Welcome to Jim Gausman´s TEAM-In-Training page! In November of 2005 I was diagnosed with acute leukemia. I SURVIVED! Now I am raising funds for cancer research so that more people can live! Please help me by donating.

When I was diagnosed with leukemia I was told that I had a 25% chance of living and that the average person lives 8 weeks.
May 28, 2015 by Jim Gausman

I turned those words around and said: ¨If you want to sell me a lottery ticket with a 25% chance of winning, I would buy that ticket!¨

You can see that I have achieved my personal goal for fundraising this year. Please continue to consider donating to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society on my behalf. Of the first $5000 raised, 80% goes directly to Patient Services and to Research. 20% goes to expenses related to costs incurred related to fundraising. Donations beyond $5000 are 100% going to the cause.


We have selected the winner of the FAT Bike which was donated by The-House.com! We are pleased to announce that Christian Fuchs is the winner of the Minnesota 2.0 FAT tire bike

To support the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, I will ride ´America´s Most Beautiful Bike Ride´ 100 miles around Lake Tahoe on my FAT tire bicycle! The ride is June 7, 2015
Jun 12, 2015


Lake Tahoe is on the Nevada - California border.  The lake is 70 miles around and in addition we will be taking a 30 mile side trip down the Truckee River and past Squaw Valley to Truckee, California. This ride is in MOUNTAINOUS  terrain.

I am intending to do the unthinkable and ride 100 miles on my 35 pound FAT tire bike! Cancer patients are enduring drawn out hardships, and in solidarity with them I will climb the mountains!


I am starting my training in the snow and the cold.  I am  riding down trails in the woods which I never knew existed.  I run into obstacles and slippery patches that cause me to fall over.  I know that this is analogous to the side effects that cancer patients experience.  I keep the cancer patients that I know in my head and my heart as I proceed.  


This is no longer about me, it is about the current generation of cancer patients.  I hang around on Facebook Pages that support survivors and current patients.  I think that I have been helpful to people that are going through treatment... especially when they are first diagnosed.  I can listen and understand.  I can let them know that others have made it.

At the core of my soul, I want to help the researchers to find the therapies and ultimately the cures.

Please help me to support the mission of the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.


The mission of the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society is:

Cure    leukemia,   lymphoma,   Hodgkin´s   disease and   myeloma,   and   improve   the   quality   of   life  of   patients   and   their   families.


That’s insane, Jim!  What can we do?!

 #1  If you see someone that looks like me passed out on the side of the road, and a big silver FAT bike with PURPLE wheels tossed to the side, it’s probably me.  Perhaps my training isn’t going as well as I’d hoped.  PLEASE CALL 911.  smiley

 #2  Please donate generously to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.  80% of all donations go directly to blood cancer research, education, and patient treatment.  

To donate via Credit Card, click on the DONATE NOW button on the bar to the upper right. If you would like to donate via check, please make the check out to 'LLS' and send it to my address below.


THANK YOU in advance for your generous donation. If there is someone you'd like to honor with your donation, please let me know. We ride in honor and memory of everyone fighting cancer.


-Jim Gausman

83 Birch Street

Mahtomedi, MN 55115


I keep a training blog (below) where you can check up on me as I go through the adventures of training for the big event. Be sure to check back frequently to see my progress. Thanks for your support!

-Jim Gausman


February 11, 2015:  Tonight was the first spin class of the training season.  The TEAM met at the Southdale YMCA.  Our Coach Chelsea is an experienced cyclist and an excellent motivator.  She had us riding simulated roller type hills and we finished up with sprints.  We met our TEAMmates for the first time and I am very encouraged - this will be a fun group of people!

February 14:  Valentines day morning.  The coach filled her music box with love songs and proceeded to beat the heck out of us (in a loving sort of way).  With the outside weather in the sub-zero range, it is just as well that I won´t head out on my FAT bike into the snow, because I am just too tired.

