My Fundraising Page

My Fundraising Page
Sep 03, 2010

Running 26.2 miles is hard. Cancer is harder.

To quote my friend, coach and mentor Katye, "I run because I can, for those who can't, but some day will."

I enjoy runnng and am extremely fortunate that I am able to do so. After running several races, I decided it was time to run for a cause. I could enjoy my passion AND help people.

Enter Team in Traning and the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. At the urging of my friend, I joined Team in Training and I have committed to raising $3,500.00 (with a personal goal to hit $4,000), with each dollar and every step working towards finding a cure for blood cancers. On January 8th, 2011, I will take the steps towards completeing 26.2 miles and my very first marthon. I will be running for all those who can't, but would love to be able to. I will cross the finish line for myself, my honored team mates, cancer patients across the board, and ultimately, a cure!

Since 1988, TNT's 420,000+ members have raised $1 Billion. Please make a donation to join my team help advance LLS's mission and be the part of something greater!

I hope you will visit my web site often. Be sure to check back frequently to see my progress. Thanks for your support!


Supporter Comments

    "Happy Birthday Aunt E!!!"

    Audrey Bird - Happy Birthday Aunt E!!!!

    Fri Nov 19 04:53:36 EST 2010

    "Erin, I continue to be proud of all that you do. Let's cure cancer, together we can do so much for this world."

    Travis Richardson

    Mon Dec 13 11:13:34 EST 2010

    "Thank you for supporting this cause. My 13 yr old nephew Bryce has non-Hodgkins lymphoblastic lymphoma. He finished treatment in May 2010, but a PET scan one week ago today found he has replapsed. He is at Children's Hospital in Iowa City and undergoing chemo preparing for a bone marrow transplant."

    Mike Campbell

    Fri Dec 10 02:56:14 EST 2010

    "From Sara @"

    Sara Wyen

    Tue Dec 07 09:20:52 EST 2010

    "Good luck with the race and the fundraising!"

    Tonia Blanchet

    Tue Dec 07 08:05:38 EST 2010

    "Keep your head up! Been a tough few weeks for you but I have all the faith in the world for you! "


    Sat Dec 04 08:25:03 EST 2010

    "So proud of you! You rock!"

    Elizabeth Jones

    Sun Nov 14 09:26:55 EST 2010

    "for the Bondi Bands =) "


    Sat Nov 06 08:32:37 EDT 2010

    "Can't wait to run with you at Disney!!!"

    Courtney Buie

    Wed Oct 06 04:51:45 EDT 2010

    "So happy to have you as a teammate! We are going to have a blast! "

    COACH. Ok it's just Katye =)

    Wed Aug 18 04:56:23 EDT 2010

    "You go sister!!!"

    April Bird

    Fri Aug 13 02:00:50 EDT 2010

My Fundraising Total

Raised: $3,520.00 | Goal: $3,500.00
101 %

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My Thanks To

Philip Tannery $300.00
Katye $100.00
Susan Bird $100.00
Melvin Bird $100.00
Susan Bird $100.00
jeffrey goodwin $100.00
Audrey Bird - Happy Birth... $50.00
Anonymous $50.00
Robert Morgan $50.00
Christina Bennett $50.00
Cory Bachman $50.00
April Bird $50.00
Melanie Chin $50.00
Amanda Ludholtz $50.00
The Pampered Chef $46.30
California Tortilla $44.34
Heather Miller $30.00
Kimberly $30.00
Mary Costello $25.00
Nathaniel Wyckoff $25.00
Travis Richardson $25.00
Eric Leacox $25.00
Torina Hill $25.00
Jeff Kane $25.00
Stephanie Crosby $25.00
Pamela Fetsko $25.00
Shauna Salter $25.00
Marisa Schleter $20.00
Donna Gronemeyer $20.00
Beverly Clarkson $20.00
Lindsey Breeden $20.00
billie montey $16.00
Katye $15.00
COACH. Ok it's just Katy... $15.00
Georgia Gerth $10.00
Mike Campbell $10.00
Michael Reece $10.00
Melissa McMullin $10.00
Trisca Parrell $10.00
Elizabeth Jones $10.00
Trisca Parrell $10.00
Jamie Hutchinson $10.00
Kathryn Murphy $10.00
Scott Smith $10.00
Laura Oliver $10.00
Courtney Buie $8.00
Whitney Rohrbaugh $8.00
Sara Wyen $5.00
cecilia racine $5.00
Tonia Blanchet $5.00
Courtney Buie $5.00
Erin Grillo  
Rich Kassmeyer