Running for Greg

One Month Away!
Mar 20, 2015 by Brian Morris
Only one month left until the big race on April 20th!  On Monday I ran 18 miles and mile 17 was the infamous "Heart Break Hill".  It was rough, but I managed to finish.  A week from tomorrow the team runs 20 miles and that will be our last big training run until Marathon Monday.  
On the fundraising front we passed $8,000 yesterday and are now at $8,241.  Less than $2,000 to go until we hit my goal of $10,000!  As a team, my group has raised $751,810!  So if you haven't had a chance to donate yet, please do!  Also, make sure you apply for those corporate matches if your company offers one.  If you have any other fundraising ideas, please let me know.
As always, if you have any prayer intentions you'd like me to bring on my runs, send them along.
I hope that you all had a happy St. Patrick's Day and are enjoying the beginning of March Madness.  I know that my bracket is already busted! 
Article in SJS Magazine
Feb 20, 2015 by Brian Morris

Happy Friday friends.

Just a quick email to let you know about an article I wrote for the winter edition of St. John's Magazine about my fundraising efforts and running the Boston Marathon.  You can take a look at it on the Rector's blog here: The Rector's Blog
This weekend the team will be running 16 miles.  We've kept up our training despite the crazy weather up here in Boston!
On the fundraising scale I've raised $6,891 out of a goal of $10,000 and our team has raised $661,507 out of a goal of $751,810.  So we are looking good, but still have a ways to go!  The race is 2 months from today, so if you can help by donating or forwarding my page, I'd be very grateful.
Have a great weekend!
Super Bowl Success!!!
Feb 04, 2015 by Brian Morris

The Super Bowl Squares sold out.  Thanks to all who bought them.

We raised $750 plus an additional $250 was donated back for a grand total of $1,000!!!

And of course, the Patriots won, an added bonus.

SuperBowl Squares!!!
Jan 19, 2015 by Brian Morris

Happy New Year Everyone!

I am very happy and blessed to be able to announce that I crossed my fundraising minimum of $5,000 on New Years' Eve  and we now stand at $5,826 raised!  Thanks to all of you who donated over the last few weeks.  
Training continues to go well.  Our group ran 11 miles on Saturday in the blistering single-digit temperatures here in Boston, but we survived.  
Race day is still another 4 months away, but I am not taking anything for granted.  After one thrilling overtime game and one complete blowout we have our Super Bowl matchup between the New England Patriots and the Seattle Seahawks on February 1st.  
As a fun way to raise some more funs, I am doing two sets of Super Bowl Squares (one at $5/square and one at $10/square).  
If you are unfamiliar with how this works here is a brief summary.
1.  You can purchase as many squares as you want.  Payment can be through Paypal, Venmo (both, Cash or Check (made out to me).
2.  Each square is assigned a vertical number (0-9) and a horizontal number (0-9).  If your numbers match up with the final score of a quarter of the Super Bowl, you win that quarter's prize.  For example, if at the end of the first quarter the score is New England 14 - Seattle 0 and your New England number is 4 and Seattle number is 0, you'd win.  
3.  You can pick specific squares (first come first serve) or ask for random pick.  But money must be received by Saturday, January 31st.
4. If all squares are purchased the money will be distributed in the following ways:
$500 to LLS to fund groundbreaking research and assist patients
$100 for first quarter winner
$100 for second quarter winner
$100 for third quarter winner
$200 for fourth quarter winner!!!

