If I can get through the first 1/2 mile the rest is carrot cake!

If I can get through the first 1/2 mile the rest is carrot cake!
Jun 01, 2009 by Andrea Wilson

Training Updates

Race Day, 9/13/2009

Steve & I were up at 4:30AM to get to the transistion area by 5:30AM. Since this was my first race I wanted to make sure I got there in plenty of time to get things setup. First, I got body marked & picked up my timing chip then I brought my gear into transition. The weather was chilly at 5:30AM but the forecast was for sunny skies & temps in the mid 70's. We had a pre-race meeting at 6:50AM & then made our way to the pool to wait our turn to swim.

When I submitted my race entry back in July I had no idea how fast I would be able to swim 800m so I put down 30 minutes. I tried to update my time earlier in the week but it was too late. So the coordinators put all the 30 minute swimmers in alphabetical order which being a Wilson meant I was at the very end. There were 360 entered & I was 354. The way a pool swim goes is they start at #1 & every 10 seconds the next person jumps in. It's a snake swim, meaning you swim up the lane & back then under the lane marker for a total of 16 laps.

The first swimmer was in the pool by about 7:30AM. They called swimmers down by blocks of 50 to stage on the pool deck. The rest of the swimmers waited in the bleachers until their number was called. The cool thing about being last was that I got to watch all the good swimmers. The fastest swimmer was done in 10 minutes 10 seconds. Just awesome to watch.

My group was called to the pool deck about 8:20. Once on the deck it was no time before I was in the pool. Once in the pool my nerves were gone. It had been over a month since I swam UK's 50m pool. The last time was July 26th & the 50m distance seemed forever long. The UK pool was closed the month of August & I swam in Shillito's 50m pool which is shallow the entire distance. I was amazed on race day how fast the wall came. I couldn't believe how much improvement I made in the 6 weeks at Shillito. At Shillito I really concentrated on swimming 800m continously & didn't focus on speed.

Being at the back of the pack meant swimming with people that really could not swim very well at all. By the second lap I had to start passing some people. At the end of every lane there were folks taking a break at the wall. I remember having to do that a few weeks back & was so happy with myself for no longer needing the break.

I had one swimmer that really, really tried my patience for at least half of the swim. At first I thought he was just being a jerk but then realized the guy was freaking out because he was not a good swimmer. He would swim as fast as he could, pass me, then cut me off, push me into the rope or wall. I ended up having to swim on top of him several times during the race, meaning my every swim stroke hit his torso. I was worried his feet would kick me in the face or knock my googles off but fortunately neither happened. The first time he did that I told him at the wall to watch his passing but sure enough 1/2 way down the lane he would do it again. This went on for half of the swim although it did make the swim go by fast. Before I knew it, I was on the last lap where he yet again crowded me into the wall but I just kept swimming. Somehow I kept me temper in check. I really wanted to give him a piece fo my mind as we got out of the pool but then I remembered the greater purpose of the event & let it go. The joys of tri swimming!

Once out of the pool I put my shoes on & made the 1/4 mile jog to the transistion area. Some folks made this run barefoot but not me! Transistion 1 was an uneventful. I was out on my bike in less than 6 minutes. I thought I would be cold getting out of the pool but my adrenaline was pumping & I felt great. The bike course was well staffed. All intersections had traffic control so we could fly through the intersections. The Delta Gamma sorority was all along the course & let me tell you, those ladies could cheer! They made the bike course very entertaining. I had my bike tuned the week before & it was shifting & riding great! When I got off my bike at the dismount line & started running in to transistion I thought my legs were going to collapse. They were like jelly! The run should be interesting!

My Transisiton 2 was a bit more entertaining. I racked my bike & took my helmet off. While I was putting on my race belt all of a sudden some lady started yelling at me "GO,GO,GO, YOU CAN DO THAT WHEN YOU ARE RUNNING OUT OF TRANSITION, GOGOGOGO!!!!". I was thinking "who the @#$% is this lady & why is she yelling at me???' It did make me pick it up just so she would quit yelling at me.

