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Every Mile Was Magical!
Jan 16, 2016 by Lauren Silver

Friends and Family,


"The miracle isn't that I finished. The miracle is that I had the courage to start." - John Bingham


After a challenging 2015, and with the support of my amazing friends, family, and Team in Training coaches and teammates, I made what seemed like the craziest decision I'd ever made - to train for my first marathon. Five months of early morning trainings, hours of foam rolling, 27.5 miles (I forgot to shut off my Garmin) and an unbelievable $6,900 later, I am humbled and proud to officially call myself a marathoner!!! 



I can honestly say that January 10, 2016 was one of the most invigorating, exciting, and of course magical days of my life. But I never would have been able to put one foot anywhere near that starting line without the support all of you - my amazing friends and family - as well as coaches who not only run those last and seemingly impossible miles with you, but also stop at mile 24 to take a character photo, and some of the most spirited and selfless teammates I've ever had the pleasure of running, and riding mid-marathon roller coasters with (yes, I hopped out of the race to ride Expedition Everest at mile 13 once hitting Animal Kingdom, and yes, it was epic).



I wanted to thank each and every one of you, again, as I am incredibly grateful for your contributions year after year, both emotional and financial, and I thought of each and every one of you on race day! 


If you haven't had the chance to donate yet (or even if you have and want to donate again!), there's still time to kick-off 2016 in style. My team is just shy of our $100,000 goal and we'd love nothing more than to end our season on the strongest note possible:


I'm going to have Saturday morning training withdrawal for the next few weeks, but I'm already thinking about what my next challenge will be - Goofy's race and a half, perhaps?



As Walt Disney himself used to say, "All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them"




A Beautiful Time of Year to Save Lives
Dec 02, 2015 by Lauren Silver

Friends and Family,


I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday! I was able to work off my turkey and pumpkin pie with a scenic (and hilly) 14 miler through Central Park! 


It's December - just weeks away from the Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend and my debut as a . . . wait for it . . . marathoner!!


Training has been long, and hard, and tiring, but I've committed 26.2 of my best miles to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and the quest for a cure to blood cancers!


I've had wonderful support along the way - our second annual "Fly to Fight Blood Cancers" charity event yielded over $1,200!! A HUGE thanks to those who came out to Fly with us, and to Melinda Sarkis for leading an incredible ride!!



Saturday long runs have also challenged my limits. We've past the 13 mile-mark and are now pushing 13-14 miles:



And 16 miles (where we were joined by turkeys and horses in Lexington and Bedford):



We're also just $925 shy of my fundraising goal of $6,500. I'd LOVE nothing more than to find a running costume that goes well with purple hair . . . there's never been a better time of year to give back and save lives!! And if I'm not living proof that your donations have an impact, I'm not sure what is.


We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop. - Mother Teresa



More Than Half-Crazy!
Nov 01, 2015 by Lauren Silver

Family and Friends,


Happy Sunday! Fall is here, and the landscape of changing leaves here in Boston makes for a beautiful backdrop to my Saturday long runs!


I’m up to 13 miles. Already - can you believe it?! To check the mileage off of my training weekend, I participated in the Newburyport Half-Marathon last Sunday. I ran the majority of the race, and achieved a 2:26:15 PR. I even got a medal, a T-shirt, and a pint glass out of it.


But, as Coach Andy cautiously reminded us during yesterday’s 10-miler, we’ve got a distance to go, and from here on out, all of our long runs will be longer than half-marathons. Eek! I guess I'm no longer allowed to say that I'm only half-crazy . . . 



As I reach out to all of you this morning, I’m feeling particularly inspired, sitting and watching the New York City marathon, and cheering on friends that are running from here in Boston. Some are running their 6th, 7th, and 10th marathons, while I continue along the journey of my first. I am reminded every day that life isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon, and I am incredibly thankful for all of your support.



If you haven’t donated yet, there’s still time. I’m always open to belated birthday presents and I’m looking forward to holding true to my purple hair promises. Donate via this fundraising page!


Better yet, if you’re in Boston on November 15th, come “fly” with me during what will be an amazing spin ride at Flywheel sports to benefit the LLS!!. A few of you have asked, and we don’t reserve a specific bike until we receive your registration. So snag your favorite bike before someone else does!



