My Fundraising Page

My Fundraising Page
Mar 05, 2013

Well I am at it again. I haven't had a running challenge in a couple of years (2 to be exact) so now I am going to Run Across NH again. This time I will be running from the western border to the eastern border (Atlantic Ocean).

I am once again doing it in memory of Kim, but also in Honor of Ally and Deanna. Both in remission and Deanna now a nursing student.

I am looking for tons of financial support, but also folks to run with. Log on and sign up for a run with me, while there make a donation. Each day will consist of three legs from 9 to 12 miles.

I am also looking for raffle prizes to give out to folks who donate. If you work for a company that can provide a gift of a raffle prize that would be great also.

We need to eliminate Leukemia and Lymphoma in our life time, we can only do it with your support.

Please help me ruin another pair of running shoes and assist me with my goal of eliminating Blood Cancers once and for all.



Supporter Comments

    "Keep up the running and the fund raising. You are an inspiration in both! - Mike & Sally "

    Sally & Mike Varanka

    Sat Mar 23 10:02:28 EDT 2013

    "Thanks once again for keeping Kims memory alive! I wish I could join you again as I did the last time however I will be in the Seattle Marathon on June 22. Say HI to Kim when you get to her site for her Dad. Don't be surprised if there is something there waiting for you. Though there are now many miles between us - we are connected in the heart! Go Buddy!!!!! Barry"

    Barry Costa

    Tue Apr 09 10:07:14 EDT 2013

    "You are an inspiration. Best of luck with your run. "

    Dick Miller

    Thu May 09 08:30:55 EDT 2013

    "Pretty amazing for an old guy. You make all this stuff look easy"

    Dave Dulong

    Wed May 29 05:00:53 EDT 2013

    "Dave, You truly are a hero in our community. You have a tremondous heart and know how to inspire others to action. Today, I donate and will run with you to honor all those who fought or are fighting this evil disease. I run in memory of my Connecticut Nana. And in honor of Aunt Bonnie who fought and beat this disease as well as My Uncle Alan. Also, to any friend or family member that cancer has or is affecting. Thank You! Derek Wyskiel"

    Wyskiel Family

    Thu Jun 20 11:24:54 EDT 2013

    "I hear great things about you Dave & appreciate your run against cancer"

    Barbara Brown

    Sat Jun 22 07:11:03 EDT 2013

    "David - I listened to your talk with Chris Russell recently. Congrats on your journey running across New Hampshire!"

    Frank Salerno

    Tue Jul 02 07:33:12 EDT 2013

    "Dave, you are such an inspiration and role model to find a cure for this devastating disease for those afflicted and their family members."

    Betty Clemons

    Tue Jul 16 04:05:54 EDT 2013

    "Good Luck Dave...I will be thinking of you..."

    Peter Clayman

    Wed Jun 05 10:59:01 EDT 2013

    "Go Dave! You have our support. Chris and Carl"

    christine flynn and carl ship

    Mon Jun 03 06:47:41 EDT 2013

    "Good Luck Dave!"

    Shu & Mary Minami

    Mon Jun 03 06:58:17 EDT 2013

    "Good luck!"

    Suzanne Barker

    Thu May 30 05:56:00 EDT 2013

    "See you out there!!"

    Kathleen Thomas

    Wed May 29 02:31:47 EDT 2013

    "You're like the energizer bunny - but cuter! Keep going, David! Your rock! With great support, Dottie & Terri"

    Dottie & Terri Manning Bryant

    Wed May 29 02:26:27 EDT 2013

    "Woohoo, that is 90 miles more than I can run! Good luck, you are an inspiration!"

    Sasha Varanka

    Wed May 29 08:55:40 EDT 2013

    "Long may you run!"

    Dick Jardine

    Tue May 28 08:26:29 EDT 2013

    "good luck Dave and thansk for what you are doing"

    jill hallisey

    Thu May 23 03:45:51 EDT 2013

    "David, you have our support. This is an excellent thing to do. Best of Luck. Joan and Fred"

    Joan Margolis & Fred Manning

    Thu May 23 12:55:25 EDT 2013

    "Go Dave! The Decker Family will be cheering you on in spirit!"

