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Finding a cure for cancer- One donation at a time!
Dec 09, 2016

On December 7th, 2015 my aunt Nancy was diagnosed with leukemia, and less than four months later she died from complications.  This upcoming April I will honor her memory by running the 2017 Boston Marathon for Team in Training, the flagship fundraising program for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS).

Someone is diagnosed with a blood disease approximately every three minutes and dies of the disease every nine minutes.  The mission of LLS is to "cure leukemia, lymphoma, Hodgkin's disease and myeloma, and improve the quality of life of patients and their families."  Along with research the organization focuses on education and support of patients and their families as well as advocacy for the development of and access to new treatments.

A donation to my Team in Training fundraiser is a step toward finding a cure for blood cancers.  During my aunt’s short time with the disease she underwent chemotherapy, a stem cell transplant from my mother, and had started a trial drug.  Although she succumbed to the effects of the disease, my family and I feel thankful for the past research that allowed doctors to develop this extensive treatment plan.   My hope is that with more support of organizations like LLS we will eventually find a cure and others will not have to suffer or lose loved ones.

If you would like to join my fundraising campaign and help raise funds to cure cancer, let me know!


Supporter Comments

    "Hayley, Nancy would be so proud of you for doing this! Keep us updated please!,, Rosanne Bacon Meade and Peter Meade"

    Rosanne and PeterI Meade

    Fri Oct 28 07:02:13 EDT 2016

    "Hayley: It is wonderful for you to dedicate your run to your aunt."

    Faye Albert

    Mon Oct 31 04:06:36 EDT 2016

    "Way to go, Hayley! You're an inspiration to us all! "

    Nancy Slattery

    Sat Feb 11 03:25:38 EST 2017

    "Great job Haley!!"

    Judith Selesnick

    Sat Mar 11 07:48:14 EST 2017

    "Good Luck Hayley!"


    Thu Apr 06 02:41:57 EDT 2017

    "I found out about your run from Lesley S and wanted to give my support. This is a cause that's close to my heart too. Best of luck on marathon day- you're doing a wonderful thing!"

    Mindy Kent

    Fri Apr 07 03:11:21 EDT 2017

    "Good luck, Hayley!"

    linda and fred feldman

    Tue Apr 11 08:29:28 EDT 2017

    "Hayley and team - congrats on yet another marathon!"

    Karen Atkins

    Wed Apr 19 12:17:02 EDT 2017

    "Great job Hayley!"

    Peter Meade

    Mon Apr 17 09:32:05 EDT 2017

    "Good luck Haley! You go girl !!"

    Maryjane and Bob Wanamaker. $100

    Mon Apr 17 10:16:42 EDT 2017

    "Congratulations on your accomplishment Hayley! You are a winner already having trained successfully and having inspired the rest of us to do something good and important. Thank you. Love & good luck tomorrow, Cecile"

    Cecile Robicheau-Lasoff

    Sun Apr 16 02:42:36 EDT 2017

    "Hayley, Your Aunt Nancy meant the world to us. She would be proud of your efforts. You got this.Think Positive, Roy & Judy Babb"

    Judy & Roy Babb

    Sun Apr 16 02:19:30 EDT 2017

    "Have a great race Hayley! Can't wait to welcome you to Boston at the finish line!"

    Laura Monies

    Fri Apr 14 11:52:52 EDT 2017

    "Thank you for being my running buddy this season! Your aunt is so proud of you and so am I! 💜"

    Kimberly Charron

    Wed Apr 12 10:45:14 EDT 2017

    "Good luck Hayley"

    Arthur Swaine

    Thu Apr 06 07:36:56 EDT 2017

    "Hayley you are awesome - thinking about you and your team as Marathon Day nears. Hearts are with you!!!"

    Alex Griswold

    Thu Apr 06 01:19:30 EDT 2017

    "One mile at a time 💜💜"

    Talya Sapienza

    Tue Mar 28 01:57:42 EDT 2017

    "Your Aunt Nancy would be very proud of you! We loved her in life. We will always remember her with love. John and Kathy Sweeney"

    John & Kathy Sweeney

    Thu Mar 23 04:54:15 EDT 2017

    "Nancy was a wonderful human being and a friend I miss constantly. Good job Hayley!"

