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13.1 miles! I did it!
Sep 09, 2011 by Samantha Celera

13.1 miles has been completed! My first ½ marathon! Can you believe it?!! I can’t! But the sore legs, pictures and medal are proof! After 3 ½ months of training, I crossed that FINISH LINE at the Disneyland Half Marathon, with teammates by my side. I have all of YOU, my supporters, my family and friends to thank! With your EXTREME GENEROSITY in donations and your love and support, that is what got me to the race and ultimately to that finish line. You have helped me raise $5000 (and counting) for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (How AWESOME is that?!!) and I am so incredibly grateful. I am still continuing to fundraise, because as you know I am also participating in the Nike Women’s ½ Marathon with Team in Training in October so please make a donation if you can, it would mean so incredibly much to me, just think—it could be your dollar that get’s us to a cure. My journey with Team in Training is continuing on, as is my fight for a cure—alongside my AMAZING TEAM!

The Disneyland half marathon was an unforgettable experience. 300 TNT participants from 5 different chapters took part and we raised $800,000 for The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. We met up (3:45 am) and made our way to the start line. The sun not up, a bit of nerves floating around, but with my team by my side every piece of doubt was washed away and the race began... the sun began to rise, and we began our half marathon at the happiest race on earth with TNT supporters galore. Running through Disneyland, California Adventure and Angels Stadium was a lot of fun. To run through the park before it opened and seeing the characters cheering us on was pretty awesome. Disneyland before opening looks quite magical :) Angels Stadium was super cool! Running through the stadium and having people cheer you on and being on the jumbotron-- definitely an unforgettable memory!!! I am happy to have completed my first 1/2 marathon at the happiet place on earth.

But I think what I will remember and treasure most was seeing all of my fellow Team in Training participants running along side me as well as seeing and hearing my fellow teammates, coaches, mentors, support staff and tons of other purple people cheering us on. That is what I will remember most. To hear teammates say "GO TEAM" was a highlight of my day. Not until that race did I realize just how moving and meaningful the words "GO TEAM" could be. Those two words provide such a great amount of unity they connect us all. Running that race, with every "GO TEAM" that I heard, my heart was filled with an unimaginable sense of love and it gave me a great boost of energy. We are ONE TEAM, in this fight together-- a fight for a cure and we are all hopeful. Whether it was my teammates or those from other chapters we are all connected, we are ONE. I could truly feel that camaraderie and it is something I will always treasure. Not only did I hear all of those "GO TEAM's" but seeing my SGV teammates cheering for us on the sidelines--- that was the topper to it all! That love and support that was shown was incredible and put tears in my eyes everytime I saw them and after every high five I received.They were our ultimate boost to the finish line. They got me there.. seeing all of them, especially at those last 3.1 miles--- my heart was full of love, my eyes filled with tears (good tears of course)..a huge smile put onmy face... I thank them (I thank YOU team). After all these months of training... I knew I woud cross the finish line but to cross the finish line so grateful for the time spent with my team as well as their unending support.. that is what got me through. The journey has not been easy but with such incredible people by my side-- I know I can do anything! Being a part of this team is probably the greatest choice I have ever made. It has given me my life back. It has brought me happiness. It has brought me unbreakable bonds with all these people I have encountered. It has given me a connection to these amazing amazing CANCER KILLERS. I have been forever changed. And I know that my dad would be so incredible proud. This race.. was for my dad. And as much as I would have LOVED to have given him a hug as I crossed that finish line I know he was with me---- I carry him in my heart and I could feel his unending love.

I may have completed the Disney half but now I shall continue my training.. onto the Nike half I go--- I am unbelievably excited and cannot wait to be surrounded by a sea of purple people!!!!

Thank you everyone for you support and love!!



the countdown begins
Sep 03, 2011 by Samantha Celera

After 3 1/2 months of early morning Saturday practices, training during the week, many miles ran, sore legs, and ice baths, the time has come for my VERY FIRST 1/2 Marathon. In less than 32 hours, I will be participating in The Disneyland Half Marathon. Looking back to my first practice this seemed practically impossible but I look at myself now and I am so excited for what is to come and I can see that finish line on the horizon—thanks to all of your love and support. This Sunday, I run for my dad and all our honored teammates! You will get me to that finish line!

