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Dec 12, 2012


"You can't do everything at once. But you can do something at once." - Calvin Coolidge

Like so many of you, I have watched so many family and friends battle leukemia, lymphoma, Hodgkin's disease, myeloma, and blood cancers.

I can't do the lifesaving research to cure this family of diseases.

I can't take away the heartache of those who are fighting it.

But I can use the gift of my good health to support those who are working for a cure, and help improve the quality of life for those who are suffering.

So I will be running the 2013 Boston Marathon with the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's Team in Training to help and honor my loved ones who are battling this disease, those who have beat it, and those who have succumbed to it and the millions of others who are newly diagnosed each day.

My goal is to raise $4,000 by January 31, 2013.

This will be my 45th marathon or ultra, and my 7th time covering the vaunted 26.2 miles between Hopkinton to Boston's Back Bay.

But I know that it will be a race like no other.

Please help me use my good health for a greater good.

Thank you for your support.


Any questions? Please don't hesitate to reach out.


Supporter Comments

    "Jen - You are an inspiration to me not only with running but in life period! Now Giddy Up!"

    Todd Pollock

    Thu Oct 18 07:44:54 EDT 2012

    "Jen, you are the best! Thanks so much for participating in this great event. I know you'll be awesome. Love you."

    Sherri Klain

    Thu Oct 18 07:56:07 EDT 2012

    "I'm predicting perfect weather, which you deserve after training all winter."

    Michael Matros

    Wed Dec 12 01:29:23 EST 2012

    "These men were gone before their lives really got started. Iin this way, with Jen nifer leading the way, we might help prevent such loss. "

    Curtis and Martha Page

    Wed Dec 12 02:15:37 EST 2012

    "Go get 'em Jen! I did my first 2 marathons with TNT. I treasure that experience and the great running coaches and friends that I still run with. Have a superb Boston!"

    Marjorie Patrick

    Wed Dec 19 11:45:19 EST 2012

    "Jenn, Thank you for raising money for such a noble cause! TNT is so lucky to have you on their team!! "

    Andi Ball

    Thu Dec 27 11:09:43 EST 2012

    "Go, Jen! Props to you for running for something bigger"

    David Willey

    Wed Jan 02 05:37:17 EST 2013

    "Congratulations Jennifer on everything you're achieving!"

    Kari Gormley

    Wed Dec 19 07:36:01 EST 2012

    "We'll double it if you break 3 hours. Go, Jenfrederick r. . "

    Fred Kirsch

    Wed Dec 19 09:20:14 EST 2012

    "Jen, I'm glad to help you in your mission to wipe out these cancers & help save lives. Good luck at the marathon!"

    Barbara McIntosh Webb

    Mon Dec 17 10:23:24 EST 2012

    "We are so proud of you. Thanks for doing this."

    Gloria & Norm Goldblatt

    Mon Dec 17 07:31:29 EST 2012

    "I'm thankful for the chance to support such a wonderful cause for such a wonderful person! Good luck Jenn!"

    Pamela McBride

    Thu Dec 13 05:18:01 EST 2012

    "Good luck Jennifer and I am glad to help. Marty"

    Marty Kibiloski

    Wed Dec 12 04:18:08 EST 2012

    "In honor of my mother, Agnes Harkness"

    Mike Harkness

    Wed Dec 12 03:55:49 EST 2012

    "Jen, it's an honor to provide this support, however modest the amount. Good luck to you at the race and bravo for connecting your efforts to the good work of others. Paul"

    A. Traildawg

    Wed Dec 12 11:04:40 EST 2012

    "Run, June, run!!! Xoxo"

    Amy Leonard

    Tue Dec 11 04:12:40 EST 2012

    "Have a great run for a very worthy cause!"

    Lionel Burnett

    Wed Nov 07 05:14:14 EST 2012

    "You are doing a great thing. Best of luck. Lots of love, Dad"

    Lawrence Goldblatt

    Thu Nov 01 04:06:53 EDT 2012

    "You go girl!!!!!!!!!!!"

    Claudette E

    Thu Oct 25 04:34:03 EDT 2012

    "It is an honor to join Jenifer Van Allen in helping to save lives for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Jennifer gives so much to the running community and is an inspiration to many. "

    Stephen DeTurk

    Tue Oct 23 09:18:49 EDT 2012

    "Thanks for doing your part for such an important cause. We applaud your effort! Sincerely, Marcia and Jon Fisch"

    Marcia and Jon Fisch

    Thu Oct 18 09:50:35 EDT 2012

    "Dear, dear Jen, You make me cry--tears of joy and gratitude. With your efforts and the efforts of so many others we pray that a cure can be found. And it will! xoxo, EL"

    Elaine and Sandy Levinson

    Thu Oct 18 02:23:29 EDT 2012

    "Love that you're doing this for a great cause cuz. Love, ben"

    benjamin tishler

    Thu Oct 18 10:56:32 EDT 2012

    ""The whole world is a very narrow bridge- the most important thing is not to be afraid at all""


    Thu Dec 27 12:52:02 EST 2012

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