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Apr 08, 2013 by Daniel Cajigas

The names below will be written on a ribbon and the ribbon will be placed on the shirt I’ll wear during the event.

In MEMORY of those who lost the battle against cancer

Carlos Cacho (Training Partner)

Genesis Nuñez (Training Partner)

Lory Alers (Training Partner)

Virginia "Viña" Mendoza

William Willis Sr

David Crespo

Diana Roman

Dominic Ozorio

Rosa Torres Moreno

Joey Sudo

Idelissa Sanchez

Jenn Tisch

In HONOR of those fighting cancer

Johanna Rivera-Noriega

Waleska Arroyo Santoni

Bentley Nestor (2 years old)

Evelyn Vazquez

In CELEBRATION of those who beat cancer

Julia Jones

Barbara Bennett

Katie Brusgard



Sandra G. Hernandez

* A $20 donation is needed to add a name to the HONORS list.

1st Week of Training
Feb 23, 2013 by Daniel Cajigas

Boy, am I out of shape. Finished my first week of training with a 6.6 miles run; ended up throwing up and sore. Thought about giving up, but then I remembered what cancer patients go thru day after day and then my pain and discomfort seems like nothing. I have to keep going.

Please remember to make your donations no matter the amount and help beat this bully called cancer.

Se nota que no estoy en forma. Complete mi primera semana de entrenamiento con una carrera de 6.6 millas; me duele todo el cuerpo y termine vomitando despues de la carrera. Pense en retirarme pero me acorde por lo que tiene que pasar un paciente de cancer todos los dias y mi dolor e incomodidad no son nada. Tengo que seguir hacia adelante.

Por favor recuerden hacer sus donaciones (no importa la cantidad) y ayuden a vencer este abusador llamado cancer.

What & Why...
Feb 23, 2013 by Daniel Cajigas

My Dear Family and Friends,

I have embarked upon the journey of a lifetime. I will train to swim/ride/run the Columbia Triathlon in Ellicott City, Maryland this May. Throughout the course of preparing for the challenge of swimming 0.93 miles, bike riding 25 miles and running 6.2 miles I will devote my training and sense of purpose toward funding research in the hope of finding a cure for the 10,000 children who are diagnosed each year with leukemia, lymphoma, and other forms of cancer.

In association with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s Team in Training, I will be participating in memory of Carlos Daniel Cacho (15yrs) & Genesis Nuñez (8yrs). Two kids who truly taught me how to live and accept life as it is THE GREATEST GIFT. Also, I will participate in memory of all of those who has lost the battle against cancer, in honor of those who still fighting and in celebration for those who beat cancer.

Every step of the way, I will be propelled by the urgency of easing the strife of over 1 million patients and their families, who continue to battle these blood cancers or any type of cancer. The next step toward finding a cure can come from you.

In addition to the hundreds of miles I will swim/ride/run, I have a personal goal of $3,000 by March 30th for cancer research. This is a cause to which I am extremely dedicated and am motivated beyond belief. I can only hope that you will help me to exceed my expectations.

One hundred percent (100%) of all donations will go directly towards research funding and support that will benefit patients and their families. All donations are tax-deductible, and I will provide you with a receipt upon request.

To help me save lives, one mile at a time, please donate:

On-line: Visit to pay securely via credit/debit card.

By Mail: Send me a check payable to the Lymphoma and Leukemia Society to the following address:

918 Saint Andrews Way

Bel Air, MD 21015

In Person: Contact me at 507-993-6175 to discuss my endeavor in more detail.

Please pass this letter and my web site along to your family and friends. Together we can make a difference and Beat this Bully Called Cancer. Thank you so much for joining me in this race of a lifetime!

God Bless,

Danny Cajigas

Donation Form
Feb 17, 2013 by Daniel Cajigas

Columbia Triathlon

Please print, complete and return this form along with your donation to me at:

918 Saint Andrews Way Bel Air, MD 20105

or, visit my secure webpage:

Please submit donations by March 30, 2013.

Please provide me with the following information so that I can process your donation and send you thanks!

