Hannah's Fundraising Page

Hannah's Fundraising Page
Jan 22, 2010 by Hannah Macbeth

Welcome to my Team in Training fundraising page!

UPDATE 5/14/2010: Please note that half of my fundraising goal of $10,000 has been transferred to my Rock 'n Roll San Diego fundraising page. It didn't just magically disappear. You can view that page here:


I am training to run in a marathon (The Seattle Rock 'n Roll Marathon on June 26) as a member of The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's Team In Training. UPDATE 3/18/2010: I have decided add a second marathon and to raise even more money - the Rock 'n Roll San Diego marathon on June 6! What an incredible experience this has been already! Thank you all so very much!

Clayton (pictured above) is a precious little guy - I will be training and running both marathons in his honor. Clayton was diagnosed with Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia (ALL) on January 28, 2008. This is a family thing - his Mom is my first cousin. What they have gone through the previous two years is unbelievable. As a mother, I am in awe of Michelle - she is truly a strong and amazing woman. Clayton is the real trooper, of course! I am thankful and excited to do this for them.

I want your help! Please make a donation*. My goal is to raise $10,000 in Clayton's honor! Keep in mind that 76% of all funds go directly to The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society for Patient Education, Financial Aid for patients, and Research - and your donation is tax deductible. What a wonderful opportunity! Please give generously. Every bit counts.

While I will update this page as my training progresses, I hope you will visit my blog often as well - it will chronicle this journey: "More Than a Marathon".

I appreciate any and all help. Let's reach the goal quickly so I can focus on the training! (And please pray my nearly 29-year-old body can hack this!)

Thank you so much!

*Don't like the amounts listed? How about $26.20 ? ($1 for each mile of the marathon.) Perhaps $30? (My goal has been to finish a marathon before age 30.) Or even $262.00 ($10 per mile). Or even $5 as a 'way to go' for the effort! I can't stress it enough - every single dollar helps. No amount is too small!


Supporter Comments

    "Hannah - You know our daughter, Sarah Johnson, and have talked with her about her "Uncle Dick" who had AML. He lost his battle on April 13, 2010. His funeral was held today. This donation is in his memory. Thank you for taking on this challenge! Susan Johnson"

    Stuart & Susan Johnson

    Mon Apr 19 08:11:24 EDT 2010

    "you rock Hannah!!!"

    Erica McIvor

    Mon Mar 22 07:34:10 EDT 2010

    "This is a great cause, my grandpa had many blood issues that ultimately led to his passing last year. "

    Michael Borders

    Fri Mar 19 12:09:14 EDT 2010

    "Good luck Hannah, you are my inspiration, love you bestie XOXO"

    Nickki Head

    Mon Mar 15 05:08:09 EDT 2010

    "Congrats on embarking on such an amazing journey! My experience with the Team is one I'll never forget. Love reading your blog and living vicariously : ) Good luck, you're going to ROCK it!!"

    Rachel Watkins

    Thu Mar 11 01:08:32 EST 2010

    "Good luck Hannah! You are going to do awesome:)"

    Julie at Julie's Running Blog

    Mon Mar 08 02:40:13 EST 2010

    "You are such an inspiration!"


    Tue Mar 02 05:33:34 EST 2010

    "What a great, strong heart and spirit you have! Love you so much!! :)"


    Mon Feb 22 02:40:34 EST 2010

    "This donation is per Hannah's request that Conner White make a donation for hitting her car one day when it was icy."

    Michael White

    Mon Feb 22 02:40:26 EST 2010

    "Love you! If anyone can do this, I have the most faith in you! Hang in there my dear!"

    Little Jon and Cadi Anna

    Fri Feb 05 11:40:25 EST 2010

    "My uncle lost a hard fought battle with leukemia 4 years ago, and if I could make it so that no one else has to fight that battle, I'd do whatever I could. Way to go, Hannah! You can do it! :-)"

    Xochtle Mcknight

    Tue Jan 26 10:00:03 EST 2010

    "You ran a great race! It was so fun to watch your updates! It was amazing to see you make up so much time in the 2nd 1/2 of the race. You obviously finished strong! Congrats on your first marathon!"


    Sun Jun 06 02:39:15 EDT 2010

    "I got back more on my taxes then I thought I would, so I definately wanted to help your cause. My father passed away a few years ago from a blood disease. This is in his memory. Cant wait to hear about how your marathons go. Keep up the good work!"

    Mary Crego

    Mon May 03 07:24:49 EDT 2010

    "Can't wait for the big event!"