The transition to the run was indeed interesting. Of course, many folks have heard your legs feel like bricks which is very true. The sensation I didn't realize is that when you get off your bike, which is moving really fast & then start to run, you feel like you are barely moving. I thought for sure I was doing a 15 minute mile but my first mile was just over a 10 minute mile. I really hoped that I would be able to run the entire 4 miles but I ended walking up most of the hills in the arboretum. The last mile was either downhill or flat so I told myself that I had to run in the last mile. Fortunately, I had a few friends that, without coordinating it, spaced themselves out perfectly to cheer me in! BIG thanks to Chris Clabes, Claire Kauffman, Liz Foley & Gwyn Everly! That was so awesome! The BIGGEST thanks goes to my husband Steve who was up at 4:30 with me , cheered me on the entire way & took some great pictures . Steve trained almost every day with me all summer long. He was my biggest supporter!

Actual Times: Swim = 24:09 minutes, T1 =5:30 minutes, Bike = 1:15:36 minutes, T2 = 1:20 minutes, Run = 44:14 minutes. Total Time = 2:30:48

So I finished, it was amazing & I most certainly will be doing a triathlon again!

What's next? I started training yesterday for the Women's Half marathon in St. Petersburg, FL on 11/22. I am also doing some PT to strengthen up my shoulders which have been pretty darn sore all summer long. In January, I plan to start swimming with the group again to train for next year's tri season.

Andrea 9/20/09


BIG THANKS to Phil Roberts, Tina LeFebvre, Maggi Payne & Tammy Bisotti for helping me achieve my fundraising goal! You all put me over!!!

Andrea 9/10/09


It's hard to believe race day is a week away. This week I will do some easy workouts, get my race day gear organized & spend some time getting mentally prepared for next Sunday.

I have set a couple of race day goals.

1) Finish the race!

2) Time goals: Swim = 25 minutes, T1 = 6 minutes, Bike = 75 minutes, T2 = 2 minutes, Run = 40 minutes.

Thanks to everyone that has helped with both my fundraising & my training. It has truely been an honor to raise money for LLS in my Dad's memory. This experience has taught me a lot about myself. I felt helpless watching my Dad battle multiple myeloma. When he was sick, I never knew what to do or say. No surprise there, words regularly fail me in the best of times. The only thing I knew I could do was hang out with him & tell him I loved him. Fundraising for LSS & training with TNT has given me the opportunity to express in action what I couldn't do in words.

Dad, I love & miss you. I know you will be watching & rooting me on from the best seat in the house!

Andrea 9/6/09



Only 3 weeks left until the big event. We had another big practice day yesterday. I did the YMCA open water swim at Cave Run Lake. I did the 1/2 mile option. It was my first time doing an open water swim. I didn't realize how hard swimming in a straight line could be! It took me the first 400m to find my rhythm. The second 400m was much easier. After the swim we did a 17 mile ride & then a 3.5 mile run. Today I am pretty sore, especially around the neck/upper back. Fortunately, the pool swim is much easier.

I have exceeded my fundraising minimum & am very close to meeing my personal goal. Thanks to everyone for helping me achieve this significant milestone!

Andrea 8/23/09


Hi Everyone!

It's been a couple weeks since I have posted an update. I have been busy training & also had a couple big fundraisers in the past 2 weeks. Jessica & I had a very successful attendance at the Max & Erma's fundraiser. Together we raised $195 for LLS! Thanks to everyone that ate for a great cause!

Last Sunday Jessica & I had our Vendor Party & Silent Auction. So far, we have raised over $800! We have extended the Pampered Chef fundraiser via an on-line catalog sale. If you are in the market for some new kitchen gadgets please consider shopping this event. 20% of your purchase will benefit LLS.


Special THANKS goes out to all the generous people that donated to our Silent Auction. Liz Foley (Original Art Print), Nikki Paley (Alure Spa), Nancy Houser (Integrated Massage), Ken Weaver (Weaver Eyes), Miranda Oaks (Close to My Heart), Tina Caster (Creative Memories), Beverly Parker (Premier Jewelry), Urban Active, Coffee Pub, My awesome book club, Christine Garcia (BeautiControl), Tammy Bisotti (Pampered Chef), Susan Burman (Mary Kay), Dream Dinners, Johnson & Johnson, and KY Mudworks. Pfew! We were overwhelmed by the support from the community!