    David Bliss

    Sun Mar 19 10:36:29 EDT 2017

    "Good Luck Hayley"

    Pamela Meredith

    Mon Mar 06 04:47:09 EST 2017

    "In our hearts forever"

    Joe and Joyce Ellis

    Tue Feb 28 12:17:08 EST 2017

    "Go Get it Hayley"

    margaret mcpartland

    Wed Feb 15 08:10:00 EST 2017

    "Keep up the great work Hayley! "

    Danielle Adler

    Sun Jan 29 09:37:14 EST 2017

    "Crush it! Hope you have a great day and good luck. "

    Alex Burns

    Tue Jan 24 09:48:22 EST 2017

    "Wishing you a safe event. It is a great thing you do. Go Hayley. Love Reisha and Arthur"

    Reisha and Arthur Rosten

    Tue Jan 24 02:22:41 EST 2017

    "Great to hear that things are going well! Thanks for keeping us up to date!"

    Peter and Rosanne Meade

    Mon Jan 23 10:59:57 EST 2017

    "Good luck to all the runners and thank you for doing what you can for the rest of us. "

    John And Carol Lack

    Mon Jan 23 08:54:54 EST 2017

    "Go Hayley!"


    Mon Jan 23 01:12:50 EST 2017

    "Run strong! Thank you for your efforts!"

    Laura Liston

    Sun Jan 22 07:12:18 EST 2017

    "You go girl and all of us in South FL are planning for the wind to be at your back and push you always forward. Best Wishes, Stephen and Keith"

    Stephen Plescia

    Sun Jan 22 03:21:36 EST 2017

    "Run, Hayley, run!"

    Joel & Evelyn Yaffe

    Sun Jan 22 05:28:21 EST 2017

    "Good Luck Hayley"

    Linda Williamson

    Sat Jan 21 08:52:00 EST 2017

    "Hayley, you are truly an inspiration! "

    Becky and Ken Mortensen

    Sat Jan 21 06:35:48 EST 2017

    "Good luck in your training. I can't wait to follow your marathon run!! "

    Lisa Cruz

    Fri Jan 20 06:11:49 EST 2017

    "What a wonderful thing you are doing In memory of your aunt nancy. She would be so proud and so are your parents. Good Luck with the run Elyse and Dick Alper "

    Elyse and Dick Alper

    Sat Dec 24 09:16:18 EST 2016

    "Good luck Hayley!"

    Pauline & Marvin Mandell

    Fri Dec 16 01:24:22 EST 2016

    "As always, you make us so proud of your challenges and achievements. We'll be with you every step of the way."

    Ellen and Sam Yaffe

    Mon Dec 12 08:25:21 EST 2016

    "Best of luck on reaching your goal."

    Mary Kustka

    Mon Dec 12 07:17:38 EST 2016

    "Hayley, Your hard work in training is for a great cause. I wish you the best on reaching your goal."

    Bob Kustka

    Sat Dec 10 05:48:31 EST 2016

    "Nancy would be so proud of you.Good luck!"

    Harold and Eileen Kepnes

    Thu Dec 01 08:10:51 EST 2016


    Maria Meier

    Mon Nov 28 05:51:18 EST 2016

    "Good luck! I hope to cheer you on down Boylston the same way you did for me!"

    Alison Wasserman

    Mon Oct 31 11:28:25 EDT 2016

    "Go Hayley!!"

    Bill and Jill Hamilton

    Thu Oct 27 07:59:29 EDT 2016

    "So inspired by your work for this cause!"

    Sarah Doane

    Mon Oct 17 08:03:33 EDT 2016

    "Hayley- I am so happy for you that you get to run and fund-raise in support of your aunt. This is truly what it's all about, and I know she is so proud of you! Can't wait to support you on marathon day!! "

    Jess L.

    Mon Oct 10 09:00:31 EDT 2016

    "Go Hayley!"

    Mike Bufano

    Sun Oct 09 04:43:08 EDT 2016

    "This gift is sent with love and the hope for a cure!"

    Joyce Ellis

    Sat Oct 08 12:39:54 EDT 2016

    "Good luck Hayley!"

    Alex Griswold

    Wed Jan 04 11:07:04 EST 2017

    "Happy to support you in the fight to find a cure, Hayley!"

    Katie Todd

    Tue Nov 29 08:41:52 EST 2016

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