February 15: I rode my FAT tire bike out into the sub-zero cold this morning. I know how to dress and how to ride in the cold.  By the time I was done for the day I had ridden 12 miles.  Most of the time I spent in Katherine Abbott Park.

February 16, 2015:  I rode my FAT bike to Stillwater this morning.  19.7 miles round trip on a chilly day with light snow flurries.  I rode up Chilkoot Hill on my way to finding a Cappucino.  I spent a little time relaxing with some friendly patrons at the Chilkoot Cafe.

February 18, 2015:  For this Wednesday evening practice we did simulated hills.  The coach played pop and rock music from the ´80s and ´90s.  She really knows how to inspire me to ride all out.  The stairs down to the locker room at the Southdale Y was a bit intimidating.

February 21, 2015:  Saturday morning workout on the spin bikes, Saturday afternoon spent napping on the massage chair at home... The practice involved simulated STEEP hills with intermittant sprints in between.  As nighttime came  I found that my beer supply was low so I hopped on my bike and rode to the liquor store in the dark. Standing in line with my 12 pack, the woman in front of me made a remark about my riding the FAT tire bike on such a cold night. I told her that I was training to ride around Lake Tahoe and handed her one of my Leukemia & Lymphoma Society business cards. The clerk saw me do that and told us that he is first a survivor of Hodgkins and subsequently a survivor of non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. Like me, his treatments included an autologous stem cell transplant. He wanted one of my cards too wink emoticon

February 22, 2015:  Cold morning (-10F) but I rode to church anyway.  When it gets this cold I need to cover up entirely - especially my eyes.  Managing to ride without fogging the goggles is a learned trick that involves breathing in through the mouth and out through the nose.  When afternoon came the sun was bright and the temperature had risen to just above zero.  I hopped back on my bike and rode through and around Katherine Abbott Park for another 7.8 miles on the day.  The cold weather gives me great traction and I am climbing unbelievably steep hills.
February 25, 2015  Intense spin class at the Southdale YMCA this evening  Many simulated hills and sprints.  Coach Chelsea is beating me into good physical shape quickly.
February 28, 2015  We met early at Maple Grove Cycles and had a professional bike mechanic instruct us on proper maintenance and roadside repair.  Then we drove to the Southdale YMCA for the TEAM alumni day at the spin class.  Many former TEAMmates joined us this morning for an intense workout.  We had two new members join the TEAM!
March 1, 2015  8:30pm My wife and daughter asked me to go to the grocery store to buy milk, cream, chocolate bars, and cocoa powder,  It was past dark and -5F so of course I hopped onto my FAT bike.  In my car the round trip is 3 miles, but on the bike I managed to find a 5.5 mile route.  2 inches of fresh snow helped make the ride even more fun!
March 4, 2015  The Wednesday night spin class was poorly attended, but I made up for that by working it extra hard.  My fundraising efforts are slow this year, so my TEAMmates offered advice, encouragement, and help to get me back on track.
March 7, 2015  Coach Chelsea put us through a hard spinning workout that had us in the saddle most of the time.  We were working our cardio-vascular systems hard this morning.
March 11, 2015  Simulated massive hill climb for the spinning workout.  In addition to the TEAM, my daughter Rebecca joined us.  We got to a place where I had the tension on so strong that if I let it stop me I could not get it going again without releasing the tension.  This was a leg and torso strengthing session!
March 13, 2015  Today is the 9th anniversary of my stem cell transplant.  I celebrated by riding my bike to Stillwater and climbing the biggest hill twice.  Surviving leukemia through the rugged treatments is a very large obstacle - the treatments push you to the limits of your existence and then hopefully they can bring you back.  In solidarity with those cancer patients I am pushing myself to the limits.
March 28, 2015:  Our first outdoor practice:  21 miles on the bike trails around Minneapolis.  Starting and finishing at Lake Calhoun.
I knew that I would be busy and miss the practice on April 1, so I commuted to and from work on March 31.  My commute started at 5:45am in the dark and it was so foggy that I could barely see the road even with my amazing LED lights.  Good thing that the FAT tires don´t care if I roll through a pothole (or twenty).  38.5 miles round trip.
Rolling along on April 4 in the cold TEAM practice In Lakeville and Pryor Lake, MN  30.9 miles.

