My Fundraising Page

My Fundraising Page
May 06, 2008 by Linda Vansteinvoorn

Marathon-ing to Save Lives

...and in memory of Norm Katerberg.

02 September, 2008

It's been a while since I've added an update to my page, since much has been going on.

My training has been going really well. I bought a micronome on eBay to help keep my pace steady. It's a mini metronome that clips over my ear, and beeps its tempo, and that become my strides per minute. It's been very handy on long training days, so my mind can wander and still keep my feet moving.

Donations have still been coming in, and I have just 21 days left to reach my minimum of $3500. I'm trying to think of creative ways to bring in more, and hope that some of them are a success.

~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~

7 July, 2008

Training is coming along nicely.

We had a group training on the 5th and I finished my 8 miles in 2:06:43. This coming Saturday we have 10 miles on the schedule, and the week after that it jumps to 12. I've seen an orthopaedist about my knees and was told I won't be able to run the marathon, (I'm hoping to be able to trot or jog down the hills in San Francisco and so make up for the lost time on the up-hill) so I am walking the full 26.2 miles, and that's why my time seems slow. But for a walker, that's actually really good. My target is to finish in under 6 hr 30 min.

I'm praying that those of you who are still planning to make donations will be able to help in time for my personal deadline of August 31. As you can see, as distances grow my Saturday's will be taken up with training and I'll have less time available for "pounding the pavement". I really do need your help. Give as generously as you can, and any amount is appreciated.

~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~

If you are here, than it's not an accident. A blood cancer has touched you, your family or someone close to you. If you are like most, you'd love to see cancer wiped out completely. And that's what brings you here, to help support the Society and it's efforts to find a cure for blood cancers and support families struggling with the disease and treatments.

Much of what is raised here in West Michigan funds programs for patient services: 3 support groups in the West MI area; a $500 fund per family for expenses not covered by insurance; and a new $5000 insurance assistance program available to families whose income falls below 5x the state poverty level (a family of four could make up to $105,000/yr and qualify); peer mentors-- someone who's gone through treatment comes along side a newly diagnosed person of the same age to offer their encouragement and support; and of course researchers in Ann Arbor and Detroit; and much more.

The Society continues to maintain its policy of requiring 75% of funds raised goes toward it's mission: To continue the fight to find a cure for blood cancer and help patients live better lives during treatment.

I'm training to participate in the NIke Women's Marathon as a member of The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's (LLS) Team In Training. There are 25 people involved with this Team In Training event in the Grand Rapids area, and have pledged to raise a minimum of $87,500 before our deadline. We choose to do this to help stop leukemia, lymphoma, Hodgkin lymphoma and myeloma from taking more lives. My personal goal is a small portion of that: at $4500. My fundraising deadline is August 31.

I am not especially remarkable, nor especially athletic or extra-ordinary. I am just one person trying to reach out to the people she knows to help touch the lives of members of our community, our churches, our families.

Please make a donation to support my participation in Team In Training and help advance LLS's mission.

Your coming here was no accident. On behalf of Norm's family, and other surviving families, thank you for your support and generous gift.

I hope you will visit my web site again. Be sure to check back frequently to see my progress.


Supporter Comments

    "Go for it!"

    William Wiarda

    Tue Jun 03 03:01:27 EDT 2008

    "Way to go Linda! I'm glad to help support you."

    Dorwin Gray

    Thu Jul 10 06:10:15 EDT 2008

    "Go Linda! I'll be remembering you as you work on this goal.....Amy Varnado"

    amy varnado

    Wed Aug 13 12:11:25 EDT 2008

    "Our wishes for much success for this important effort! "

    Thu Sep 29 11:16:07 EDT 2011

    "You.Are.Amazing. LOVE."


    Fri Dec 02 02:06:29 EST 2011

    "Katy, What a huge accomplishment! I am very proud of you!"


    Wed Nov 30 05:53:56 EST 2011

    "Thanks Prin, and Good Luck and Good Weather on the night of your walk. I will be with you in spirit! (Not sure if my knees would make it if was actually there - haha!)"

    Sun Sep 25 06:34:13 EDT 2011

    "Dear Karen: Here is an early donation to help you get started on your TNT journey. Thank you for your efforts for all cancer fighters! Your honored teammate, Roger, and his family. GO TEAM! "

    Paul Bremer

    Sun Aug 21 06:27:29 EDT 2011

    "Hi Ron, Glad to see you're not sitting around eating chips on your sabbatical. You're secret weapon is pretty awesome. I can't remember the last time I sat on a bike with a banana seat. Miss seeing you at the office. Praying that your ironman is a success and no injuries."

    Matthew Ippel

    Thu Jun 09 03:30:08 EDT 2011

    "Saw you running this week on 75th was hot and you looked like you were well into a very long run! Kudos to you and glad to hear you enjoyed Colorado. We are headed there on Sunday for the marriage retreat. I really enjoyed the TNT beer tasting event. Good beer! Good Luck with your training."

    Matthew Ippel

    Thu Jun 02 02:48:53 EDT 2011

    "I'm so proud of you :)"


    Wed Sep 22 01:00:45 EDT 2010

    "Keep it up Jamie!"


    Mon Feb 08 08:50:15 EST 2010

    "Thank you so much for helping the cause! You are truly an inspiration!!"


    Sun Jan 31 11:25:35 EST 2010

    "I am so proud of you!"


    Wed Jan 27 01:37:51 EST 2010

    "Good Luck with the fundraising and the run! Let us know how it goes!"

    Mary Lou Throop

    Tue May 01 05:06:33 EDT 2012

    "Good Luck!"

    Mary Lou Throop

    Tue May 01 04:20:46 EDT 2012

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