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Update March 5
Mar 05, 2011 by Oliver Liao

15 days until Honda LA Marathon! I am juiced!

My training has begun to taper with less long runs and more emphasis on injury prevention and physical wellness for race day. The team has been awesome and supportive as race day edges closer.

To my donors I love: Thank you all for your generous donations and support. I really appreciate it with the bottom of my heart. Your act of giving has and will continue to fuel my act to do from here on out until race day and beyond!

Update February 11
Feb 11, 2011 by Oliver Liao

LA Marathon is in 37 days!

Finished Surf City Half Marathon at a consistent pace and experienced the real running crowd: 20,000 participants running through Huntington Beach on the first Sunday of a February morning and thousands of spectators cheering.

--It was exhilarating!

Thank you all who have already contributed for the generous support and encouragement! It has kept me running hard with my spirits up. I cannot be where I am today if it wasn't from all your support.

Support my fundraiser and keep me running! Make a donation today and join me in the quest to wipe out cancer!

Update January 23
Jan 23, 2011 by Oliver Liao

All right! I'm over $1000. Super happy and thanks for the people that helped out this week for that push! You guys rock! Along with everyone else's support you made my 14 mile run with the team this weekend that much better.

Heads up: I will be running the Surf City Half Marathon in Huntington Beach this February 6 as a warm-up to the LA Marathon. So for you OC people come out and support if you can. It's going to be a big race and a big day for me to experience running with thousands of others participating in anticipation of my actual event in March.

It's getting close and it's going to be exciting. Keep me running harder and with even more determination by making a donation today!

Update January 10
Jan 12, 2011 by Oliver Liao

Lacking updates but still running!

Some family stuff came up involving cancer and other medical complications, which by the way gives me a greater incentive to run.

A few weeks back we ran in the pouring rain by the Rose Bowl. Oddly enough, all the mud and water made it the most exciting run yet to date.

Keep me running! Start the New Year fighting cancer and support my fundraiser!

Update Nov. 29 - Dec 10
Jan 10, 2011 by Oliver Liao

Yes! I'm totally back in the game and running hard. Last week we participated in the 5K Tiger Run hosted by South Pasadena High School, my first official run, and finished 4 minutes faster than my initial 5K time a month earlier. Excited for the improvement considering that I was really sick for one and half weeks the week prior.

Please keep the support coming! I know it's the holidays but isn't that the time for giving? Think about it, you're knocking down two birds with one stone because you're gifting me and you're also gifting those stricken with cancer with additional support.

As usual. I'll keep running

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Supporter Comments

    "You can do it! Go Oliver!"

    Aunt Chen

    Fri Jan 21 11:19:17 EST 2011

    "GO OLIVER! "

    Ted Kim

    Thu Feb 17 01:10:04 EST 2011

    "Good luck to you Oliver! I'm positive you're going to do great!"

    Sandy Lee

    Fri Feb 11 01:06:13 EST 2011

    "Go Oliver!"

    Uncle Liu

    Tue Feb 08 03:15:39 EST 2011

    "good luck!"

    kenrick leung

    Tue Jan 25 12:25:11 EST 2011

    "Hey Oliver! Best of luck with all your goals!!! So proud of you and your hard work to help fundraise!!! You're making the world a better place one step at a time (litteraly) =] haAHHaaha come visit us when you can!! -Jess"

    Jessica Shih

    Thu Jan 20 03:04:21 EST 2011

    "GO TEAM!!!!!!!!"

    Spin Class Winnings

    Thu Dec 09 05:04:04 EST 2010

    "Go Oliver!"

    Judy Lin

    Thu Dec 09 12:56:33 EST 2010

    "Good luck Oliver! Train hard, I know you can do it!"

    Kalvin Chen

    Sat Nov 27 12:16:33 EST 2010

    "good luck oliver! i could not be prouder to have someone like you as a pledge bro."

    jan the man

    Tue Nov 23 04:58:41 EST 2010

    "GO Oliver!"

    DIana Tran

    Sun Nov 21 05:52:47 EST 2010

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