9am and the TEAM is ready to roll out for a 42 mile windy ride from Eden Prairie, MN to Waconia, MN and back.  We had four leukemia survivors among the 16 riders. April 11, 2015.
April 15 is TAX DAY and I am taxing myself by commuting to work on my FAT bike.  It is so hard to dress for riding this time of year - I need lots of clothes to stay warm in the morning, but then I need to be able to transport them home in my small bag in the afternoon.  It took quite a while in the shower at work to get my hands thawed.  17.3 miles to work and I took the long way home because the weather was so nice (headwind but nice).  26.7 miles home cool.
On April 18 we got going early in the morning and rode a circuit from Hopkins to Medina, MN and back.  46 miles and I almost made it back.   I started showing off with my FAT bike and managed to crash on a wooden bridge deck.  As I write this I am pretty scuffed up and bruised. https://www.strava.com/activities/288022456  This is a setback to my training, but I will recover. I think of it as analogous to a cancer patient getting an unexpected (and bad) drug reaction.
April 22:  Sunday, Monday and Tuesday I hurt so bad from my fall that I wondered if I would be able to climb back on my bike for weeks.  Wednesday came and I decided that maybe a short ride would be possible.  My sister and daughter rode with me down the rail trails to Stillwater and back.  This was perfect therapy for me - it showed that I could still ride and it actually helped relieve some of the pain in my shoulder.  21 miles.
April 23:  Feeling better than the day before, and getting restless for some miles, I climbed on the bike solo and rode into Stillwater and back again.  Same ride as last night except I climbed two of the steepest hills in town.  Chilkoot Hill and Hazel Street helped me to build a little confidence.  22.1 miles.
April 25:  Feeling good enough for some real riding, but not good enough to drive 70 miles to where the TEAM was meeting for their training ride, I climbed onto my bike and headed north.  I was riding up Manning Trail for an hour and I stopped at the Big Marine Lake Store for some coffee.  As I was about to leave, two gentlemen approached me - they had seen my TNT jersey and they gave me cash for my event.  Two more entries in the bike contest!  A little farther north, as I was turning east on MN 97, I had a low flying sandhill crane directly over me. In the early afternoon I met my daughter in Stillwater for lunch and then we rode home together.  All told I put in 64.2 miles.
May 2:  The TEAM is riding around Plum City Wisconsin, but this is my wedding anniversary and it is the last weekend before our daughter leaves for Japan (for a two year job teaching English)  I am spending the weekend  on the North Shore of Lake Superior and leaving the bike at home.  This is probably good for my physical recovery too.  ;)
May 9: The 7am leaving time turned into almost 8am before we left Pine Point Park in north Washington County.  We rode to Taylors Falls and across the St. Croix River.  Backroads on the Wisconsin side of the river brought us to the Liftbridge at Stillwater and finally back to Pine Point Park.  77 miles of hilly, confidence building terrain and one very tired FAT bike rider!
May 13:  With the TEAM practicing on the other side of Minneapolis, I set off on my own to Stillwater.  I got in 24.7 miles and three very nice hills before the sun went down.
May 16:  The Afton-Maiden Rock ride is the ultimite training ride for the Minnesota TEAM as we train for Tahoe.  The ride is a 90 mile out-and-back from Afton, Minnesota to Maiden Rock, Wisconsin (and back).  There are some serious hills on the way.  Having completed this ride makes me sure that I can make it around Lake Tahoe on my FAT bike.
The day of the big ride is here and we got fantastic weather in the Lake Tahoe area! This year I drove my smart car and I arrived the day before the event, so I found a camp site at Inspiration point above Emerald Bay for the night before the TEAM arrived.
At the START of the big ride 6:10am.
I finished the ride in grand style and I think a surprised a lot of road bikers about the abilities of a FAT tire bike! The National Staff of the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society published these last two pictures of me on Facebook. I think they liked my purple wheels!