When I got that call from Team in Training 3 ½ months ago providing me with information about the cause, not even a minute into the conversation I was already searching for my wallet, finding my credit card, ready to sign up! I knew that at that moment it was important and the perfect time for me to join the INCREDIBLE TEAM. Little did I know just how remarkable the ride would be. As difficult as it was losing my dad, and as fresh as the wound was, I thought this would be a great way to honor my dad’s memory as well as heal my heart. I have said this before, that some days are easier than others. Before Team in Training, after my dad passed I had more bad days than good, I had more tears shed than I could ever imagine, I had my spirit withering away and I had a heart breaking with every passing day. But from that first practice, that moment I met my Team--- everything changed. To witness such passion from teammates, to see their drive, their courage, their strength, their unbelievable support, to listening to their inspiring words—it is truly a site to see, it is ELECTRIFYING and I think it’s contagious! My journey with my amazing TEAM has brought me such joy.. it has given me more good days than bad, more smiles than tears, a spirit fully alive and on fire, and a heart being put back together each passing day. I am honored to be a part of the team, to stand in their midst, to fight with them by my side for a cure, to be a CANCER KILLER and to call them my TNT family!




the day my life was changed.
Aug 15, 2011 by Samantha Celera

In 3 days (August 18th) it marks the day that my life and world was completely turned upside down. August 18, 2010, almost one year ago, marks the day my dad was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins T-Cell Lymphoma. It is a day that I will never forget-- a day forever ingrained in my heart and my mind. I clearly remember sitting at the dinner table with my mom and having her tell me that my dad had been diagnosed with lymphoma. For close to 2 weeks my dad had been in the hospital for a cough that wouldn’t go away, in the hospital for what they thought was pneumonia and after multiple tests and consults from a Nephrologist, Pulmonologist, Infectious Disease, Rheumatology, and finally Oncology- the mystery had been solved. The cough and difficulty breathing was caused by the Lymphoma in his lungs as well as his spleen and abdomen. Oh how my life was changed. When my mom told me I immediately started crying --and crying. And as I tried to go to sleep that night, tears continually streamed down my face and I found myself screaming into a pillow so upset with the diagnosis. When I woke up that next morning I remember thinking that it was just a dream, that I was going to go visit my dad at the hospital that day for his pneumonia and soon he would be home with us and we could continue planning our annual family vacation to Pismo. But it was not a dream, and reality set in. We put our vacation on hold, came together as ONE to FIGHT and TEAM CELERA came together in full force! I even had bracelets made TEAM CELERA on one side and T.C.K.C.A (Team Celera Kicking Cancers Ass) on the other. August 18 will always have a place in my heart. It marks: the day of my dad's diagnosis, the day my life was changed, the day I began my fight for my dads life! It marked the start of chemotherapy treatments, X-Rays, MRI's, blood transfusions, dialysis, it marked up's and downs, seeing my dad bed ridden, to days my dad was able to get out of bed and walk those hospital hallways. It marks the start of drained energy, daily hospital visits, taking notes from the doctors when I was the one in the room with my dad, breaking the "only 2 visitors in the room at a time" rule, transferring to different rooms in the hospital: DOU, ICU, CCU.. Neutropenic Isolation. It marks family taking over the waiting room. It marks homecomings, family time at home, sharing an In-N-Out burger in the comfort our home together. It marks being able to spend our last Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years together. It marks the 911 calls for them to take my dad back to the hospital. It makrs numerous tears shed. It marks low blood count, failing kidneys, high creatinine levels, low platelets, fever, fluid in the lungs, storming heaven with prayers. It marks a rollercoaster of emotion. It marks having loved ones surround my dad as he took his last breath on January 7, 2011, sending him with lots of love, prayer and tears. It marks my dad now being pain free and at peace. It marks my dads journey. It marks strength. A battle. My families journey. Our fight for my dads life. It marks a journey that has changed my life.

