My Fundraising Page

My Fundraising Page
May 22, 2013

Teams are made up of individuals. Without them, there is no team. Or, as we in the Navy often say, "There is no 'I' in team, but there is an 'm-e' " And this 'm-e' is about to run farther than she ever has in her life - 26.2 miles. And not just any marathon, the Marine Corps Marathon.

If I'm going to do something this crazy, I might as well combine it with raising money for a good cause, right?

So, welcome to my Team In Training home page (below is the boilerplate, because it's a better explaination than the one I would write anyway...)

I’m participating in the Marine Corps Marathon as a member of The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s (LLS) Team In Training. Like the other members of TNT, I will be raising funds to help find cures and better treatments for leukemia, lymphoma, Hodgkin’s disease and myeloma. I’m improving the quality of my life by participating and with your support, I can help improve the quality of life for patients and their families as well.

Please make a donation in support of my efforts with Team In Training and help advance the research for cures.

(End boilerplate)

This really is personal for me. I've watched several friends who have helped their children fight childhood blood cancers and I supported a co-worker as her husband of less than two years discovered, fought and lost his life to leukemia. I've raised money in the past for Breast Cancer through Races for the Cure and for the Cancer Society's Relay for Life with the crew of my ship in Texas. Now it's time to try and do some more good. I hate asking people for money, but this is a great cause and anything you can donate will motivate me and more importantly, improve someone's life - maybe that of someone close to you.


P.S. I was going to offer to make a running tutu with a wisp of tulle for every person who donated $100 or more, but will make this offer instead - donate $100 or more and I'll wear a ribbon with your name (or the name of someone you'd like to honor) on it while I run.


Supporter Comments

    "A great undertaking for a truly worth cause, Shanti!"

    Maureen Collins

    Thu May 23 05:15:29 EDT 2013

    "Good luck Shanti - take care of yourself."

    Scott Hebner

    Wed Jun 05 07:16:37 EDT 2013

    "This cause is very close to me as well. My brother is a 6-year survivor (so far) of non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma. Good luck on your training and in the race!"

    Susan Gaugush

    Thu May 23 04:44:12 EDT 2013

    "Go Shanti go!"

    Lindsay Lefteroff

    Thu May 23 04:38:52 EDT 2013

    "May the wind be at your back"

    John & Jane King

    Tue Oct 01 05:46:13 EDT 2013

    "Good luck, Shanti!"

    David Brizzee

    Wed Sep 04 01:29:21 EDT 2013

    "We are all proud of you! Good luck with the training and we will see you soon."

    Sam, Blake, Caiden and Ian

    Wed Jun 05 01:35:47 EDT 2013

    "You continue to amaze me! I am so proud of you Love you bunches, Mom"

    Lynne Engelbert

    Thu May 23 11:59:34 EDT 2013

    "Hopefully, you're gonna' love it the first time around. And if you don't that's all the more reason to run a second one, since you learn so much from the first. Enjoy!"

    Melissa Stapf

    Thu May 23 06:50:26 EDT 2013

    "A wonderful cause! Thank you for doing this, Shanti. "

    Cathi Soriano

    Thu May 23 06:17:51 EDT 2013

    "I'm proud to support your effort for this great cause, Shanti."

    Cathy Loup

    Thu May 23 03:46:26 EDT 2013

    "She's a very good friend of mine who is battling cancer right now. It's not a cancer covered by this society but I feel any strides made in battling any type of cancer can only help beat all types of cancer once and forever. Good luck, Shanti."

    Martha Jackson

    Wed Jun 19 01:05:54 EDT 2013

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Raised: $1,821.00 | Goal: $1,500.00
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Sam, Blake, Caiden and Ia... $250.00
Scott Hebner $250.00
Martha Jackson $100.00
Ned Lee $100.00
Lynne Engelbert $100.00
Cathi Soriano $100.00
Susan Gaugush $100.00
anony-mouse $73.00
Jack & Heather Fay $50.00
Roland Deguzman $50.00
Cathy Loup $50.00
John & Jane King $25.00
Vanessa Krasniewicz $25.00
Jeff Albert $25.00
Cindy Tomlinson  
David Brizzee  
Joanne Vice  
Kassandra Hoyer  
Melissa Stapf  
Elaine Wilson  
Maureen Collins  
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