC Marathon in November too&.seeing his face really gave me so much energy during that race! Afterwards, a reporter saw my singlet and asked me about Daddy and I could not stop talking -it was an amazing feeling and when I saw his name in the newspaper and knew he would never be forgotten.

I am looking to raise a minimum of $750 for LLS and am asking for your support in meeting this challenge. To reach this goal please make your pledge by March 1, 2009. You may donate online securely and efficiently - any amount is gratefully accepted and appreciated!

Please be sure to click back often to see my progress during this really extra cold season!!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this really long letter and your support,




Yesterday we ran 10 miles in weather that started at 30-F and just got least there were no snowflakes coming our way until the afternoon! I have to say the benefit of trainng in the winter is the later start times. Another good thing about winter training is that you can awyas put ANOTHER layer of clothing on!! In the summer there is a minimum layer of clothing you need to have on and sometimes even THAT feels like too much:)

Our team will likely get togeher with children who are hospitalized in at least two groups in February. I am working on the details and am really excited to get together with the children! I think we will get to do things like play, have scavenger hunts and sundae parties so that will be great!

Wish us luck next weekend -we have FIFTEEN MILES of running to do - can that really be already?

Thanks for taking the time to read this! Please Check back next week for more===




Supporter Comments

    "Go Sara, Go Team!!!"

    Janet Needham

    Wed Mar 04 01:44:13 EST 2009

    "Good Luck my friend! You are awesome :)"

    Kami Wilwol

    Thu Mar 05 10:31:33 EST 2009

    "Good luck Sara!! Run like the police is chasing you@!!!! You are such a role model in your fundraising efforts!! "

    Carlos & Ana Castro

    Mon Jan 26 10:28:59 EST 2009

    "Great job Sarah! "

    Kathleen & Scott

    Mon Mar 02 09:46:46 EST 2009

    "What better way to honor you for the positive way you addressed your diagnosis by assuming an attitude and commitment to do all in your power to survive it. You were and are an inspiration for all young adults who face this challenge. You were beautiful the entire time! "

    Mon Nov 04 08:49:30 EST 2013

    "We will never forget you. "

    Sara Ward

    Sat Oct 19 03:25:58 EDT 2013

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