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Boston Marathon 2014
Apr 07, 2014 by Tom Mitchell


Unfinished Business

Christine and Tom in Hopkinton, April 15, 2013


We're back for another year and we have a little unfinished business to take care of. We're back to complete the marathon course, and we're back to raise funds to support cancer research and patient programs.


How can you help?

  • Donate. The funds we raise go to support smart people doing incredible things to treat, cure and prevent cancer. The funds also support cancer patients and their families.
  • Cheer us on! Send us an email. Send us a postcard. Training for a marathon takes a lot of time and effort. Let us know you're with us, even if you're on the couch!
  • Spread the word. Let others know about our mission. Tell them about your support and ask them to support us as well.
  • Keep our honored heroes in your thoughts. Learn more about them




Supporter Comments

    "Have a great run!"

    Mitchell Roberts

    Tue Nov 26 03:45:50 EST 2013

    "Good luck and thanks for all your hard work!"

    Mary Trvalik

    Wed Nov 27 10:40:24 EST 2013

    "Good luck guys! Thanks for making a difference!"

    Karen Sirois

    Sun Dec 01 06:43:27 EST 2013

    "Fribush/Feldman family"


    Mon Dec 02 10:44:29 EST 2013

    "Vaya con Dios"

    Peter Miele

    Tue Dec 03 11:31:14 EST 2013

    "Your persistence and dedication to this cause inspires and impresses. I am happy to support your efforts."

    Chris Matheus

    Tue Dec 03 01:20:22 EST 2013

    "Tom and Chris - I wish you all the best in your training, your fundraising and your commitment to family as you both again get ready for Boston 2014. You have made an impact on me, and will always have a special place in my heart. I will be thinking of you often over the next 4.5 months. Enjoy - and...... Make a difference in the world around you. Every victory begins with a first step! Peace, Bob"

    Bob Knittle

    Tue Dec 03 06:36:15 EST 2013

    "Team Mitchell is two scoops of amazing with awesome sauce! "

    Amy Fedyk

    Tue Dec 03 07:59:24 EST 2013

    "Chris & Tom - We wish you the best of luck with your training and race! We will all be cheering you on! The Rothfuchs Family"

    Kim Rothfuchs

    Fri Dec 06 09:51:26 EST 2013

    "Good luck! "

    Claire Hubel

    Wed Dec 11 11:02:01 EST 2013

    "Way to go!"

    Henry Yeh

    Mon Dec 16 10:01:55 EST 2013

    "Good Luck ! I'll be looking for you at the finish line ! "

    Liz Libby

    Mon Dec 16 12:51:32 EST 2013

    "We'll be rooting for you!"

    Aaron Falk

    Sun Dec 22 10:44:03 EST 2013

    "Keep up the good work!"


    Sun Dec 22 07:56:01 EST 2013

    "You go guys! We admire your efforts and will be cheering you on!"

    The Smilow-Brick Family

    Tue Dec 31 04:10:32 EST 2013

    "I am forever impressed with Team Mitchell. You guys are both heroes! Good luck with the rest of your training. We'll all be cheering you on!"

    Brienne Johnson

    Wed Jan 01 12:57:22 EST 2014

    "I'm excited to hear you guys are running again this year! Have a great race!"

    Victoria Manfredi

    Sat Jan 04 03:32:01 EST 2014

    "Good luck team Mitchell. You can do it!"

    Doug Shaw

    Tue Jan 21 04:36:55 EST 2014

    "WE are so proud of you Tom and Christine!!!!"

    Mary & Gary Crandall

    Sun Feb 02 12:39:06 EST 2014

    "Best of luck to you both!!"

    Julie McColgan

    Thu Feb 27 08:41:13 EST 2014

    "Go Team Mitchell!"

    Gooch Gang

    Sat Mar 01 02:11:18 EST 2014

    "Run fast, jump high - proud of you all."

    Dan Howe

    Sat Mar 01 07:53:41 EST 2014

    "Go get 'em Team Mitchell!"

    Knox Rogers

    Fri Mar 07 11:44:00 EST 2014

    "You both are an inspiration! Have a great run for a great cause. Go Chris and Tom. We'll be cheering you on from the sidelines! Pamela & David"

    Pamela Mann

    Tue Mar 18 06:39:54 EDT 2014

    "Thanks, Chris, for continuing to do this. LOVE you!"

    Lisa Norwood

    Sat Mar 22 06:50:20 EDT 2014

    "Looking forward to celebrating with Team Mitchell at the Boston Marathon finish line. Boston Strong!"

    Cathy Woodward Gill

    Tue Mar 25 12:43:24 EDT 2014

    "Hi Chris, Great to see you last weekend. Thanks for helping to organize such a nice event. Good luck in the race!! Thanks for being so dedicated to this great cause. Nicki"

    Nicole Berry

    Wed Mar 26 10:09:35 EDT 2014

    "CJ and Tom, you guys are awesome! Best wishes for a fantastic run!!!"