Big THANKS also goes out the following for their generous donations: Kara Haag, Cameron Bahramahi, Sergio Flores & Maggi Payne!

Training is going very well. Last Wednesday I realized that I have licked the swimming & really need to start focusing on the run. Just this morning I swam 880 yards without stopping. WOW, I really cannot believe in 8 short weeks I have learned to swim this well. I have 6 weeks until the main event. I am very confident that I will be able to finish this race!

Thanks so much for your support! Have a wonderful week!

Andrea 8/2/09


Today was a big practice day. I did the entire Tri for Sight course! I swam 800m in just under 32 minutes which considering I couldn't swim 25 yards 6 weeks ago is pretty amazing. I biked the 18.4 mile course in less than an hour & a half and I walk/jogged 4 miles in about 48 minutes. Not too bad for 6 weeks of training. Overall, it was not as hard as I imagined. I now feel confident that I will be ready for race day on September 13th!

Andrea 7/19/09


This has been a BIG week!!! I have so many thank you's to share with you. Here they go: my cousins - Laura Murphy & Albert & Sue Labrozzi, my chiropractor - Dr. Paul Frangedakis, several friends from work - Tim Tillotson, David Jackson, Joy Kennedy and Sixia Pulsifer, my Grandparents - Leonard & Phyllis Avona, my Aunts - Roberta Simons & Cynthia Labrozzi and finally by massage therapist - Nancy Houser at Integrative Massage Therapy! THANK YOU ALL!!!!

I also want to thank everyone who went to Max & Erma's yesterday for our fundraiser. We had a great turn out!

The winner to my on-line contest is Paul & Maggie Nelson from Lexington, KY. Congratulations!!!

Now on to my training progress......Sunday, July 19th will be a big training day. We will be doing the entire Tri for Sight course. Yes that's right, ½ mile swim, 18 mile bike & 4 mile run. Well, the run bit will be more like a walk. I think it will be a good confidence builder as well. Sunday will be 8 weeks before the actual event. Every session in the pool is getting better & better. I have been swimming in the big girl pool (i.e. the deep end) for the past 2 weeks. I feel myself getting stronger every day. I still need to optimize my breathing but I am confident that it will come too. Today after work I am going to practice the long course (50m) in preparation for Sunday's training session.

Have a great weekend!

Andrea 7/17/09


This week a BIG THANKS goes out Erik Wise, Paul & Maggie Nelson and Katy Kerns! I feel very fortunate to have so many great people in my life. Everyone has been so generous - I cannot say thank you enough!

I have 9 weeks until the Tri for Sight. The Tri for Sight is a 1/2 Mile Swim, 18 Mile Bike Ride & 4 Mile Run. So far the training is going very good. This morning we ran 6 miles with the Todd's Road Stumblers. A very beautiful course through horse farms. I am spending most of my training time in the pool since it is my weakest event. I believe it is starting to pay off. I also have a great chiropractor that is keeping me well adjusted & pain free during my training sessions.

Have a great week!

Andrea 7/12/09


Happy Friday Everyone!

This week a big THANKS go out to Barb & Dick Johnson and Kevin Fodor! Thank you all for your contributions & support!

So, as you know this weekend is Father's Day. With the exception of Thanksgiving, Father's Day makes me miss my Dad more than any other time of year. I didn't realize when I started this program how much this would make my Dad's memory come alive again......a very cool bonus!

Now onto this weeks training. I spent about 4 hours in the pool this week. I am making progress in my technique and still have a long way to go but I have 12 weeks to get there. I spent about an 1 hour on my bike & went for a walk around the arboretum.

Tonight is a rest day & we will be checking out the Wine Down Friday at Talon. Don't worry - I will take it easy on the wine....actually it is really too hot to be drinking wine anyway. More like a beer drinking night! :-)

Tomorrow brings another 7AM jog, an injury prevention clinic & a Tri for Sight Clinic.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Andrea 6/19/09


A big THANK YOU to Natalie & Rian Sanders, Jessica Heavrin and Teresa Harvey for their generous contributions this week! I love you all & appreciate your support!