$250 to LLS to fund groundbreaking research and assist patients
$50 for first quarter winner
$50 for second quarter winner
$50 for third quarter winner
$100 for fourth quarter winner!!!
Please let me know if you have any questions.  I think it'll be a lot of fun, so get your squares quick before they fill up!
Training Kickoff!
Dec 13, 2014 by Brian Morris
Firstly I'd like to thank EVERYONE who has donated so far!  I passed my first goal of $3,000 last week, well in advance of today's deadline.  Next goal is $5,000 by February 6th, so please donate if you haven't had a chance already.
We had our kickoff meeting today and had two great speeches from two of our heroes.  The first was Nora Johnsmeyer who gave a very inspiring account of her battle with Lymphoma.  She is now in remission and running the Boston Marathon with us for her second time!  
The second hero is a young 6 year old named Darla (this year's Honored Hero).  Her mother spoke about how Darla was diagnosed with Leukemia at almost 3 years old.  Luckily there was a cure and after 2 years of chemotherapy she is now happily finishing up her first semester of kindergarten.  
The coaches spoke about how over the many years they've participated, the stories have more and more had happy endings.  So your donations are having a real effect on people's lives, so thank you!
We ran 4 miles as a team after the meeting, and I offered up those miles for the health of Max Mara, the health of baby Jude Kelly (born 11/28 with prayers for a healthy delivery!), an increase in vocations to the Diocese of Providence and the repose of the soul of Ron Mosca.  And as all my runs, I offered up the entirety of it for my Uncle Greg.  
If you have intentions, please send them along so I can add them to my list!
I wish each of you and your families a wonderful Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
God Bless,
Nora speaking:
Darla singing God Bless Ameria:
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Supporter Comments

    "Good luck Brian!!! Vanessa Perry a friend of the Tarantinos"

    Vanessa Perry

    Fri Feb 20 09:13:30 EST 2015

    "We'll be routing for you in Wellesley!! Marcia and Bill"

    Marcia and Bill Boyle

    Fri Mar 20 04:33:00 EDT 2015

    "Keep up the good work, Brian! Rod and Kathi Ryan"

    Rod and Kathi Ryan

    Sat Mar 28 10:22:29 EDT 2015

    "Good luck! "

    Mikaela Pinzl

    Wed Apr 01 09:50:54 EDT 2015

    "So proud of you & what you're doing. Rock on Brian! You got this!"

    Katie Moynihan

    Wed Apr 01 10:37:08 EDT 2015

    "What an incredible accomplishment! smiles and hugs / the robert m. bolton family"


    Wed Apr 01 10:37:16 EDT 2015

    "Good luck and God Bless Brian!"

    michael murray

    Thu Apr 02 06:37:42 EDT 2015

    "I'll be cheering for you from the sidelines with your godson and his brothers in Wellesly! "

    Jana evans

    Tue Apr 14 04:08:17 EDT 2015

    "Brian, Your dedication in training through such a tough winter is inspiring! What a great tribute to your Uncle Greg! Now go out and enjoy the magic of Boston --- A marathon like no other!!! Best wishes and run strong! Lisa Meehan"

    Lisa Meehan

    Tue Apr 14 10:22:08 EDT 2015

    "Best wishes for the run Brian. May God bless you and your cause to save lives."

    John G.

    Mon Apr 06 04:18:17 EDT 2015

    " To all the runners .Runners are heros .God Bless. "

    Carmella Bourgeois

    Sat Apr 04 02:41:19 EDT 2015

    "We're so proud of you Brian! Each year Will & Matt pick up neighbors Christmas trees after the holidays and take them to the dump. $10.00 a tree. Each year they, themselves choose a charity to donate the money to. This year they choose to support you and honor your Uncle Greg. They're donations totaled $ 300.00! Our wonderful neighbors went above and beyond and donated more than the suggested $10.00 amount., some even made donations even though they didn't have a tree to be removed. Can't wait to cheer you on from the half way point in Wellesley! XOXO!!!! "

    Will & Matt Morris

    Thu Apr 02 09:53:33 EDT 2015

    "Brian, Good Luck!"

    Trey Sindall

    Wed Apr 01 10:09:32 EDT 2015

    "Go, Brian!!! I am behind you!!! God bless always, Jennifer"

    Jennifer Salisbury

    Tue Mar 31 08:29:23 EDT 2015

    "You'll be in my thoughts and prayers, Brian. God Bless & keep you safe!"

    Margaret Spurrell

    Tue Mar 31 09:58:48 EDT 2015

    "Good luck Brian (Denise D SJS MAM student)"

    Denise Daley

    Mon Mar 30 10:52:06 EDT 2015

    "Good luck! Thinking of you!"

    Ryan and Leighann Stamp

    Mon Mar 30 09:47:33 EDT 2015

    "Good luck Brian!"