August 18th was the start of a journey that changed my life. But it also led me to a day that started a new journey and a new change in my life. May 14, 2011 marks the start of my Team in Training journey. It marks the start of TNT Kickoff, my first time meeting some of the team, my first time hearing people's stories of their connection to cancer, my first time seeing so many people gather together so passionate about finding a cure for cancer. It marks the start of being a part of something far bigger than myself. It marks fundraising for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. It marks the start of my training for two 1/2 marathons. It marks creating lasting bonds. It marks a sense of family, a group of people supporting you every step of the way. It marks doing something in my dads memory. It marks meeting incredibly inspiring people. It marks a fight.. a fight for a CURE. It marks passion and a drive I never knew I had. It marks thinking I can't run a 5k at the first practice to running 10 miles at my last practice. It marks the greatest thing I have ever been a part of. I have been with Team in Training for 3 months and I have been changed and my outlook on life has definitely been brightened.

My journey is continuing on.. I am continuing to raise funds and fight for a cure with my TEAM by my side.

Thanks for reading about the days that changed my life!

If you can PLEASE donate to the cause! It will continue to brighten my day!!!

Be inspiring,


my dads spirit remains.
Jul 30, 2011 by Samantha Celera

When my dad died almost 7 months ago to Non-Hodgkins lymphoma, I knew that father’s day, holidays, month/year anniversaries , etc would be emotionally draining. And I was expecting my dad’s birthday to be the same, but on July 24th my dad’s spirit was fully alive and present because my nephew Dylan Gene was born. A day I thought would be filled with sadness and longing for my dad, turned into a day of joy. Dylan Gene not only shares my dad’s birthday, but my dad’s name (Gene), my dad’s facial expressions and my dad’s handsome looks. When my sister announced she was pregnant, my dad was the first to predict so certainly that she would be having a boy. You were right dad! He is an adorable little boy that will constantly be a reminder of you and your great spirit. Looking at him I see my dad, and I find comfort in that. This little bundle of joy is so incredibly loved and I am so happy to know that he shares a birthday with my dad who I love and admire so much. My dad may be gone but his spirit remains.

Losing my dad has been the hardest thing I have ever faced. When he passed away I had no idea how life would go on without him, how I would be able to go through each day knowing my dad wouldn't be there anymore, how I would no longer hear him singing songs as he got ready in the morning, how I would no longer be able to play a round of golf with him on his birthday, how I would no longer have In-n-out runs with him when he had a Friday off of work, how I would no longer be able to listen to him making up stories as though he knows the name and life story of everyone person we pass on the street, how I would no longer be able to see his smile or hear his laugh. Difficult days arise, but I am managing to get through them. I miss my dad and think of him everyday but I know he is in a better place, and carry him with me in my heart always.

I am so happy to be taking part in these half marathons with Team in Training, from strangers, to friends, to family. They are providing me much comfort and I know my dad would be proud of what I am doing in his memory. I am raising as much money as I possibly can for a cure to be found so no one else has to lose their loved ones to cancer-- its HORRIBLE!!

If you can please donate to the cause, any amount will go a long way! And who knows, you may just get a little special something in the mail as a THANK YOU from me :) The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society is AMAZING! Lets get a cure FOUND!!!

If you have anyone you would like me to run in honor or memory of let me know!

Have a good rest of the week/weekend everyone!



Running for a REASON
Jul 21, 2011 by Samantha Celera

*edit* Well friends I have NEWS.. after writing the post below I did a lot of thinking and reflecting and became a bit inspired... I wanted to see if it were possible to take part in the Nike Womens Half Marathon with Team in Training in October as well as doing my Disney half marathon in September. To my suprise and utter joy it was a possibility, although I do have more fundraising to do! I know that I CAN raise the money, especially with all the support and generosity I have received these past 2 months! If you haven't donated yet, please please support! I really want to do this and it would be great to have you by my side in the efforts to support The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. I have a new fundraising page but you can still donate on this page as well. Thanks for your love and support! *edit finished!*