My finish line is the beginning of cures,






Come Fly with Me!
Nov 01, 2015 by Lauren Silver

Family and Friends,

Happy October!! Wow, how time flies! Since my last outreach, I've conquered some of Disney's most memorable villains, soared with Dumbo, and earned my Coast to Coast medal - all during a magical 19.3 miles through Disneyland. And, in just a few seemingly short months, I will be racing through the parks at Walt Disney World on my 26.2 mile adventure!!!
The mileage is rapidly increasing, but I don't mind, as I'm coming off an incredible runner's high after this past Saturday's training, where I completed my longest distance yet. I RAN 8 miles. Yes, you read that right. It wasn't fast, it wasn't pretty. It was cold, it was wet. AND I RAN ALL 8 MILES!!
Now, that may not mean as much to those of you that have been running for some time. However, when I think about the progress I've made since 2010 when I walked almost all of my first half-marathon and could barely run a mile, and then graduating to a walk / jog pace, to now . . . Let's just say I'm starting to feel a bit more comfortable in my running shoes. And I couldn't ask for a better and more supportive cheering squad in all of you!!
October also happens to be my birthday month - and what better way to celebrate what I've deemed "The Year of Lauren" but helping me cross 26.2 miles off my bucket list AND helping me achieve my $10,000 fundraising goal! An incredible thank you to those who have already donated - we've got a ways to go, but with a cure, many lives, and, of course, PURPLE HAIR on the line, I am confident we can go above and beyond. Remember: It just takes one dollar to find a cure - will that dollar be yours?!

I also want to extend a special invitation to anyone in the Boston area to "Fly" to Fight Blood Cancers: A Charity Flywheel Ride to Support the Leukemia Lymphoma Society! My "Fly Fam" at Flywheel's Boston studio has played an integral role in my cross, strength, and endurance regimen. And in support of my fundraising efforts, Flywheel's own Melinda Sarkis will be leading us in a 45-minute indoor cycling class to benefit the Leukemia Lymphoma Society on Sunday, November 15th (Details are below):


Whether or not you are able to attend, please consider making a donation via this fundraising web site to help me exceed my $10,000 fundraising goal!! 


I look forward to sharing more of training and fundraising progress with all of you in the weeks ahead.


- Lauren



"Fly" to Fight Blood Cancers: A Charity Flywheel Ride to Support the Leukemia Lymphoma Society!


DATE: Sunday, November 15th
TIME: 2:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. ET
LOCATION: Flywheel Sports @ The Prudential Center

PRICE: All proceeds will go directly to the LLS!
$50 per person though October 31st
$60 per person November 1st or later. 

$75 per person for the ride AND raffle ticket 

** Shoes and towels will be provided. Showers and lockers are also available. **

Please e-mail me at to reserve a bike (If you have a specific bike preference, I will do my best to accommodate).  Feel free to let others that might be interested know about what will be an awesome ride!!!
Purple Hair, Don't Care
Aug 30, 2015 by Lauren Silver

Friends and Family,


We're off to an amazing start - thanks to all who have been so generous to date, we've already raised $3,225 in support of innovative treatments and patient services for those like myself who have been affected by blood cancers. And our continued efforts haven't gone unnoticed. Since my acceptance of the Leukemia Lymphoma Society's "Lucy Against Leukemia" award a few weeks ago, I have been interviewed by a few local media outlets, and I'm as eager as they are to get our story heard:


September 1st also marks the start of Blood Cancer Awareness month (for those in Boston, the city will light the Zakim Bridge up in Red on Monday, August 31st, in effort to raise awareness). To kick off the month, this East Coast runner is taking her running shoes out West to participate in the Disneyland 10K and Half-marathon next weekend. Assuming all goes as planned, I'll have completed the "Dumbo Double Dare" challenge and head home with four medals, including one that signifies my "Coast to Coast"achievement of having completed a race in Walt Disney World and Disneyland in the same calendar year!!! The miles will only increase from here on out, as I continue my marathon training for January 2016's event weekend.


I challenge each of you to stick with me on this incredible journey. We've made great progress, but we've got a long way to $10,000 and I am committed to nothing less than 26.2 of my best miles in exchange for your continued support. Perhaps even more importantly, I've decided to dye my hair PURPLE - Team in Training's signature color - for event weekend once I've hit my fundraising goal!!!! Let's do this!!!! 
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    Wed Jan 06 10:41:07 EST 2016

    "Never worry about surviving the storm... You ARE the storm!"

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    Wed Jan 13 12:07:47 EST 2016

    "Hi - I am in awe of your achievement! I am late in donating. I was thinking of friends from Gartner today, and thought of you. Let's have lunch or a drink after work soon, and celebrate. I am interested in how you found that determination. Best, Diane"

    Diane Yarrow

    Tue Mar 01 03:48:20 EST 2016

    "Nice Job Lauren. Wish I was with you this year. Craig "

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