    Reilly Decker & family

    Thu May 23 12:23:52 EDT 2013

    "Dave - so great to meet you at my 2013 Links for Boston Children's golf tournament (Amherst Country Club) this Saturday. You are truly an inspirational person! Good Luck on your Run Across NH. "

    Harley & Cheryl

    Thu May 16 03:34:44 EDT 2013

    "Good luck!"

    Michael Federle

    Sat May 11 08:18:26 EDT 2013

    "In memory of our great friend Harry! Go get em Dave! - Heather, Todd, and baby Jack Sweeney"

    Heather & Todd Sweeney

    Sat May 11 04:06:46 EDT 2013

    "Good luck Dave. Maybe I'll try to run some with you to make the miles even more miserable."

    Bob Thompson

    Thu May 09 10:51:13 EDT 2013

    "Run Dave Run...."


    Wed May 08 11:51:42 EDT 2013

    "Thanks for all you've done for Tanner. We hope to run a leg with you! Classy guy, decent looking, kinda funny and now a superstar of NH runner and coach. Best wishes. Tanner Kent's Family"

    Lisa Kent

    Wed May 01 10:01:28 EDT 2013

    "So proud of you, Dave! All our best!"

    Sarah, Chris, Madelyn & Olivia

    Mon Apr 29 11:13:36 EDT 2013

    "Dave, love you man ! Ill keenly watch your run on updates !"

    festus mbuva

    Mon Apr 22 03:18:56 EDT 2013

    "Good luck, Dave!"

    Zeb, Mary, Zoe & Zeb

    Fri Apr 19 08:38:23 EDT 2013

    "Good luck, Dave and have lots of fun with your adventure. May the wind be at your back. Trevor and Leeann "

    Leeann and Trevor

    Tue Apr 16 04:52:44 EDT 2013

    "Good luck!"

    Richard Stockdale

    Mon Apr 15 09:16:30 EDT 2013

    "Another commendable goal and physical challenge. Can't wait to run together again and help you on your journey!"

    Kristen & Steve

    Tue Apr 09 06:45:24 EDT 2013

    "Dave, you are an inspiration! Have a great run! "

    Beth Whipple

    Tue Apr 09 02:05:18 EDT 2013

    "I guess retirement hasn't slowed you down! Looking forward to seeing you make your goal on this one! "

    Joyce Reynolds

    Sat Apr 06 01:21:48 EDT 2013

    "Dave, Best of Luck, Andrea and Brian Martel"

    Andrea & Brian Martel

    Thu Apr 04 01:04:55 EDT 2013

    "I am a greater supporter of the cancer cause."

    Steve Piper

    Thu Mar 21 05:19:27 EDT 2013

    "Good luck Dave! "

    Stacy Devine

    Thu Mar 21 08:31:58 EDT 2013

    "May the road rise to meet you Dave! Thank you for all you do! See you on the roads! "

    Greg and Kathy Earley

    Mon Mar 18 08:40:20 EDT 2013

    "Good luck Dave! You are such an inspiration!!"

    Yuki Chorney

    Fri Mar 15 08:47:10 EDT 2013

    "Hope it's a great run for you Dave! Jeanine Runner's Alley"


    Thu Mar 14 02:50:03 EDT 2013

    "Wishing you perfect weather! xxoo Jan and Bob"

    Jan and Bob

    Sat Mar 09 10:58:09 EST 2013

    "We're behind you all the way, Dave! Maggie & Chris Paul"

    Maggie & Chris Paul

    Thu Mar 07 12:29:19 EST 2013

    "Keep on truckin!"