I have been training with the INCREDIBLE TEAM IN TRAINING for about 2 months now and I must say the experience thus far is far more incredible than I ever imagined. I can’t fully explain it. My life, and perception on life has been changed for the good. I realize now more than ever just how much cancer can touch one’s life. Almost everyone has a connection, we all have our own stories to tell, our own challenges that we undergo, our own reasons for being with the team, ultimately we are all connected. We are ONE TEAM. With every mile we run and every dollar that we raise, we are doing it for a reason, that’s our motivation for each step, each mile, each penny raised. We are doing it to help those with cancer, to better their quality of life and to hopefully find a CURE and kick cancers ASS! We do this for our LOVED ones, our honored teammates, for those we’ve lost and for those in the fight. I signed up for Team in Training a few months after my dad passed because I wanted to do something to honor my dad’s memory, to raise my spirits, to release my sadness, to grieve, to make a difference, to be active, to take part in something much bigger than me, so why not try a half marathon? I had known about Team in Training for years but after my dad passed I kept coming across pamphlets about TNT at stores and one day I came across the amazing Kina Grannis’ (musician/singer) Youtube video she had posted in 2008 , she had participated in The Nike Womens Marathon with TNT (I had seen the video many times before) and after that I knew I should further my research about TNT. So that’s exactly what I did, researched, signed up online, and a week or so later I was at the Greater LA Fall Kickoff. I never thought how great of an impact Team in Training would have on me. From the people I have met, to the stories I have heard… my passion, my drive, my motivation are in FULL FORCE. 2 months ago running a half marathon seemed practically impossible, but now I can see that finish line on the horizon. The support and the love of the TEAM is AMAZING, the sense of camaraderie is incredible. My teammates, mentors and coaches bring their hearts into this, their love, their compassion, their drive, and it’s great to be a part of it all. (Thanks TEAM! ) I often wondered what I could bring to the TEAM.. I choose to bring ME.. I choose to bring positivity, laughter and smiles. This journey is continuing on… and I LOVE IT. The purpose of it all is to find that cure for cancer…people are fighting for their lives.. I will continue to fight for them.

2 practices ago we did 6 miles... not as bad as I thought it would be, the run went by quick with my awesome pace group by my side.

After that practice we had an honored teammate potluck. The poster boards have pictures of those that we are running for. What a site to see those that we are running for, those that have lost their battles, conquered cancer or are still in the fight. Incredible people, they are our inspirations and our reasons to be there at practice running our hearts out. Below is a picture of myself and two of our honored teammates Virginia and Tyler. They are INCREDIBLE people and I am so honored to have met them both. I will run for you!

At practice this Saturday it was said that each practice they would choose someone or a few people they saw to be "Relentless For A Cure" and for that practice they would wear the jersey above. Getting high fives from the team and all. This Saturday I was chosen as well as another teammate. The reason we were marked as relentless for a cure, was that we had both lost our dad's to cancer this past year and are at practice to honor their memories and to fight for this cause. Some tears were shed (thank goodness for sunglasses), hey it happens! Tears are bound to be shed with this cause! This practice I kept my dad in mind the whole run. Every step. Every mile. 8 miles in fact! <3

8 miler saturday! A day of perfect weather with awesome people every step of the way!

On Tuesdays we have hill training, last tuesday I went and it was quite a workout!!! But I finished and will be back again tomorrow! Can't wait to kick that hills butt!!!

Thanks for reading everyone! If you are on the TEAM reading this, I thank YOU for your love, your support, your GO TEAMS and all those high fives! :)

Have a great week everyone!

Be Relentless,


Together we TRAIN to BEAT CANCER!
Jul 08, 2011 by Samantha Celera

Let me start with this.... I am only $195 away from my new goal which is $3500. I have no doubt in my mind that it will be reached soon! So... I was thinking.. why not raise my goal again? How about to an even $5000!? Thats only... $1,695 away, I have about 2 months before my event, can it be done? I believe it can! I sure as heck am going to try and reach it! Please Please Please help me out if you can!! Your donation would mean so incredibly much and not to mention its 100% TAX DEDUCTIBLE!! If you want to donate please do, if you have any questions don't hesitate to email me at and if you have anyone you would like me to run in memory or honor of, please let me know, you can leave a comment here or email me, I would be honored to do so!

