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Watch me LIVE!!
Oct 28, 2012 by Ryan Naab

Here are two links to watch me run live, I suggest the racemyrace site as it has awesome detail! U.S. time I will be running Monday Oct. 29th from 4am until roughly 9am, because of the time zone change and the week early daylight savings change here. Just copy and paste one of the links below into the address bar, and cheer me on before heading out the door to work! My bib number is 17604



Hit my goal!!! Let's keep the donations coming!
Oct 25, 2012 by Ryan Naab

Well I am off to Dublin, Ireland in less than 24 hours!! I am super excited but also nervous. I've trained and fundraised all summer and because of all of you I was able to make this happen and reach over my goal of $6,000 for people affected by leukemia/lymphoma!! We've done great!! ...oh and I kept my promise, THE HAIR IS GONE! See you all when I get back :-)

Letters of Encouragement
Oct 19, 2012 by Ryan Naab

Overflowing reasons I've received of why I'm out here doin' what I do. Ireland next week!

Oct 17, 2012 by Ryan Naab

Well I better stick behind my words. Earlier in the season when I started training and fundraising I had told a friend I would allow her to shave my head running in honor/memory of everyone afftected by this disease, if and only if I hit my personal goal of $6,000. As of today we are $262.93 short of losing the hair. Is it gonna happen...stay tuned!?

Saturday September 8th 2012
Sep 12, 2012 by Ryan Naab

Today was the longest distance I had ever accomplished, 20 miles! I am starting to feel a little more comfortable about doing the 26 miles as this happens next month already! I was reminded this early morning why I am out here as a teammate shared a mission moment before our run. A friend of hers by the name of Jane was brought to our attention last Saturday Sept. 1st before our run. She passed around a picture of this 8 year old girl standing along side her hospital bed full of energy with her blue sparkly wig. She was put on hospice care Sept. 5th and lost her battle the next day from leukemia at the age of 8 years old. She was telling friends and family about the things she wanted to bring with her to heaven including her blue wig and assortment of bracelets. In memory of Jane we all tied on a blue sparkly ribbon to our shoe, reminding us why we are out here when the miles get tough and we wanna give up.

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Supporter Comments

    "You rock Naab! I'm so proud of you for taking your running to the next level! You're going to do awesome! Super excited to run with you all summer! GO TEAM!"

    Tanya Dickey

    Thu May 10 09:09:11 EDT 2012

    "Least one of us can run!"

    Jada Illies

    Thu May 10 11:52:53 EDT 2012

    "Hi Ryan, We wish you well as you train. I did the Duathlon last year for TNT and loved it. I work in the Osseo Schools with ECSE and was at Fair Oaks for a couple of years. Thank you for taking the time to raise money for this cause. Our daughter, Kelsey, is alive today because of research funded by the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. THANK YOU!!! Best wishes as you train. Rachel and Doug Arntson"

    Rachel and Doug Arntson

    Thu Aug 23 11:06:25 EDT 2012

    "Pediatric L&L patients at amplatz in Minneapolis"

    Valera, Dan & Mariya Hachey

    Wed Sep 05 07:31:54 EDT 2012

    "Run Ryan Run! I'm proud of you! Tell Ireland I say hello :)"

    Theri Wasniewski

    Mon Sep 17 10:53:45 EDT 2012

    "You are doing a wonderful job. I am so so so very proud of you Ry!"

    Lacey Brooke-Go Ryan

    Fri Sep 21 05:05:38 EDT 2012

    "Ryan, I want to wish you the best on the day of your race. I am a breast cancer survivor (6yrs) and I just walked the Susan G. Komen 3-day 60 mile walk last month in the cities. I cannot even begin to tell you all the emotions that are involved in doing something like this. All the hard work and training will be so worth it when your day comes and you will be on top of the world when you come across that finish line knowing that you have just made a difference in fighting cancer. I will be thinking of you on the day of your race..Shelly Meyer"

    Shelly Meyer

    Sat Sep 22 04:38:26 EDT 2012

    "GO NAAB!!!!! You are amazing!"

    Abbi Noah

    Tue Oct 16 10:55:35 EDT 2012

    "you are a good egg, and also my hero :)"

    Gwen & Heather

    Wed Oct 24 09:39:26 EDT 2012

    "GO RYAN!! We will be thinking of you! Thank you for your hard work & dedication! Love ya! "

    Kortney(Nash) & Matt Jorgensen

    Thu Oct 25 02:30:35 EDT 2012



    Mon Oct 29 12:52:23 EDT 2012

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David & Lori Jesertiz $25.00
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Tiffany Scheffler $25.00
Lacey Brooke-Go Ryan $25.00
Theri Wasniewski $25.00
Julie Slattery $25.00
Chelsey Halvorson $25.00
Dick & Carol Timm $25.00
Kenneth & Betsy Illies $25.00
Kay VanMaldeghem $25.00
Natasha Nenow $25.00
Rachel and Doug Arntson $25.00
Troy & Heidi Thorston $25.00
Elaine Just $25.00
Dan & Sharon Stevens $25.00
Brittany Fischer $25.00
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Brandon & Kristi Ahlman $25.00
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Harold & Ellen Loe $25.00
Patricia Gierke $25.00
Myron & Gloria Hagen $25.00
Jared and Miranda Myers $25.00
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Kevin Sharkey $20.00
Brad & Vicki Lundy $20.00
Maxine Croegaert $20.00
Dennis & Rebecca Meyer $20.00
Don & Carol Muenchow $20.00
Glenn & Annette Sharkey $20.00
Charlie Proefrock $20.00
Matthew Smith $15.00
Andrea Kelly $15.00
Tammy Erickson $15.00
Joshua & Chelsey Wolla $15.00
RyanYearley $10.00
Aaron Tait $10.00
Sarah & Nate Peters $10.00
Gary & Darla Morken $10.00
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