    The Chaquettes

    Wed Mar 25 07:28:56 EDT 2015

    "Good luck, Brian. Push through the pain and keep believing!"

    Dave Curtis

    Tue Mar 24 12:29:04 EDT 2015

    "Good Luck! -Catherine"

    Catherine Riley

    Sun Mar 22 11:28:54 EDT 2015

    "Best of luck Brian! God bless Ruth-Ann"


    Sun Mar 22 10:45:56 EDT 2015

    "Great Job Brian for running in the Boston Marathon in Memory of your Uncle Greg and for such a wonderful cause. Love, Aunt Karen and Uncle Kevin."

    Karen and Kevin Morris

    Sat Mar 21 12:48:31 EDT 2015

    "Good luck, Brian! We are cheering for you! Love, Erin and Bryson"

    Erin Corgan

    Fri Mar 20 10:17:09 EDT 2015

    "Brian, Just a little donation from one of the St Pius X breakfast crew. It's wonderful that you are running for a great cause. Lori & I think it's impressive that you are running such long distances!! I hope you reach your goal & wish you the best on race day! God Bless, Ann Marie "

    Ann Marie Jakob

    Sat Mar 07 10:33:11 EST 2015

    "Brian, keep up the great work! Your dedication is inspiring."

    Sarah Knight

    Tue Feb 24 08:59:51 EST 2015

    "Hi Brian, I am a friend of Kathleen Tarrantino's in Dallas. She shared your wonderful story with us. My son, Thomas, is a senior with Maggie this year at John Paul II. Thomas has been accepted to St. John's and we are hoping to get up there soon to visit the campus. He is also waiting to see if he will be accepted to Notre Dame. Best of luck on the marathon and Go Irish! Jill Oborny "

    Jill Oborny

    Tue Feb 24 08:44:14 EST 2015

    "Thank you, Brian, for doing so much in honor of your Uncle Greg who we miss so very much! Nancy and Peter Manfredonia"

    Nancy Manfredonia

    Sat Feb 21 02:34:39 EST 2015

    "Good luck Brian!"

    Carla Lyden

    Sat Feb 21 08:51:09 EST 2015

    "In memory of our brother, Donald Templeton, who passed away from AML at age 52 in 2014. "

    Mary Templeton

    Fri Feb 20 07:10:23 EST 2015

    "Way to go, Bri! Knocking it out of the park yet again!"

    Alanna Green

    Fri Feb 20 11:50:52 EST 2015

    "Some uncles are lifelong mentors and inspirations. Glad you had one, too, Brian. "

    Steven Dwyer

    Thu Jan 22 05:01:21 EST 2015

    "Greg always will be fondly remembered. "

    James Donaldson Jr

    Tue Jan 20 06:54:03 EST 2015

    "You are amazing!"

    Elske Parker

    Sat Dec 27 06:04:28 EST 2014

    "Good luck, Brian!"

    Matt & Amanda Foster

    Tue Dec 23 09:27:07 EST 2014

    ""They shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint!" -Isaiah 40:31"

    Rev. Christopher Mahar

    Mon Dec 22 02:36:18 EST 2014

    "Best of luck! You are so inspirational to so many others...keep up the fantastic work."

    Lauren Matise

    Sun Dec 21 01:40:32 EST 2014

    "Prayers, Brian. "Do you not know that those who run in a race all run, but only one receives the prize? Run in such a way that you may win." (1 Cor 9:24) -Fr. CJM"

    Christopher Murphy

    Mon Dec 08 04:21:58 EST 2014

    "Go git em B Mo!!"

    Kerry Corgan

    Tue Dec 02 05:56:23 EST 2014

    "You and your family are in my prayers, Brian! Blessings for a safe training and race. Keep up the good work!"

    Kathleen Donovan

    Tue Dec 02 06:56:39 EST 2014

    "I am sure the entire family is very proud of you and your Dad........I am too!"

    Beverly A.Jolicoeur

    Mon Dec 01 04:42:34 EST 2014

    "Good luck, Brian"

    Craig Cooley

    Sat Nov 29 09:20:28 EST 2014

    "We Know you can do it Brian, Good Luck were all in your corner, Love, Clare, Owen, Robert III, Ellen, and Bob"

    Clare, Owen, Robert III, Ellen,& Bob Morris

    Fri Nov 28 02:00:25 EST 2014

    "Good Luck with your training. You and Greg will be in our prayers."