Name: ____________________________ Email: _____________________________

Address: ______________________________________________________________

City: _____________________________________ State: _______ Zip: ___________

Phone: ____________________________

I would like to make my donation in the form of: (please check)

( ) Cash

( ) Credit Card – Visa, American Express, or Mastercard

( ) Check – Made payable to LLS

Suggested Donations:

___ $320.00 ($10 per mile/20 Honor Person*)

____ $256.00 ($8 per mile/10 Honor Person*)

____ $192.00 ($6 per mile/8 Honor Person*)

____ $160.00 ($5 per mile/5 Honor Person*)

____ $64.00 ($2 per mile/2 Honor Person*)

____ $20.00 (Per Honor Person*)

____ Any amount you choose ____ Corporate Sponsorship (contact me for details)

*Honor: Family member or friend’s name will be written on a ribbon and placed on the shirt I’ll wear during the event..

Many companies offer matching donations. Please check with your HR department to see if you can double your donation! Remember, donations are 100% tax deductible.

______ My company will match my donation (forms are attached)

If paying by credit card, you may fill out the information here or visit my secure website to donate directly.

Cardholder Name: _______________________________________________________

Cardholder Address: ____________________________________________________

Card Number: _____________________________ Exp. Date: __________________

Signature: ___________________________________

La Historia de Carlitos
Feb 14, 2013 by Daniel Cajigas

Carlos Daniel Cacho Valle nació un 6 de Diciembre del 1995 en Manati, Puerto Rico. Su infancia fue una llena de enseñanzas, logros, de jubilo, llena valores y plenitud. Estos sucesos fueron fundamentales para que se desarollara un caracter admirable. Carlitos se convirtio en un adolecente amistoso, lleno de humildad, servicial, alegre, respetuoso, positivo y muy lleno de fé. Estas cualidades lo ayudaron a enfrentarse a una situación de mucha dificultad probablemente la mas dificil y complicada de su vida.

Para el año 2006 Carlitos fue diagnosticado con cancer (osteosarcoma) alojado en su pulmon del lado izquierdo entrelazado en sus 3 primeras costillas. Después de ser diagnosticado se le administraron quimioterapias por un año en Puerto Rico (PR). La situación se hizo un poco dificil pues los doctores no encontraban la manera de operarlo en PR y decidieron contactar a la clinica Mayo en Rochester MN, donde despues de una larga espera deciden aceptar su caso. Exitosamente el doctor Christopher Mohir realizo su operacion y su recuperacion fue realmente un exito. Una vez completada la operacion y recuparacion Carlitos regresa a P.R. para su segundo ciclo de quimioterapias lo cual completa y se mantuvo en remicion por 2 años 6 meses.

En el 2010, se descubre que a raiz de su 2do ciclo de quimiotepapias la medula osea de Carlitos se vio afectada por el sindome de mielodisplacia (pre- leucemia). Esto requirio se le realizara un transplante de medula osea en PR, donde gracias a Dios su hermano menor Jose fue el donante. Casi al terminar la recuperacion del mismo descubrimos el regreso de la mielodisplacia lo cual nos forzo trasladarnos para Tampa en el estado de Florida. Una vez en Tampa Carlitos fue ingresado en el All Children’s Hospital, para un posible segundo transplante con muy pocas probabilidades. Los doctores tomaron la decision de comenzar con un tipo de quimioterapia no riesgoza y tratar de prepararlo para un segundo transplante lo cual nunca sucedio. Desafortunadamente sus organos conmenzaron a fallar y lamentablemente los doctores no podian ya hacer nada.

Carlos Daniel perdio su batalla contra el cancer y fallecio un 21 de agosto del 2011 a la edad de 15 años. Hoy como su madre puedo decir, que todas estas situaciones dificiles las afrontamos con la ayuda de Dios, el apoyo de nuestra familia, amigos y fundaciones contra el cancer. Carlitos fue una persona maravillosa que afronto sus problemas, nos demostro como valorar y vivir la vida al maximo, pero sobre todo nos enseño a confiar en Dios.

Hoy por hoy aun pronunciamos con fé el versiculo en el que Carlitos basaba su vida y hoy por hoy lo pronunciamos con valentia como una vez Carlitos lo hizo '' Todo lo podemos en Cristo por que el nos fortalece" Filp.4:13

Dios les bendiga a todos y POR SIEMPRE TE AMARE CARLITOS.


Carlitos Story
Feb 14, 2013 by Daniel Cajigas

Carlos Daniel Cacho Valle was born on December 6, 1995 in Manati, Puerto Rico. This little boy brought joy to his parents Carlos and Glynis. His childhood was full of lessons, achievements, joys, and full of values. These events were instrumental for the development of his admirable character. Carlitos became a friendly teen, full of humility, helpful, cheerful, very positive and full of faith. These qualities helped him to face a very difficult situation; probably the most difficult and complicated of his life.

