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Are we there yet?
Nov 03, 2011 by Lori Maurer

I'm almost there. I have a month left and I can't believe how far I've come. The only stressful thing for me now is that I still have over $1,000 to raise. I have to do it. I'm calling trying to set up fundraisers close to the house for people, and I have some great ideas. Just need to execute. I don't know about you, but execution is the harderst part for me. I think of these ideas, and get even better ideas from everyone else, but dang if it isn't hard to actually DO what I say I'm going to do!

I'm getting excited to run for the LLS. I hope you are excited to watch me in this adventure and help me raise my goal minimum. Please consider donating $10 today to the LLS.

Thank you friends!!! I can't wait to cross the finish line and get a great photo op for my blog!


Tough Runs
Oct 06, 2011 by Lori Maurer

I figured every run was a hard run at this point....that was until I ran Tuesday night. Apparently skipping the recovery run on Sunday after running 8 miles was stupid. And I think it was stupid because it HURT. I had to walk almost the whole thing Tuesday evening thanks to ridiculous shin splints. And then, like clockwork, at 2.5 miles it went away. And I was fine.

Very frustrating run.

Please check out my blog for more details, I like keeping everyone in the loop.

And thank you for your support. It means so much to me, and so much to the people going through this fight with cancer. YOU ROCK!

Small Victories
Sep 12, 2011 by Lori Maurer

It's the small victories that are really the big deal. For instance, last weekend when I was able to run all the way up the Gathering Oaks Hill on my three mile run instead of LIMP up the hill??? Yeah, that was a small victory, but a HUGE win. Mentally, and physically that made me so happy, and so motivated to keep going.

Fundraising for me is seriously tough. I hate asking people for money. It makes me feel so weird. But the thing that keeps me going is knowing that I'm not doing it for ME. I'm doing it for people like Doug, who just got a bone marrow biopsy to make sure the cancer didn't come back. That's why I'm going to bug people for 10 bucks, 20 know. Because for people who have to make appointments to get their bones scraped and their marrow taken to make sure they are still in remission, it means more than just being uncomfortable for 10 seconds while ask if someone is willing to donate a little for cancer rearch. For them it means the possibility of better treament, more effective treament, and the cure.

Please, donate 10 dollars to help move cancer research forward! Help me have a huge vitory this week by increasing my fundraising efforts!

THIS WEEK, if you donate 10 dollars and you live in the Charlotte area, you will be entered into a drawing for 200$ toward a custom cake by Holy Sheet Custom Cakes. You can find them on facebook as well.

Thank you for listening, thank you for putting up with me, and thank you for your donation!!


PS. Check out my blog at for some crazy running stories!

Shin Splints
Aug 23, 2011 by Lori Maurer


My first team run happened Saturday. I'm proud to say I actually got my big ol' butt outta bed at 6am and made it to the run ON TIME. I did not, however, run the full two miles. Shin splints and an odd pain in my foot put the kabosh on that plan. I walked/ran the two miles to make sure I got the time in, and to keep moving.

BUT, tonight I will try again to run two miles and eventually will build up to the 13+ miles required for a HALF MARATHON... I'm pretty sure I'm crazy.

The good news is, it's all for a good cause.

Did you know that an estimated 957,902 people in the United States are living with,

or are in remission from, leukemia, Hodgkin lymphoma, non-Hodgkin lymphoma or

myeloma? Every four minutes, someone new is diagnosed with blood cancer. Every

10 minutes, someone dies.

That's crazy depressing....but the good news is, people are FIGHTING it. They are working hard to overcome and make life better for those affected by blood cancer.

Will you help? Please consider donating a few bucks for a great cause, and thank you for taking the time to read this.

To read my blog which gives details about my experiences - NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART - please go to:

Meet Doug!
Aug 17, 2011 by Lori Maurer

So, one of the MANY reasons I am running is to honor patients who have gone through what Doug has gone through. I can't imagine the fear and the anxiety...I mean, it's basically staring death in the face....

The honest to GOD reason I'm doing this is because if it were me....or my kid, I'd want someone running for us. I'd want my buddies standing up saying, "Enough"! Let's kick this cancer in the BUTT...

Please donate what you can to the cause. I'll send you a personal note of thanks, and give a HOLLAAHHHH to anyone that does on facebook...If you're not on facebook, you'll just have to trust me.

I've got other tricks up my sleeve. You'll just have to donate to figure out what they are!

So...about Doug:

Lori Maurer

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    "Thank you to all the ladies and gentlemen who showed up at The Wine Room and bought tickets for the raffle and bought the wine tasting tickets. Words just aren't enough to say how grateful I am! "

    The Wine Room Fundraiser

    Mon Nov 28 10:50:55 EST 2011

    "Lori, Keep going girl! I know how hard you are working...good luck and I will be thinking about you."

    Andrea Vasiliou

    Mon Nov 21 05:48:07 EST 2011

    "Good Luck!"

    James Burfield

    Tue Oct 04 02:42:44 EDT 2011

    "To those who have lost the battle, To those who are fighting the battle and to those who stand beside them and fight for and with them. Like My Daughter and My niece. I love you Lori and Cheri' . I am so proud of both of you. Thank you forgoing the extra Miles!"

    Lori's proud Mom

    Wed Sep 14 09:39:40 EDT 2011

    "So proud of you!! Thanks for keeping it entertaining as always. You keep up the dedication and I promise $50/month until the big day!"

    Cheri Byrd

    Mon Sep 12 02:06:23 EDT 2011

    "Way to go, Lori! I am proud of you for both running and doing this for LLS, a cause very dear to my heart too. I am looking forward to hearing all about your journey!"

    Alston Robertson

    Tue Aug 23 08:31:52 EDT 2011

    "Love you!!!"

    Aunt Connie & Uncle John

    Fri Nov 04 08:37:57 EDT 2011

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