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I am HALF way there!
Jun 29, 2011 by Bethanye Carrigan

With great thanks to those that have supported me already with my goal to raise money for LLS and run 13.1 miles at the same time I am now half way there. I am 54% of my fundraising goal and after Saturday I will be closer to running 13.1 miles.

This Saturday my family is being very patient and supportive. We are leaving for Flordia to spend the week together, but not before I tackle and 8 mile run in the morning.

I have a little over 1 month to raise the last 46% of my fundraising goal. I know that I will get this done one headband at a time and with all of the donations that I have received so far.

To those of you who have supported me, I appreaciate your support more than words can say. Please continue to check back on my progress!

Thank you

In Honor of Hailey Barnes
Jun 06, 2011 by Bethanye Carrigan

Scott and I have a niece who was diagnosed with cancer when she was 9 months old. The form of cancer was acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Hailey under went chemo treatments for a 1 year and at 21 months she was considered to be in complete remission. Hailey will turn 6 in August and start the 1st grade. She is a very entergetic, smart, and loving little girl. She loves to dance and hula hoop.

We have been very blessed to have such a successful outcome for Hailey. Because of groups like team in training, The Leukemia and Lymphomia Society can continue to help find a cure for this diesease. I have committed to help riase money so they may continue their research and touch the lives of so many patients and their families.

Please help me reach my goal of $2,500.00. On September 4, I will run across the finish lines 13.1 miles later in honor of Hailey! Thank you so much for your support.

Hailey Christmas morning with Trixy.

New Ribbon
May 09, 2011 by Bethanye Carrigan

I have ordered some more ribbon. Thanks to all of the amazing people that I don't even know who have been supporting me with my fundraising idea. I hope you guys are happy with your bands and will pass along this webpage to fellow runners and athletes.

So far out of the $380.00 only $75.00 have been straight donation. The other $305.00 have come from headbands. While I know this is a great start I still want to really pick up the pace on making these bands and get in more donations.

I bought some more ribbon and wanted to show you a few more choices. Reflective ribbon to wear at night.

The four ribbons above come from other webpages.

May 05, 2011 by Bethanye Carrigan

This past weekend Scott and I ran a race in downtown Charlotte. I wanted to show off my headband so I wore it to the race. I had a couple of women stop me and ask where I got it. I told them I made it and that I was raising money for LLS. I wish I would have had some business cards to handout. Next time I will have cards to pass out. Below picture is us after the race and my own headband!

What am I running?
May 01, 2011 by Bethanye Carrigan

A fellow runner and TNT memeber suggest I put on my page what it is that I am running. I didn't realize I had neglected the race itself. On Sunday September 4, I will be running the Virginia Beach Rock n Roll 1/2 marathon. I will be running with 3 other fabulous ladies. Whitney (whom I have run previous races with), Shannon (already has completed this 1/2 marathon), and Miriam (a long distance runner who has run 1/2 and full marathons).

I am excited to run my 1st half, but also am really looking forward to having 3 running buddies! Also this run has a new band set up every single mile along the way. We run the boardwalk which follows along the beach itself. What a great first 1/2 to run. Thanks to help from TNT that I will be getting I will be more than ready for this run!

Fundraising update!
Apr 30, 2011 by Bethanye Carrigan

After a blogger posted about my headbands on her website, I have been selling more bands! I still have a long way to go, but I know God will get me there. So far all those that have placed orders their bands are made and they are getting shipped out Monday! I am anxious to make more so if you want one, two, three, or more e-mail me to place your order.

If the headband doesn't interest you, then maybe a change jar would. I will give you a decorated jar and all you need to do is collect your change for 2 months. I will come around and collect your jars at the end of July. If you are interested in a jar let me know and I will be more than happy to give you jar.

Thank you for your continued support and encouragement. Your support is going to help me raise the money and is the motivation for me to keep going!

New ribbon choices
Apr 27, 2011 by Bethanye Carrigan

I ordered some new ribbons and they came in today! I still have the ribbons from the previous post. You have a greater selection to choose from. If you have a hard time telling what colors are on a ribbon send an e-mail to and I will let you know.

No slip headbands
Apr 28, 2011 by Bethanye Carrigan

Have problems with keeping headbands in place while you exercise? I have the solution.These no slip headbands don't move even during the most rigorous activities. You're going to love them so much you will want more than one.

You can choose your size and color while helping support a great cause. All you need to do is measure your head where you would wear the band and send me your measurement. Then choose your ribbon and e-mail me at to place an order or to ask any questions.


7/8" $8.00

*Only 1 1/2" ribbon in stock is the paisley print.

Shipping headbands will be an extra charge.

Below you will notice ribbon choices I have in stock. If you want something I don't have let me know and I will try to find what you want.

If you are on a sports team then I can make team headbands to match if desired.

Thanks for your support!

Refer to first posting photo to see the band in action.

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Supporter Comments

    "Good luck girl!"

    Amber Rhodes

    Mon Jul 18 12:16:48 EDT 2011

    "I lost a friend to leukemia in high school and I did my first half marathon through TNT in memory of him. Great organization and you will do great!!! Thanks for raising money for such a great cause!"

    Jess Wade

    Tue May 10 05:30:02 EDT 2011

    "For two headbands! Thanks!"

    Corey Parker

    Wed May 11 11:42:43 EDT 2011

    "With love to you and your family, Bethanye!"

    Barbara & Mark McManus

    Tue Jun 28 03:19:25 EDT 2011

    "Here is my payment for the headband. I will also send you an email about this"

    Sarah Mertz

    Tue May 10 11:21:40 EDT 2011

    "Good Luck on your race. TNT is awesome (I know from personal experience) and you are raising money for a great cause. "

    Stephanie Suire

    Tue May 10 10:50:45 EDT 2011

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