    Brad Vear

    Wed Mar 06 12:35:44 EST 2013

    "In memory of my good friend, Robbin who lost her battle with Leukemia in 2007. "May the wind be at your back, David". Best wishes...Judy & Jerry"

    Judy & Jerry Mullins

    Wed Mar 06 11:04:55 EST 2013

    "Dave, Thank you for helping such a wonderful cause. All the best to you in your quest!!! "

    Sandra Ierardi

    Wed Mar 06 09:22:25 EST 2013

    "Thank you for all you do Dave!!!"

    AJ & Family

    Wed Oct 23 09:38:24 EDT 2013

    "$7000 - challenge. Done. Humbled by your drive (runs)."

    Hein van den Heuvel

    Fri Jul 19 09:55:14 EDT 2013

    "Way to go Dave! You are a rock star in my book!"

    Meghan Brower

    Fri Jul 19 09:38:11 EDT 2013

    "Thanks! "

    Jeffrey Cordts

    Mon Jul 15 10:55:39 EDT 2013

    "Dave ... You're an inspiration to everyone!! Keep on running!"

    Renae Dutile

    Mon Jul 15 10:43:32 EDT 2013

    "Way to go Dave! "

    The Koufos Family

    Mon Jul 15 09:48:33 EDT 2013

    "Congrats on your run Dave - only one day left!!! Chris & Steph Hall"

    Chris & Steph Hall

    Sun Jun 23 08:40:10 EDT 2013

    "Keep running Dave and beat this disease that took my husband too soon!"

    Anne Balevre

    Fri Jun 21 09:29:03 EDT 2013

    "Hi Dave - thanks for doing this and have fun!"

    Joanne Seery

    Thu Jun 20 10:42:00 EDT 2013

    "thank-you for doing this!"

    Paula Garvey

    Thu Jun 20 08:15:15 EDT 2013



    Mon Jun 17 02:13:56 EDT 2013

    "Good luck this year Dave!"

    The Ferragamos

    Fri Jun 14 07:37:18 EDT 2013

    "Eric and I are running again, and talk often of training with you for the Dublin marathon. Thank you for all you do, and all those you encourage to go the extra mile and make a difference!"

    Cindy Kohlmann and Eric Markman

    Thu Jun 13 08:43:30 EDT 2013

    "Thank you Dave, for running for us all! This is for my daughter Sally, 15 years after her diagnosis, and for Brian, who didn't make it, and for Zach, who is donating stem cells at this very minute."

    Jane Brzozowski

    Wed Jun 12 12:43:40 EDT 2013

    "Nice Job Dave!!!!"

    Lea Reilly

    Wed Jun 12 08:08:30 EDT 2013

    "Good luck and thank you Dave!"

    Aline & Terry Kenney

    Mon Jun 10 03:01:12 EDT 2013

    "Thanks Dave for continuing to run for The Cause. I wish I could join you but it may have to be on my bike. :o)"

    Don Lamothe

    Mon Jun 10 09:11:38 EDT 2013

    "You have been benefitting others for a long, long time! Thank you, good luck and enjoy the views!"

    Lisa Lyon

    Fri Jun 07 08:31:12 EDT 2013

    "Good luck, Dave! "

    Kathie Roy

    Wed Jun 05 04:10:09 EDT 2013

    "Run Strong Dave"

    Jim & Laura LaJeunesse

    Sun Jun 02 05:42:39 EDT 2013

    "Good luck Dave! Thank you so much for supporting this cause."

    PremAnand Rao

    Wed May 29 12:00:47 EDT 2013

    "Good luck.. :) "

    Karen Pattelena

    Wed May 29 11:34:02 EDT 2013

    "Have fun Dave."

    cathy snow

    Wed May 29 11:01:41 EDT 2013

    "In Honor of Molly Dunleavy - Cancer Survivor! And in honor of Dave Salvas who never stops running and never stops fighting cancer. Go Dave!"