    Mary and Jim Hawkins

    Fri Nov 28 09:12:16 EST 2014

    "Happy Thanksgiving!! Good luck! :)"

    Mackenzie Hayes

    Thu Nov 27 09:33:56 EST 2014

    "You are an inspiration to us all! Henry from St Pius God Bless you!"

    Henry Fiore

    Thu Nov 27 07:52:16 EST 2014

    "Thanks for inviting me to donate to your cause. God bless you and your family and have a very happy Thanksgiving. Dr. Butera"


    Thu Nov 27 11:32:59 EST 2014

    "What a wonderful tribute to your Uncle!"

    Rick & Joan Ohnmacht

    Thu Nov 27 11:26:18 EST 2014

    "Dearest Brian, what a wonderful way to honor your uncle. Much love, Karl and Kathy Sherry"

    Karl and Kathy Sherry

    Sun Nov 23 06:56:59 EST 2014

    "Good Luck Brian on the training, race, and the fundraising effort! You and your uncle�s family will be in our thoughts and prayers. Sincerely, Mandy & Gary"

    Mandy & Gary Mullaney

    Tue Nov 18 07:24:25 EST 2014

    "Best wishes to you Brian!"

    Caren Cotoia Pacheco

    Mon Nov 17 11:03:13 EST 2014

    "When your legs get tired, run with your heart!"

    Kathryn Ulerich

    Mon Nov 17 09:23:18 EST 2014

    "Thank you! You are an inspiration! Have a wonderful race. "

    Kendyll Gooding

    Sat Nov 15 02:04:02 EST 2014

    "Much love, many prayers and good luck Brian! The Tarantino Family"

    The Tarantino Family

    Fri Nov 14 09:32:05 EST 2014

    "Your uncle was a great man Brian..."

    Jeff Abbott

    Fri Nov 14 04:59:59 EST 2014

    "Great job, Brian! We are all rooting for you!! God bless!!"

    Bob and Maura Legare

    Mon Dec 15 07:20:20 EST 2014

    "Hi Brian , you are an inspiration to us all , god bless and be safe."

    Unc David

    Sun Dec 14 11:38:52 EST 2014

    "Brian, you're doing great work. Keep it up! Love the Singlers"

    The Singler Family

    Sun Dec 14 09:24:29 EST 2014

    "Run a good race...the victory has already been won :) God bless you Brian with every stride you make...Love & Prayers, The Carey's"

    The Carey Family

    Sat Dec 13 04:35:06 EST 2014

    "My prayers are your uncle and your family and all you struggle with cancer!"


    Fri Nov 21 10:20:25 EST 2014

    "What a beautiful tribute!!!! Thank you Brian for the opportunity to be part of your mission. Be assured always of my prayers for you and your family. God Bless you!!!"

    Mary Jo Kriz

    Fri Nov 21 09:22:54 EST 2014

    "Brian, this is a beautiful thing that you are doing. Best Wishes, Armand DiLando"

    Armand DiLando

    Fri Nov 21 09:19:38 EST 2014

    "Good luck Brian! "

    Hillary and Jason Kelly

    Sun Nov 16 04:24:08 EST 2014

    "Brian, We are so proud of you! You have a very giving heart and spirit! Good luck with your training. We're cheering for you!!! Brian & Sue Kessler"

    Brian & Sue Kessler

    Sun Nov 16 02:39:28 EST 2014

    "Thanks for your uplifting message and invitation to be a part of the mission. Merry Christmas to you and your family.-Saskia and Peter Harmon"

    Saskia and Peter Harmon

    Tue Dec 16 06:24:27 EST 2014

    "Thanks for your uplifting message and invitation to be a part of the mission. Merry Christmas to you and your family.-Saskia and Peter Harmon"

    Saskia and Peter Harmon

    Tue Dec 16 06:23:05 EST 2014

    "Good luck Brian."

    Richard Unsworth

    Mon Dec 15 11:10:34 EST 2014

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