On July 4th, about 40 of us TNTers participated in Claremont's annual Freedom 5000 5k!!! Despite the heat (seriously it was freakishly hot out and I was running to find shade), it was a lot of fun. It was a good time to be out with the team! And it was my 1st official 5k race! I mean I have done 5k's before but would just walk them, so yaaay to 5k's!! It was a fun way to start off the day! On our first practice we did a 5k pace assesment and with the results from this official one I am happy to say I improved. I am no running machine but I am happy to see that progress is being made, even in the scorching sun!! :)

Today, July 7, 2011 marks my dad's 6 month death anniversary. Its hard for my to fathom that it has already been 6 months. My heart still aches the same, as it was just yesterday. Every now and then when I am home alone I hear the garage opening or the sound of the sewing machine, both which make me of my dad. I think of him often and miss him so very much. 6 months.... the wound still fresh... my ambition to help find a cure for cancer is stronger than ever. Every run, every practice... I carry my dad with me. I miss you dearly <3

Have a great week / weekend everyone.

Be kind,


Jun 30, 2011 by Samantha Celera

First of all THANK YOU to everyone that has donated! Since my last update you helped me raise $520 and I also have another $200 in checks to mail in! I am well on my way to reaching my goal of $3500, and I have all of you amazing people to thank! A big shoutout and thank you to all of my aunts and uncles (dad’s siblings) for your donations. I know my dad would be so thankful for your support in this cause that is so near and dear to all of our hearts! All of you that have donated so far are really making a difference, I can’t explain the joy I feel with every notification I get of a donation that has been made. It is an amazing feeling! Thank you, thank you everyone, from family to friends that I talk to often, to old classmates, teachers and coworkers, you are all so SPECTACULAR! And I will carry each and every one of you with me when I cross that finish line!

This past practice we were in my neck of the woods, we met at Glendora High school (so happy I didn't have to wake up as early!), and from there walk/ran …. 6 miles!!! <-- For reals,that is no typo! 6 miles!! I will say I was a bit intimidated going in! The first 1 ½- 2 miles are always a bit tough for me, I have to find my groove but once I do I can keep running without pain in my legs. And it helps so much to have an awesome pace group of ladies to run with. They are quite FANTASTIC. We have so many stories to tell and I feel like conversations are flowing our entire run. Despite the heat, even at 7-8am it was an amazing run and it was a great feeling when we reached the end, still full of energy! We motivate one another and I think thats what makes our runs that much greater. To run alone is definitely a challenge, but having all these AMAZING people by my side makes the run fly by!

awesome pace group!

Two practices ago we had a shirt decorating contest.

Like I said last post, I was writing a TNT song in the tune of Katy Perry's "Firework", this is just a snippet of it! The lyrics are ALMOST finished, I only have a few lines left and I must say I am quite proud of what I have come up with. You better believe that a Youtube video will be up in no time.... and of course other songs WILL be written! Because.. I mean I am SAM and I do love making up songs! Especially ones we can sing while running!!!

Lately I have been thinking about my dad, so I decided to read some entries from our journal that we made when my dad was diagnosed with Lymphoma. Everytime I reread those entires feelings of sadness rise to the surface. I can't believe its almost been 6 months since my dad passed. Those 5 months of his battle went by so incredibly fast. I can't even remember parts of it because it seemed to fly by. I wish I could just have another day with him, another day on the golf course (even though its not my favorite sport) doing what he loved. Golf was dads favorite sport! When I say favorite I mean FAVORITE! He would be on the golf course AT LEAST twice a week and at the driving range practically every other day he wasn't on the golf course. He would tell my mom and I that he was "going out for a walk" and we knew that meant he was going for a walk on the golf course! It's only fitting that when we practice at The Rose Bowl we pass a golf course on our runs. I think of my dad each time we pass it, I know on those Saturday mornings for practice if my dad was stil here he would be golfing at that time. Each run, each practice, is for my dad.

I run for him, I run for a cure for what took his life. Love you dad and I miss you SOO INCREDIBLY MUCH <3 I hope I can make you proud!

If you want to visit our journal documenting my dads journey click here password: teamcelera

Don't forget to donate!! :)


Be Extraordinary,


a NEW GOAL has been SET!!
Jun 21, 2011 by Samantha Celera

To all that have contributed so far THANK YOU so incredibly much!