Andrea - 6/13/09


Hi Everyone!

Wednesday was the official kick-off for the Fall 2009 season. I am now officially in training for the Susan Bradley-Cox Tri for Sight. I have all my swim gear, new bike & a new pair of running shoes. Our first run is 7AM tomorrow. YIKES - never been much of a early morning work out person but I am a going to fake it until I make it!

For fun, I came up with a slogan "If I can get through the first 1/2 mile the rest is carrot cake!" The swim portion will definately be my biggest challenge in this event. If you are wondering why carrot cake it is because I am doing this in memory of my Dad who made a most excellent carrot cake!

Stay tuned........

Andrea - 6/12/09


Supporter Comments


    Ren and Gwyn

    Thu Nov 02 05:41:42 EDT 2017

    "I’m proud of you Hannah. Love, Dad "

    Kara Haag

    Wed Feb 28 02:57:10 EST 2018

    "Go Hannah!"

    Kara Haag

    Mon Mar 05 08:51:27 EST 2018

    "You are awesome! Great job honey! "

    Kara Haag

    Mon Mar 12 08:57:35 EDT 2018

    "Andrea, what a great way to honor your father. Good luck with the training - I'll be keeping track of your on your page. Cancer has taken too many loved ones from all families. "

    Vicki Spacko

    Fri Jun 26 12:01:49 EDT 2009

    "Good luck!"

    Kevin Fodor & Family

    Tue Jun 16 04:09:07 EDT 2009

    "Awesome achievement! Proud of you! Love, Wendy"

    Wendy Schad Fooks

    Mon Oct 05 06:34:02 EDT 2009

    "You go girl!"

    Phillip Roberts

    Fri Aug 28 10:02:44 EDT 2009

    "Good luck with the rest pf your campaign! I hope you reach your goal very soon. As a TNT participant myself (I will be taking part in the Toyota US Open Tri in Dallas in October); I am celebrating that I am virtually at my fundraising goal; once LLS receives my donor's corporate matching funds!. http://pages.teamintraining.org /ntx/usopentr09/sflores01c"

    Sergio Flores

    Mon Jul 20 02:57:07 EDT 2009

    "GO TEAM"

    Erik Wise

    Thu Nov 02 11:35:50 EDT 2017

    "Happy to support the brave survivors and survivor families in this fight against this terrible disease. Go Cindy, George and Team Colleen!"

    Paul Nelson

    Wed Nov 01 11:31:48 EDT 2017

    "Honoring Caitlin and David and the memory of Colleen for their perseverance."

    Paul Nelson

    Fri Oct 20 05:17:14 EDT 2017

    "Great work for a great cause Parker!!!"

    Ren and Gwyn

    Thu Nov 02 04:55:08 EDT 2017

    "Go Team!"

    Sat May 13 10:21:00 EDT 2017

    "Thank you to everyone!"


    Fri Oct 07 05:28:14 EDT 2016

    "Andrea, I was implored to donate to your cause for two reasons: 1) My Grandmother also lost a battle with blood cancer back in 2002. 2) My Father passed away (non-cancer related) in March of 2006. We wish you good luck in reaching both your monitory and personal goals. Sincerely, Jonathan & Jessica Mandziara"

    J. Mandziara

    Wed Jun 03 05:30:34 EDT 2009

    "Good Luck on your training Andrea! Thank you for all your support as my Mom fights her battle with cancer!"

    Katy Kerns

    Tue Jul 07 10:03:14 EDT 2009

    "10 years!! Way to go Sharyn! Thank you for doing this. xo"

    Rian and Natalie

    Sun Oct 08 11:54:42 EDT 2017

    "GO SPEED (swim) RACER! GO!"

    Jessica "The Flash" Heavrin

    Fri Jun 12 01:03:41 EDT 2009

    "I am happy to support Laurie and the 'Chances R' crew!"

    Kevin Fodor & Family

    Thu Sep 14 10:36:16 EDT 2017

    "So glad to be participating in this worthy cause!"

    Fri Nov 03 02:07:25 EDT 2017

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