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the final stretch
Oct 17, 2015 by Liz Badley

We are in the final stretch!!! We had our last training run this morning at the Iwo Jima Memorial, the finish line of the Marine Corps Marathon! We are also in the final stretch of our fundraising!! We are less than $600 away from hitting our goal of $20,000 raised!!

Here's the whole team.

While Out for Blood has been focused on our own goal of $20,000, the Marine Corps Marathon team has raised nearly $100,000 this season! Can you believe that!? It just goes to show what a HUGE impact at team can have!

20, The Magic Number
Oct 05, 2015 by Liz Badley

This is the most complete photo of Out For Blood that we have! We are just missing Morgan, who couldn't make Sunday and had to do her final 20 on her own on Saturday!

20 - The Magic Number

In training for a marathon, 20 miles is the magic number. If you can run 20 miles, you are ready to run a marathon. Some plans will take you up to 22, some will have you do the 20 miler more than once, but nearly every plan out there will have you do at least one 20 miler.

The very first time you run 20 miles, it's both a physical and mental struggle. Your body hurts in ways that you never expected. Mentally, the signals from your body make you think "I can't go on, I will certainly die." It's a protective mechanism I like to call the "death threshold."

But you push through, you can do it. You survive. And the next time you run that distance, on marathon day, you know you can do it. You know you will survive. You are confident that you will conquer the race.

Yesterday, my team conquered their 20 miler! And in 3 weeks, we will conquer our marathon! But 20 is more than just our weekends training distance; it is our goal. Our team set a goal to raise $20,000 this season and we need your help! We are just $3,150.14 away from this goal. So we are asking that everyone donate $20 (or what ever amount that you can afford) to help us reach our goal.

Here's the entire Fall Run Team for the National Capital Chapter of Team in Training. Together we have raised over $160,000 this season to CURE blood cancers!
Sep 03, 2015 by Liz Badley

In just SEVEN weeks, we are taking on the Marine Corps Marathon (and 10k, and in eight week the NYC marathon) and our milage, and donations are getting up there!!!

on 8/22 out team had a "down week" and ran just under ten miles together:

Then our mileage creeped back up on 8/29 with a planned 14 mile run that ended up being 15 to 16 for most of the groups!

And this weekend we take on our longest run of the season - a planned 16 mile run (which could mean that we end up doing more!

With seven weeks to go, that finish line is in our sights, but we're still about $4000 short of our goal of raising $20,000! We need your help!

Please plan on joining us on September 19th for Styling, Shopping, and Refresments at the Reston J.Crew from 1-8. Guests will recieve a 20% discount off of purchases over $150 and a portion will be donated to our team.

Thank you again, for all of your support!



Aug 20, 2015 by Liz Badley

I have so many photos and videos to share from our event at Carpool, but because we have another event coming up this weekend at Athleta, I'll have to post those next week!

Here's the deal - Shop at Athleta Reston Town Center this weekend (Today, Thursday 8/20- Monday 8/24) and show them this flier and get 25% off PLUS 10% will go to our team up to a total $250 donation!

We're more than 75% to our goal of raising $20,000 this season and it's all because of your support!! THANK YOU!!!


now 11 (members) 12 (THOUSAND dollars), and 13 miles
Aug 03, 2015 by Liz Badley

WOW!! I can't believe that just under two weeks ago, Team Out for Blood was working to hit the 10 member, $10,000 mark, and now we are 11 team members strong and on our way to being well past the $12,000 mark!!! A big thank you to all of the donors who have supported our team as we work to raise $20,000 before we run 26.2 miles!

Here we are at the end of 13 grueling miles on the W&OD trail. Talk about a team of hard working, amazing people (okay, I could say women, but I don't want to discourage any guys from joining Out for Blood!!)!!! Every single one of them inspires me to keep running!

To help us get from 12 to 20 (thousand dollars, that is) here are some more numbers for you: Approx. every 3 min. a person is diagnosed. Nearly 1.2 million people are living with or in remission of. Approx. every 10 min. someone dies. 

How you can help:

Thank you again for all of your help and support as we work to wipe out blood cancer!!!!


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    "Go Team Out for Blood!!"

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    "Another Keep donation!"

    Keep Collective #5

    Wed Jun 03 04:38:38 EDT 2015

    "Go team "Out For Blood:! You women are working soooooo hard! I have donated the missing amount to get you to the 'half way" mark. It's the least I could do for a very worthwhile cause and for such terrific women!! "You Go Girl(s)"!"


    Tue Jul 21 09:07:28 EDT 2015

    "Reston Carpool Event - August 16, 2015 Cornhole Team Name: Team A Squared"

    Adam Kertz

    Fri Jul 24 06:35:43 EDT 2015

    "Cornhole team name: Colors that End in Urple"

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    "Cornhole team - Team Sangria "

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    "Shucking Awesome "

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    "Good luck in your fundraising!"

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    "Cornstars "

    Teresa Shaffer

    Wed Jul 29 10:33:56 EDT 2015

    "You girls rock! Congrats on raising over $12,000!!"

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    Fri Jul 31 10:11:09 EDT 2015

    "Team Awesome"

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    "For Cornhole tournament at carpool... Team name: Airports Confuse Me"

    Daniel Morris

    Wed Aug 12 11:02:46 EDT 2015

    "LB, Liz, and Jackie"

    Liz, LB, Jackie- PIE

    Sun Aug 16 03:41:53 EDT 2015

    "Thanks for letting me be a part of Team out for Blood. Here are the proceeds from my last bake sale."

    Jessica Brown

    Mon Sep 21 01:25:36 EDT 2015

    "Good Luck!"

    Nathan Blouse

    Fri Oct 09 10:19:08 EDT 2015

    "We are going to ROCK MCM & NYC Marathon - so proud of all us! #O4B is the best!"

    Jackie Burton

    Mon Oct 12 10:24:31 EDT 2015

    "Good luck ladies!!"

    Colleen Lafrance

    Thu Oct 15 03:49:44 EDT 2015

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Carol Lovelady $25.00
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Q3 LLS Donation from foot... $50.00
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Janna Sexton $36.36
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