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    Thu Mar 05 11:09:44 EST 2015

    "Jim, you are making a difference!"

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    Fri Mar 27 07:26:08 EDT 2015

    "You're a crazy man and an inspiration. Have a great ride."

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    Fri Apr 17 08:40:47 EDT 2015

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    "Go Uncle Jim!"

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    Sun Apr 19 09:34:30 EDT 2015

    "Way to Ride, Uncle Jim!"

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    Sun Apr 19 09:33:31 EDT 2015

    "Thank you for this on behalf of all of my patients."

    Joanie Aasen

    Sun Apr 19 08:58:49 EDT 2015

    "Go Jim!"

    Paul Dzimian

    Sat Apr 18 08:50:57 EDT 2015

    "From Design Group Alpha......... ride like the wind!!!"

    Design Group Alpha

    Sat Apr 18 08:23:26 EDT 2015

    "Good luck my friend! "

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    Mon Apr 13 12:14:14 EDT 2015

    "Go Jim! "

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    Sat Apr 11 10:05:40 EDT 2015

    "Good Luck!"

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    Thu Apr 09 12:21:52 EDT 2015

    "Good Luck, Have Fun and be Safe!"

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    Thu Apr 09 07:33:19 EDT 2015

    "Fat tire rules, Good luck!"

    Peter Hanson

    Mon Apr 06 06:18:46 EDT 2015

    "You are an inspiration to everyone of us. I'm grateful to know you and honored to call you a friend have fun in Tahoe. "

    Trish gardiner

    Sun Mar 29 12:40:11 EDT 2015

    "Go Jim, have fun! But don't crash! "

    Carol Quick

    Sun Mar 29 11:23:47 EDT 2015

    "Way to go Jim!"

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    Sat Mar 07 09:20:23 EST 2015

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    Wed Mar 04 01:06:54 EST 2015

    "I admire your fat-tire efforts in this worthy fight - keep on pedalin'!"

    John Knapstein

    Sun Mar 01 09:15:50 EST 2015

    "Jim, I hope they have fat road tires for those bikes! Thanks for fund raising! Have a great ride!"

    Randy & Kris Olson

    Wed Feb 25 04:44:53 EST 2015

    "Jim - you guys are animals doing the ride with Fat Tire bikes. What a challenge!"

    Mike Thyken

    Sat Feb 21 10:46:07 EST 2015

    "Go Jim! Do it for the rest of us who are not quite strong enough yet to do this. Thanks!"

    Robert Schmidt

    Fri Feb 13 07:03:57 EST 2015

    "Get that FAT tire bike rolling! Have a GREAT ride!"

    Angie N

    Wed Jun 03 03:18:08 EDT 2015

    "Go, Jim, go!"

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    Sun May 31 01:41:13 EDT 2015

    "Cheering you on from afar!"

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    "Thank you Jim!!!!"

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    The Apels

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    "Enjoy the Ride Jim. It would be nice to join you and Brian this winter on a new fat bike."

    Tim Erickson

    Fri May 08 10:38:11 EDT 2015

    "Go Jim!"

    Paul Dzimian

    Fri May 08 06:59:37 EDT 2015

    "Thank you for your dedication Jim! Good luck with the ride. "

    Mike & Sue Schornak

    Fri May 08 12:33:46 EDT 2015

    "ride for my wonderful, late mom, Rose, in her honor. Thanks and safe riding!"

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    Thu May 07 09:18:39 EDT 2015

    "Go Jim!"

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