    Ben Lavine

    Wed May 29 10:49:11 EDT 2013

    "Money raised in the 6th Annual "Chili for Charity" cook-off held by Rob and Katie Simon of Exeter, NH. Cook a chili for your charity of choice and the winner (chosen by the participants) gets to donate all of the money raised to charity. This year's winner the Wyskiel's, also of Exeter, NH, chose the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society as their charity to support. Wonderful Event, even better Cause! More money coming in the form of checks to bring the total raised to $315 for 2013 for LLS!"

    Derek Wyskiel

    Tue Oct 22 06:23:52 EDT 2013

    "Thank you Coach! You are an inspiration for us all!"

    Brandy Trombly

    Sat Aug 03 09:48:47 EDT 2013

    "Dave, Supporting you in all your efforts. Liane"

    Liane Pancoast

    Tue Jul 23 12:31:24 EDT 2013

    "Good luck with your cause Dave! Your dedication and strength is impressive. Our best! Laurie & Rick Holder"

    Laurie Holder

    Fri Jul 19 12:39:09 EDT 2013

    "Go Dave! You are an inspiration!"

    The Muhr Family

    Mon Jul 15 06:15:08 EDT 2013

    "Dave, I am so proud of you and all you do to irradicate this disease. I had no idea when you contacted us regarding running for Ally in the Marathon what a change this would make to me personally, but I am honored and proud to call you friend. Thank you for making the world brighter through your passion for running. "

    Cynthia Collins

    Mon Jul 15 08:19:07 EDT 2013

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Raised: $8,110.20 | Goal: $10,000.00
81 %

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Judy & Jerry Mullins $250.00
Derek Wyskiel $230.00
Bob Thompson $116.00
Douglas Gubbins $100.00
Catherine Murphy $100.00
Brandy Trombly $100.00
Colleen Lynch $100.00
Cynthia Collins $100.00
John Steckel $100.00
Margaret Dyer $100.00
Chris & Steph Hall $100.00
Michael & Denise Raymond $100.00
Software Evolution, Inc. $100.00
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Jim & Laura LaJeunesse $100.00
Stephanye Schuyler $100.00
Dave Dulong $100.00
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Katie McGurn $100.00
Margaret Salvas $100.00
Sally & Mike Varanka $100.00
Greg and Kathy Earley $100.00
Sandra Ierardi $100.00
Carol Murray $50.00
AJ & Family $50.00
Laurie Holder $50.00
Heather Sweeney $50.00
Hannah Cassell $50.00
Meghan Brower $50.00
Myra Hogan $50.00
Renae Dutile $50.00
The Koufos Family $50.00
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Heather & Todd Sweeney $50.00
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Terry & Raymond Prouty $50.00
festus mbuva $50.00
Tammy Gaffey $50.00
Zeb, Mary, Zoe & Zeb $50.00
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Andrea & Brian Martel $50.00
Steve Piper $50.00
Jan and Bob $50.00
Kelly Flynn $50.00
Pamela Gallagher $50.00
Hein van den Heuvel $48.00
David Salvas $40.00
Omni Glass $35.00
Karen Pattelena $35.00
Carolyn Cote $30.00
Dick Jardine $26.20
katie graybill $25.00
Regina Sullivan $25.00
Betty Clemons $25.00
The Muhr Family $25.00
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Jane Levesque $25.00
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Aline & Terry Kenney $25.00
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Suzanne Barker $25.00
Kevin Roberts $25.00
cathy snow $25.00
Sasha Varanka $25.00
Jim & Brenda Baker $25.00
Harley & Cheryl $25.00
Lisa Klasman $25.00
Paul Huard $25.00
Lisa Kent $25.00
Leeann and Trevor $25.00
Joan Martin $25.00
Beth Whipple $25.00
Sarah Lucas $25.00
Yuki Chorney $25.00
Maggie & Chris Paul $25.00
jeffrey hintlian $25.00
James Supple $20.00
Donna Corcoran $20.00
Anne Balevre $20.00
Kent Bushaw $20.00
David Salvas $20.00
Karen Dangora $15.00
Michael Federle $15.00
Dennis LeBlanc $10.00
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