    Susan Gruby

    Sat Mar 29 09:41:31 EDT 2014

    "Chris and Tom - I'd like to think all those winters in Rochester prepared you for this years training. I'm "Boston-proud" of you both for running for a great cause and in honor of some wonderful people. "


    Sun Mar 30 11:45:09 EDT 2014

    "Thank you for running!"

    Lesley Bryant

    Mon Mar 31 11:30:22 EDT 2014

    "Thanks for running for all of is, especially for those three courageous women!"

    Mary P Keating

    Mon Mar 31 11:55:37 EDT 2014

    "Christine, it is an honor to be able to support you and your husband and your team. Have a great run!!!"

    Esther Racoosin

    Tue Apr 01 09:50:25 EDT 2014

    "Great job. Best of luck."

    Michael Kenny

    Thu Apr 03 07:35:41 EDT 2014

    "Good luck!! I'll be cheering for you guys!!"

    Jane : )

    Wed Apr 09 10:34:17 EDT 2014

    "Donated with a big smile and a huge heart. Breeze right past the B.A.C. and make that turn from Hereford onto Beacon with a sense of joy and dedication and achievement like none you've ever felt before and enjoy that last 1/2 mile taking it all in. Make us both proud....I know you both will!!"

    Steve and Kim Shamah

    Mon Apr 14 12:21:44 EDT 2014

    "so proud of you guys!! we love and miss you and are cheering you on from Kansas. "

    Denise Perkins

    Tue Apr 15 10:06:24 EDT 2014

    "Good Luck! Live the Jersey Mitchells"

    The Jersey Mitchells

    Tue Apr 15 10:22:11 EDT 2014

    "Thanks to the Jimmy Fund/Dana Farber and Dr. Ken, Emily is alive and well after ALL at age 3."

    Graeme Smith

    Tue Apr 15 11:45:46 EDT 2014

    "Good Luck with the run!"

    Don Dietrick

    Tue Apr 15 03:53:52 EDT 2014

    "Thanks for doing this for all of us! Good luck with the run."


    Tue Apr 15 04:47:14 EDT 2014

    "In honor of The 118th running of The Greatest Marathon in the World- THE Boston Marathon and TnT. Please rim in honor of my Anonymous Recipient of my stem cells ( July 26 , 2012). I refer to him as "A.R." He is a 40 y.o.man with chronic lymphocytic leukemia. I know he was alive 6 months after the procedure. I have not received another update. Have a Strong run. I would love to award you your medals at the finish line! Stay to the left I will be about 20 volunteers down. Or ask for Donna and other volunteers will direct you. so proud of both of you! Finish what you started! BostonStrong 2014."

    Donna C.

    Tue Apr 15 08:29:42 EDT 2014

    "Here's to finishing the race!"

    Tamsen & Tom Webster

    Tue Apr 15 08:45:01 EDT 2014

    "Howdy neighbors! We'll be bringing the little one to cheer on the TEAM! The hay is in the barn! "

    Patrick & Brenda Netreba

    Thu Apr 17 03:58:24 EDT 2014

    "Go Christine! Hope to see you out there!!! XO Carol"

    carol chaoui

    Sat Apr 19 07:23:06 EDT 2014

    "Chris & Tom, You are both so amazing! Truly admire your dedication and commitment to such an important cause. Wishing you the best of luck as you run the 2014 Boston Marathon. Just so impressive. We'll be thinking of you and cheering you on from NJ. Good luck! -Liz & Chris"

    Elizabeth & Chris Noe

    Sun Apr 20 10:31:10 EDT 2014

    "Good running! We are thinking of you and everyone else. The Liebers"

    Jennifer Lieber

    Sun Apr 20 08:21:54 EDT 2014

    "Good luck Chris & Tom today! I'll be thinking of you today!"

    Debbie Birdsall

    Mon Apr 21 06:20:37 EDT 2014

    "Best of luck Chris and Tom!!!!"

    doren massie

    Mon Apr 21 08:23:43 EDT 2014

    "You are awesome!"

    Betsy Craig

    Mon Apr 21 10:02:05 EDT 2014

    "Congratulations on completing your unfinished business! Your efforts are inspiring!"

    Lisa Willsey

    Tue Apr 22 08:29:19 EDT 2014

    "Congratulations Guys! Sorry I didn't get this in before the race."

    James Glockling

    Wed Apr 23 10:41:25 EDT 2014

    "Proud of you and Tom! "

    Marina Varshavsky

    Tue May 06 09:08:36 EDT 2014

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Goal: $13,000.00
90 %
Donations: $11,717.60

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