In less than 1 month I reached my goal of raising $2500, but I can't just stop fundraising! I must keep on going, keep on fighting, keep on doing everything that I can to raise that money. So... I have set a new goal.... $3500. It CAN and it WILL be done and hey maybe a new goal will be set after that! I know it can be done because I have so many AMAZING and GENEROUS people by my side! It is so heartwarming to have received all these donations from YOU, my friends & family. You are truly making a difference in this fight against blood cancers! I know my dad would be so incredibly proud!

This past practice we had our first mileage practice. Instead of just running for a certain period of time, this time everyone ran 4 miles, regardless of our pace group. I had fun! I didn’t even realize how many miles we had ran because I was having a blast with my pace group. I LOVE to talk and LOVE to make up songs, so what did I do while I ran? Make up Team in Training songs with my teammate Pantipa! We somewhat have a TNT song in the tune of Bruno Mars’ “Just the way you are” as well as Katy Perrys’ “Firework” . Just wait I will finish the lyrics soon enough and videos WILL be made! By talking, singing and laughing while we ran, 4 miles went by in a flash!

It pulls at my heartstrings hearing fellow teammates stories as to how they have been touched by cancer, hearing their reasons for joining the incredible Team in Training, hearing about their journeys and their commitment to raise money for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Each practice I learn something new, I learn about others fights, their losses, their triumphs. Ultimately we are in this together. We are a Team in Training FAMILY. We are not alone in this, we are ONE TEAM, touched by cancer, continually making a difference. I am soooo happy and so lucky to have been able to meet such GREAT people.

visited my dad for my first fathers day without him

Have a FANTASTIC week! Until next time.



p.s. GO TEAM!

relentless for a cure!
Jun 14, 2011 by Samantha Celera

One month with Team in Training has passed. What an amazing month it has been, 4 practices down! With each practice that passes by, friends are made, money is raised, bonds are formed, miles are ran and the fight for a cure continues! Getting up early every Saturday is not as difficult as I thought it would be, because when I wake up I know where I am going..and I am excited to there.. I am meeting up with a group of AMAZING and INSPIRING people to run with, sounds like a wonderful way to start my day!

Two saturdays ago we had a sausage fundraiser at the Rose Bowl.

we like to pose for pictures :)

This past Saturday we had an ALL TEAM practice at Griffith Park.. it was great to see so many people from different LA TNT teams gather together! You could really see how many people are fighting together for this cause!

Its been an amazing ride thus far and with each day I am so excited for what is to come! Thank you everyone for your love and support it means so much! For everyone that has donated I <3 you to the moon and back! Your generosity is AMAZING! And if you haven't donated yet, please consider making a donation, a little will go a looong way!

I am doing this for you dad <3

love and hugs,


2 practices down!
May 31, 2011 by Samantha Celera

I must say I am overwhelmed and so incredibly grateful for such support and generosity coming my way! Raising close to $1300 in less than 2 weeks is pretty mindblowing, and I have you to thank! To everyone that has donated so far, I THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart <3 You are definitely making a difference! We are changing lives with every dollar raised, it’s a wonderful feeling!

I have had my first 2 practices already and they have gone FABULOUSLY! Who knew getting up early, when the sun is barely rising, driving to the Rose Bowl and running Saturday mornings at 7am would be so much fun?! Well it is! For our first practice we did a 5k pace assessment and this past practice we did a 45 minute walk/run. With every practice I am meeting pretty amazing people along the way, everyone is so very friendly and it is so easy to make conversation with others even while we are running, it even helps with the running we don’t even realize how much time has passed while we chat, do a little singing and of course laugh along the way. It is purely a joy being surrounded by people who are so passionate about the same cause. We are running for the same reason to raise money for blood cancers, we are running for a cure, we are running for LIFE. We have been touched by cancer and share that bond. We are there for a reason. We are Cancer Killers!

Here are photos of my AMAZING mentor and fellow mentees!!!

The journey continues on. We are training for a reason, for those with cancer. We are in this fight together!

If you haven't yet, please donate, lets raise that money for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society!

Thank you!