    Jason Ladner

    Sun May 02 11:04:49 EDT 2010

    "My donation for "Bendy for a Cure" for the 6:30 class. Thanks for putting this together ladies!! "

    Sarah Johnson

    Tue May 04 08:30:46 EDT 2010


    Kimberly Traffas

    Wed Apr 28 09:18:19 EDT 2010

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Raised: $4,223.85 | Goal: $5,000.00
84 %

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Clayton Kelty

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Kent Houghton $1000.00
Eric Namee $500.00
Brandon Steven $500.00
Michelle Kelty $250.00
Suzanne Dwyer $250.00
Boot Block - Central & Hi... $200.00
Bradley Schlozman $150.00
Michele Steigleder $150.00
Stoppel Investments LLC $131.00
Stoppel Investments LLC $131.00
Janice Havel $100.00
Steven Smith $100.00
Val Sigg $100.00
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shelley schroeder $100.00
James Spencer $100.00
Paul Hoover $100.00
Mitchell Herren $100.00
lisa watenpaugh $100.00
Rhonda Janzen $100.00
Stuart & Susan Johnson $100.00
Mark, Kim, Allie, Marcus ... $100.00
Dean Hoffman $100.00
Stephanie Oberhelman Plue... $100.00
Brian White $100.00
Matthew Holcomb $100.00
Sharylyn Lacey $100.00
John Stallings $100.00
Amy Decker $100.00
Daniel Young $78.00
Eleanor Young $78.00
Kecia Kessler $75.00
Amy Gaither $75.00
William Reagan $75.00
Richard Young $75.00
Duncan Long $52.00
M Duane Coyle Schmidt $50.00
Ron Gundy $50.00
Lorian $50.00
Janelle Bogart $50.00
Cristi and Lacey Reichenb... $50.00
Jodi Murphy $50.00
James McNaul $50.00
Ross & Desi Viner $50.00
Kelly,Treva, Karlie, Conn... $50.00
Jessica Figueroa $50.00
Ruhe Rutter $50.00
Sam Sharbaan $50.00
Dennis Houghton $50.00
Anne Adkins $50.00
Natalie Stephenson $50.00
Mark Chambers $50.00
J. Schriner $50.00
Janneane Cruse $50.00
Krystal Kenrick $50.00
Natalie Stephenson $50.00
Ken Lang Stratton $50.00
Travis Counts $50.00
Nickki Head $50.00
Cindy White $50.00
Conner White $50.00
Connie Tatum $50.00
John Holthus $50.00
Lorian $50.00
Greg Young $50.00
Little Jon and Cadi Anna $50.00
Debra DeWall $50.00
Robert Calisti $40.00
Tere Camilletti $40.00
Robert Jacob $40.00
Robert Calisti $30.00
Donna Merz $30.00
Kimberly Traffas $30.00
Jeff Dowden $30.00
Daniel Berry $30.00
Thomas Riedel $30.00
Claudia Westcott $30.00
Matt & Monica Moore $30.00
Julie at Julie's Running ... $30.00
tracey prevost $30.00
Daniel Whisler $26.25
Erica McIvor $26.20
Rick Held $26.20
Barry Stanley $26.20
Scott Hogan $26.00
Stacy Hall $26.00
Tyson Koenig $26.00
Dale Ward $26.00
Kansas Chemical Inc $26.00
Nicole Boxberger $26.00
Dan & Sheryl Johnson $26.00
Audra Paulk $25.00
Allison Follin $25.00
Michael Ferrante $25.00
Leigh Ann Ablah $25.00
Stephanie Intagliata $25.00
Angela Starkel $25.00
Hideki Fields $25.00
Jill Werner $25.00
Lorrie McBee $25.00
Mary Calisti $25.00
Stacy Christy $25.00
Kim Edgington $25.00
Sarah Johnson $25.00
Satin Janssen $25.00
Mary Crego $25.00
Jason Ladner $25.00
Michele Harrison $25.00
Jennifer Packer $25.00
Blair Martin $25.00
Scott Martin $25.00
R. T. King $25.00
Robert Young $25.00
James Young $25.00
Scott Schillings $25.00
Shannon Young $25.00
Rodney Smith $25.00
Rachel Watkins $25.00
Brian Hail $25.00
Julian Narino $25.00
Michael White $25.00
Shannon McCane $25.00
Xochtle Mcknight $25.00
Naomi Shapiro $25.00
Jessica Clelland $25.00
Kevin Werner $20.00
Donna Merz $20.00
Forest Cornwell $20.00
Robert Calisti $20.00
Denise McFarland $20.00
G. Alexander $20.00
J. G. Kear $20.00
Chad Geri $20.00
Dan Peare $20.00
Mignon Layman $20.00
Carol Swenson $15.00
April $15.00
Shiloh Vincent $10.00
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