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I Did It!
Oct 04, 2010 by Laura Kingstorf

Yesterday I finished my first marathon. It was HARD work, but with Sean, my parents, and the Team in Training crew to cheer me on, I did it.

The night before the race I enjoyed a wonderful pasta dinner with my Team in Training teammates, coaches, and honored heroes from NH, MA, and RI. It's great to be in a room with so many people who share a common goal.

My official net time was 4:26:06 - much slower than my planned pace, but a successful day because I ran 26.2 miles in a row!

Thank you very much to everyone who donated to the Leukemia & Lymphoma society, cheered me on, or even just sent a nice note. You are all amazing and I couldn't have done this without you.

Much love from my couch where I'll be camped out for at least a day or two!

- LK

Less than 2 weeks
Sep 20, 2010 by Laura Kingstorf

Oh boy - less than 2 weeks until my FIRST MARATHON!!

Last week's 20 miler went great (and that's actually a true statement!) This week I shortened my long run by a little bit. Even though I felt fantastic mentally after my longest run ever, my left knee still had some hesitation of ever running again. After 8 miles, we decided to agree to disagree -but it's already feeliing much better today. 13 Days (yikes!) is the perfect amount of recovery time that it'll need.

I may have confused some people (including myself) about my fundraising deadline. It's really not until just after my event - but earlier is better - you can get it out of the way :)

Last Long Run
Sep 11, 2010 by Laura Kingstorf

In less than an hour, I'll be heading out for the longest run of my life! 20 miles!!

This is the longest we'll run before the marathon, and we'll do a "taper" phase next which will help rest and prepare our legs for 26.2 miles in October.

My final fundraising donations are due by 9/17 - which is next Friday. I encourage everyone reading this who thought "What a great cause, I'll donate tomorrow," to donate TODAY!

Enjoy the weekend!


Aug 28, 2010 by Laura Kingstorf

Last night - some checks were matched to my LLS account and I've reached my $2000 goal. But, why stop there? I've had some great momentum lately with my training and fundraising, and I really don't feel like stopping now. My Team in Training minimum fundraising amount was $1,450.00, so I'd like to raise $1,000 more than that.




That is donated over the $1,450 minimum goes directly to LLS.

"Let's go People!!!!" - Sean P.Diddy Combs

Almost there!
Aug 25, 2010 by Laura Kingstorf

Good news: My knee is feeling better (it's been a little wishy/washy)

Great news: I've reached 85% of my fundraising goal!

Thanks as always for the support.

Check out this video of an amazing young lady. This makes all of our Training and rainy/hot/cold/long runs worth it! (skip to 2:15 to hear her personal story and message.)

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    "This donation is on behalf of myself and friends at Lincoln Financial, New Business, Concord"

    Laurie Gross

    Sat Oct 02 05:38:35 EDT 2010

    "I'm so proud of my awesome sister, not just running her first marathon, but also running in honor of Kenley! Thanks, sweetie! You rock!"

    Jennifer Kingstorf

    Thu Sep 30 02:58:08 EDT 2010

    "GO LXK"

    Sheryl O'Coin

    Wed Jun 16 08:35:42 EDT 2010

    "Go Laura!"

    Alysia Lehneman-Tilton

    Tue Sep 14 07:18:25 EDT 2010

    "Good luck Laura, I really admire you for doing this!"

    Jennifer Keefe

    Sat Aug 28 04:17:53 EDT 2010

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