Love & hugs,



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    "Run, Sam, ruuuuuuuun!!!! Love you, cuz! So proud of you!"

    Joy Magno

    Thu Jun 30 05:52:29 EDT 2011

    "GO TEAM!"

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    Thu Jun 30 12:00:41 EDT 2011

    "This one is for dad. Go Sam. TCKCA"

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    Tue Jun 21 04:56:56 EDT 2011

    "Wish I could do more.... Good luck Sam! Love you!"

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    Thu Jun 23 12:07:50 EDT 2011

    "I'm so proud of you Sam! =D"

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    Wed Jun 22 09:11:56 EDT 2011

    "Go Sam Go! We love you and are so proud of the work you are putting in to end blood cancers. We're with you every step of the way*!!! (*not literally every step. 13 miles is kind of far. you can do it though. we'll just cheer for you in spirit and then from main street!)"

    The Enriquez and Leintz Families

    Fri Jun 10 06:20:43 EDT 2011

    "Samantha, Your Dad is very proud of your effort to find cure and treatment for the illness that claimed his life. More power to you! Take care, Renato G. Decal"

    Renato G. Decal

    Wed May 25 12:06:08 EDT 2011

    "Sam I am inspired by you, I am proud that you are my "other" daughter! Love Mom J"

    Mom Joyner

    Sun May 22 06:50:03 EDT 2011

    "In support of your life changing efforts. We know you can move mountains and YOU WILL. To Mr. Celera!"

    The Joyners

    Thu Aug 04 11:01:42 EDT 2011

    "Sam Thank you for doing this we recently found out that my Dad has low grade Lymphoma. "

    Steve and Cathy Lemaster

    Mon Jul 25 03:02:39 EDT 2011

    "i hope you reach your goal! xx"

    nicole lemoine

    Sat Jun 25 05:11:53 EDT 2011

    "Dear Samantha, We're honored to be of help in our campaign to find cure and treatment for blood disease. More power to you, Rosa and the rest of the family. God Bless, Pio & Lolie Tumala"

    Pio & Lolie Tumala

    Sun May 29 12:13:06 EDT 2011

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Lynette Bones $50.00
Florentino Roxas $50.00
Dora Noriega $50.00
Lynn Estrada $50.00
Gretchen Madrigal $50.00
Ari Hahyar $50.00
Rosie Francisco $50.00
Mike Dagampat $50.00
Philip Robeniol $50.00
Ruth Blanco $50.00
Dan Tran $40.00
Nicole Ecker $30.00
Josie Everton $30.00
Margott Hinostroza $30.00
Pio & Lolie Tumala $30.00
Renato G. Decal $30.00
Rick Cartojano $30.00
Kanokwan Takeno $25.00
Emily Carrillo $25.00
Cassandra Hanson $25.00
Beatriz Carson $25.00
Ruba Batniji $25.00
jenelee roxas $25.00
Cayla Pruett $25.00
Andrew Bordeos $25.00
Don Laguilles $25.00
Sausage Fundraiser $25.00
Jenny Hsu $25.00
Maximo Guzman $25.00
Nemesia Rivera $25.00
Don Drorbaugh $25.00
leah pe benito $25.00
Ben Henry $25.00
Alice Zheng $20.00
Katelynn Hollis $20.00
Chanut Thamkittikasem $20.00
Scott Do Vale $20.00
Cherisse Moreno $20.00
Aimee Cruz $20.00
Christina and JC Cleofe $20.00
Anonymous $15.00
nicole lemoine $15.00
Samantha Lawrence $15.00
Sheena Ponce $15.00
Sarah De los Santos $10.00
Kyle Chu $10.00
Matthew Griffin $10.00
Elmer Smith $10.00
James Duffy V $10.00
Zhely Gonzales $10.00
wendy joyner $10.00
Darlene Figueroa $10.00
Megan Tafoya $10.00
Alanna Snedigar $10.00
Kim Tiongco $10.00
Angelique Alderete $10.00
Michelle Belling $10.00
Jamie Mitchell $10.00
Ron Rosas $10.00
Grace Barrios $5.00
Heather Flores $5.00
Mom Joyner  
Auntie Ho