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Taking 39.3 for the TEAM
Oct 21, 2012 by Paula Hamann

7 Days from right now, I'll be lining up for the second part of the Cape Cod Chowdah Challenge-- the full marathon. 13,1 miles will be in the books, with a long, lonely 26.2 to come. I've run 1/2 marathons before, and I've run full marathons before, but I've never tried to tee up a full marathon one day after a half marathon!

Further Than I Ever Dreamed
Sep 04, 2012 by Paula Hamann

We already know that TNT has taken ME further than I ever dreamed. . . The Nike Women's Marathon, Lavaman (Olympic Distance) Triathlon in Hawaii, Escape From Alcatraz, Wildflower Long Course (70.3) Triathlon, Ironman (140.6) Louisville and Ironman Arizona.

I'm back at it-- headed to the Walt Disney World Marathon-- asking again for your donations to help fight cancer!

What you may or may not know is how far TNT has taken others. TNT is the MAJOR fundraising arm of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Since its inception in 1988, TNT has supported researchers all around the country with millions of dollars. BECAUSE OF FUNDS RAISED BY TNT:

  • 50% of new cancer drugs on the market were related to helping those with blood cancers.
  • 5 of those drugs have been approved for solid cancers as well and others are being tested and used for non-blood related cancers.
  • Survival rates for children with Lymphoma have improved from 3% to 90%.
  • The survival rate for those with Hodgkins Lymphoma has rise to 88%.
  • Survival rates for myeloma patients has TRIPLED over the past decade.

While these statistics are amazing. They pale in comparison to the personal stories of survivors. As the season goes on, I will chronicle the stories of some of the most amazing surviors that I've had the pleasure to meet and the honor to count as friends include:

  • A 10 year old girl
  • A 40 year old man
  • 50 year old woman
  • and many, many others.

PLEASE help me help others by making a donation, no matter how small, to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

Change Cities? Join the Team.
Aug 27, 2012

On the Road Again!

Some of you may remember, it wasn't all that long ago, I moved to California. One of the first things I did when I got there was sign up for a Team in Training marathon training team. Why did I do it then? First and foremost it was to get a number into the Nike Women's Marathon with a secondary selfish reason of learning the good running routes in the area.

What I found on the Team was more than a number and way more than running routes. I found the most amazing TNT family I could have hoped for. I found a commitment to the cause, a commitment to those amazing folks who live, work, and train with blood cancer as well as those who dedicate significant portions of their lives to raising funds to help kick cancer to the curb,

Four Years-- and Four Teams later-- I've moved again. Again across the country. The location isn't new to me. . . I went to High School in Worcester, Massachusetts my new (old) hometown (and most of you have seen me race in my Worcester Tank Top showing the Woo-town pride). . . but I'm new to town as an endurance athlete. So, looking to find a family and looking to find the good routes AND looking to kick cancer to the curb for good, I'm BACK asking for your help to cure blood cancer. Any donation helps!

You can always check me out on my blog, or check back here to see how I'm doing.


Teams are made up of individuals. Without them, there is no team.

Welcome to my Team In Training home page.

I have a mission-to help find cures and more effective treatments for blood cancers. To accomplish that mission, I’m participating in a sports endurance event as a member of The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s (LLS) Team In Training. Like the other members of TNT, I will be raising funds to help find cures and better treatments for leukemia, lymphoma, Hodgkin’s disease and myeloma. I’m improving the quality of my life by participating and with your support, I can help improve the quality of life for patients and their families as well.

Please make a donation in support of my efforts with Team In Training and help advance the research for cures.

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Supporter Comments

    "Wish I had more to give! Go Paula!!! You inspire me!"

    Betty Lim

    Fri Dec 07 06:10:38 EST 2012

    "....because CANCER will not win"

    Evanya Stevens

    Sat Dec 08 08:15:53 EST 2012

    "Heh-man! Keep up the good work and glad to see (from your holiday card - all is well, although what did Jon catch??) all is well. "

    Jamie Firmage

    Tue Dec 18 01:05:10 EST 2012

    "Go Paula!!!! You never cease to amaze me!!"

    Sedonia Yoshida

    Thu Dec 20 11:22:49 EST 2012

    "You are amazing and I wish you the best!"

    Lesley Hagele

    Thu Dec 20 02:56:49 EST 2012

    "Keep it going lady! Happy Holidays!"

    Belinda Agamaite

    Thu Dec 20 12:47:03 EST 2012

    "Go Paula!"

    Jennifer Jay

    Wed Dec 19 01:31:16 EST 2012

    "Nicole is in her 30s and recently quit her job as a lawyer to devote herself to raising four beautiful babies ranging in age from 8 years to 10 months. Last week she was diagnosed with Stage IV Hodgkins Lymphoma. This gift is in honor of the fight she's only just begun. "

    Lisa Taylor

    Mon Dec 17 01:24:28 EST 2012

    "Good Luck Paula! "

    Gina Abbott

    Fri Dec 14 11:27:25 EST 2012

    "Go, Paula, go! You inspire me!"

    Maria C. Afan

    Sat Dec 08 01:43:41 EST 2012

    "Keep going!"

    Sylvia Marino

    Fri Dec 07 02:32:09 EST 2012

    "Paula, you continue to inspire! Thanks for your incredible and difficult dedication on behalf of a worthy cause. We miss you out here on the "Left Coast" and Ryder especially misses Jack. Big hug. Steffani"

    Steffani, Woolsey, Rhys and Ryder

    Sat Dec 01 12:23:51 EST 2012

    "Good luck to Paula Hamann in her quest."


    Mon Oct 22 07:16:16 EDT 2012

    "I still remember you helping me through one of my first TNT bike rides. It was pouring rain and freezing and I wanted to stop, but we did a second paradise loop. GO TEAM!!"

    Darren Wollrich

    Tue Oct 02 02:43:18 EDT 2012

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