In 2006 Carlitos was diagnosed with cancer (osteosarcoma) which was housed in the left lung intertwined in with his first 3 ribs. After being diagnosed he was given chemotherapy for a year in Puerto Rico (PR). The situation was a bit difficult because the doctors could not find a way to operate in PR and decided to contact the Mayo Clinic in Rochester MN, where after a long wait they decided to work his case. Dr. Christopher Mohir successfully performed his surgery and recovery was really successful. After the operation and recovery Carlitos and his family returned to PR for his second cycle of chemotherapies; which he completed as a champ and went into remission for 2 years 6 months.

In 2010, we discovered that due to his 2nd cycle chemotherapies Carlitos bone marrow was affected by the Myelodysplastic Syndrome (pre-leukemia). This required him to have a bone marrow transplant in PR, where thankfully his younger brother Jose, was the donor. Near the end of his recovery, it was discovered that the Myelodysplasia had return and forced us to move to Tampa in Florida. Once in Tampa Carlitos was admitted to the All Children's Hospital, for a possible second bone marrow transplant, with very little chance for success. The doctors made the decision to start with a not too risky type of chemotherapy in order to prepare him for a second transplant. Unfortunately Carlitos organs began to fail and doctors could no longer do anything.

Carlos Daniel lost his battle with cancer and died August 21, 2011 at the age of 15. As his mother, today I can say that we were able to face all these difficult situations with the help of God, the support of family, friends and foundations against cancer. Carlitos was a wonderful person, who faced his problems with the most positive and loving attitude, he showed us to how to appreciate and live life to the fullest, but mostly Carlitos taught us to trust God.

Today, with utter faith, our family proclaim a verse in which Carlitos based his life and today we pronounce it with courage as Carlitos did once'' I can do all this through him who gives me strength.” Philippians 4:13

God bless you all and WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU CARLITOS.


My Fundraising Page
Feb 04, 2013

Teams are made up of individuals. Without them, there is no team.

Welcome to my Team In Training home page.

I have a mission-to help find cures and more effective treatments for blood cancers. To accomplish that mission, I’m participating in a sports endurance event as a member of The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s (LLS) Team In Training. Like the other members of TNT, I will be raising funds to help find cures and better treatments for leukemia, lymphoma, Hodgkin’s disease and myeloma. I’m improving the quality of my life by participating and with your support, I can help improve the quality of life for patients and their families as well.

Please make a donation in support of my efforts with Team In Training and help advance the research for cures.


Supporter Comments

    "Thank you for doing this!!! Today we fight! Tomorrow we fight! For awareness, for prevention and early diagnosis, for better treatments... for a cure!"

    Jessica Col?

    Mon Feb 25 09:25:14 EST 2013

    "Thanks to my brother Daniel Cajigas to do this In memory of my mom Virginia. It's a honor to me and to my family. We are very Proud of YOU...!!! Muchas gracias mi hermano, es un Honor para mi y nuestra familia q hagas esto en memoria de mi santa madre Do�a Vi�a. Te deseamos todo lo mejor del mundo a ti y a toda tu familia. Un Abrazo!!!"

    Melvin Morales

    Wed Feb 27 10:50:58 EST 2013

    "Sigue ahi. "


    Mon Mar 11 06:46:59 EDT 2013

    "Hi Dannny: Thanks for taking on this journey in memmory of so many people that have touched our lives forever. Love, Onelis & Wilfredo "

    Onelis Quirindongo

    Sat Mar 30 09:20:48 EDT 2013

    " En memoria de t�a Virginia Mendoza y de todos los que han perdido la batalla as� tambi�n recordando y motivando a los que no pierden la Fe como mi cunada Evelyn Vazquez. Felicitaciones y �xito Daniel por tu gran entrega y sacrificio. Goyito Rivera - Aguada, p.R."

    Goyito Rivera

    Tue Apr 02 06:16:39 EDT 2013

    "Good luck we know you will do great! The Hoskins Dale, Raquel, Aja and Dalton (aka little Dan)"

    Raquel Hoskin

    Tue Apr 02 10:23:11 EDT 2013

    "Thank you so much, Daniel, for your terrific and generous efforts in fighting cancer and im mermorializing the individuals who passed and those who survived cancer. I wish you a swift and successful race."

    Judy Yost

    Tue May 14 12:24:24 EDT 2013

    "Go Dan and Team!"


    Sat May 25 07:17:45 EDT 2013

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Carlos D. Cacho Valle & Genesis Nuñez

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