My Fundraising Page

My Fundraising Page
Mar 02, 2012

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Put your hand on a hot stove for a minute, and it seems like an hour. Sit with a pretty girl for an hour, and it seems like a minute. THAT'S relativity.” – Albert Einstein

I use that quote to explain to people why I don’t believe 90.8% is a high enough cure rate for the type of leukemia that my 3 year old niece, Aubri, is fighting.* To a lot of people, 90.8% is a really high number. 90.8% chance of winning the lottery? I’ll take that! 90.8% chance of landing my dream job? Awesome! 90.8% chance that my niece won’t die from cancer? Not such a great number anymore. As far as I’m concerned it’s 9.2% too low! I’m on a mission to raise money for leukemia research so we can bring that number up to 100%.

On July 27, 2011 Aubri was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL). Hearing the news was like a kick in the stomach. No child in our family had ever been diagnosed with a life threatening illness and I had never really given it much thought. As far as I knew all of my 11 nieces and nephews were healthy and happy kids. Until that day. It’s been a difficult time for the family but together we know we can help her win her battle.

While my niece fights the battle against leukemia in her tiny body we need doctors and scientists to battle it in laboratories, finding better treatment methods and, one day, a cure. Although the cause of leukemia remains unknown, recently developed treatments and steady advances in research bring us closer to a cure every day. These research advances were only achieved as a result of contributions made by companies, foundations and individuals such as you.

I will be completing the St. Anthony’s Olympic Distance Triathlon in honor of Aubri and all those fighting blood cancers. My goal is to raise $4,000 by March 15, 2012 (Aubri's 4th birthday!) and every single dollar donated brings me closer to that goal! Thank you for your support in this important endeavor!

*Survival for Children

From 1999 to 2006, the five-year relative survival rates for children were:

  • ALL, 90.8 percent for children under 5 years old


Supporter Comments

    "Good Luck Tracy!!!!!"

    Melody Joy Hirschorn

    Wed Nov 09 09:06:00 EST 2011

    "From Karen's mom. Best of luck. Its not much but like my daughter said EVERY PENNY COUNTS!"

    Luz Armas

    Fri Nov 18 03:21:29 EST 2011

    "Best wishes Aubri! Proud to see you pull through this. You are the toughest little cookie I have ever met! "

    Karen Peguero

    Fri Nov 18 03:27:32 EST 2011

    "Good luck in the race and here's to keeping the fight up for Aubri!"

    Bree and Michael Taylor

    Mon Feb 06 12:48:45 EST 2012

    "Good Luck with your race and I hope you reach your fund raising goal! xo"

    Eileen Kavanagh

    Tue Feb 28 12:00:20 EST 2012

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Raised: $4,102.00 | Goal: $4,000.00
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Melvin Epstein $500.00
Karen Peguero $280.00
Stephen Ingenito $150.00
Karen Peguero $140.00
Eileen Kavanagh $137.00
D. Alexandra Dyer $100.00
Bernard Furshpan $100.00
epi tzouvelis $100.00
Geoffrey Campitiello $100.00
Emily Baxter $100.00
Melody Joy Hirschorn $100.00
Excelsior Graphics Inc $100.00
Tracy Lynn Krauss $100.00
Holden Chin $100.00
Ken Garrish $50.00
Micah and Lauren Liebert $50.00
Robert Socci $50.00
Michael Hennessy $50.00
Delavan Tornow $50.00
James and Darcy Krauss $50.00
Edward Flach $50.00
Joanne McLaughlin $50.00
Richard Legrand $50.00
Mary Mayrick $50.00
Bree and Michael Taylor $50.00
Max Bialystock Bagels - C... $50.00
Chip & Debbie Krauss $50.00
Susan Levi $50.00
Gregory Sofield $50.00
PC Telecom Group $50.00
Michael Forese $50.00
Brian Gurtman $50.00
Beach Restaurant Inc. $50.00
Kerry & Anthony $50.00
Laurel Tailors & Dry Clea... $50.00
Mary Ellen & Tom Pollina $50.00
Charles Whalen $50.00
Jose Robles $40.00
Jay & Liz Blazin $25.00
Stacey Radford $25.00
Johnny Giammrino $25.00
Emily Baxter $25.00
Valerie Haller $25.00
DANEL rollero $25.00
Kristina Ramirez $25.00
Maureen Kayser $25.00
Catherine Sarnecky $25.00
Lisa Michalakopoulos $25.00
Lando & Sharon Cruz $25.00
Pino Scurto $25.00
John Vick $25.00
Maribel Diaz $25.00
Jennifer Byrnes $25.00
james vassalotti $25.00
Kathryn Jones $25.00
Mary Popple $25.00
Maureen Arndt $25.00
Eduardo Ecobedo $20.00
Vincent Fasano $20.00
Tracy Lynn Krauss $20.00
Kerri Paoletti $20.00
Terry Sullivan $20.00
Greg D'Onofrio $20.00
Stacy Podelski $20.00
Joseph San Pietro $20.00
Micah Siegmund $15.00
Anthony Guerne $15.00
Lorraine Hashim $11.00
Vincent Fasano $10.00
Anonymous $10.00
coleen bergin $10.00
Susan Essing $10.00
Devin Strecker $10.00
John Cuccia $5.00
Laura Zwickl $5.00
Margen Soliman $5.00
Carly Cerulli $5.00
Luz Armas $5.00
Anonymous $2.00
Jonathan Robles $2.00
Mike Pietroburgo (AKA Mik...