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First Group Training!
Jun 30, 2013 by Mickey Deputy

See me in the middle of the picture? That was right before my first ever group training! I had a lot of fun walking with my mom on the Monon. Then Coach Alexis walked with us for a while. I walked 2 miles in around 50 minutes. Mom was happy, so I guess I did OK!

If you look over there at the right, you see that I have reached 100% of my goal. Well, I have reached my minimum, but my goal is as much as I can raise. Since I hit my minimum, 100% of everything else I raise goes to the mission of LLS. Can't beat that!

Yea for no foot pain!
Jun 10, 2013 by Mickey Deputy

A couple of weeks ago, Mom took me to Midwest Orthotics because my feet were hurting really bad when I walked. My friends there took care of me and my feet! Tonight I went on a 1.5 mile walk and my feet didn't hurt at all!! I didn't even ask to stop along the way! Thanks, Midwest Orthotics!

On the fund raising side of things....I am less than $250 from my minimum! Officialy group training starts on 6/29. I hope to be done with fund raising by then. Our team has raised almost $20,000!! Way to go, Team Mickey!!

Loving the Outdoor Walks
May 18, 2013 by Mickey Deputy

Brad, Mom and I have been on some walks together lately. I enjoyed the change of scenery down in Franklin on the trail near the house we're moving to in July. I think we'll be walking on it a lot this summer!

Finally Outside!
Apr 22, 2013 by Mickey Deputy

It's finally warm enough to start training outside!

Tonight's walking companions were Mom, Dad and Belle.

As of today, April 22, we have 23 people on the team and we have raised $9,935.78!! Only $65 away from 10% of the team goal!! And the season doesn't officially start for 2 more months! Way to go, TEAM!!

Mom said we have some fun fund raisers coming up this summer so keep your eye on this page for updates. Some of them include Chick Fil A and Orange Leaf, two of my favoritest places ever!! YUM!

Back on the Treadmill
Feb 25, 2013 by Mickey Deputy

After being sick with bronchitis and then Dad and Mom taking turns being sick, we finally got back to the Y tonight after 3 weeks off! My feet hurt when I got off the treadmill after a 35 minute walk. Mom said it's because my feet have to get used to training again. I hope they listen and get used to it quick!

Here a few pictures from tonight's workout.

I'm have a little trouble seeing over the top of the treadmill! :)

Check out my new shoes! They're very pink and I love 'em!

Look at that form!

Thanks to everyone who has donated so far! The Oncology Nursing Society blessed me with over $900 last week! I am now at 60% of my fund raising and we still have almost 8 months to go! WOOHOO!!

Well, I'm tired after my workout so I'm off to bed. Sweet dreams!


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Supporter Comments

    "So Proud of you Mickey!!"

    Jackie Paquette

    Tue Nov 27 02:46:06 EST 2012

    "I know it's not much, but I love you! You're one of the most inspiring young women I've ever been blessed enough to meet!"

    Megan Gross

    Tue Nov 27 03:06:56 EST 2012

    "Hi Mickey! You are doing amazing things to kick cancer's butt and help others do the same. You are truly an inspiration to me. Allison Winstel IUDM "

    Allison Winstel

    Thu Dec 20 12:20:21 EST 2012

    "Mickey, You inspire everyday because of the things that you have accomplished and are going to accomplish! Keep up the great work! I wish one day I could be just like you! It was great being your buddy at BSUDM! "

    Tiffany Kronmiller

    Tue Feb 26 06:27:30 EST 2013

    "You are doing great Mickey! Keep it up!"

    Marc Fella

    Sun Apr 21 08:18:42 EDT 2013

    "Happy birthday! Mrs. Seydel and family"

    Meredith Seydel

    Sun May 12 09:26:21 EDT 2013

    "So proud of you Mickey. you are truly a hero"

    jason glenn

    Wed Aug 14 06:43:44 EDT 2013

    "We are honored to support brave and generous Mickey Deputy in her effort while remembering our friend, Rachel."

    Sara and Manuel Debono

    Thu May 23 10:41:19 EDT 2013

    "Happy Sweet 16!"

    The Ray Family

    Sat May 18 09:06:48 EDT 2013

    "Happy Sweet 16th Birthday Love YOU! Gary & Ella"

    Ella & Gary Webb

    Wed May 15 06:18:57 EDT 2013

    "Mickey, you are an inspiration. :)"

    Teresa Francart

    Thu May 09 08:27:37 EDT 2013

    "Happy Birthday Mickey! Good luck with your half marathon!!"

    The Minters

    Mon May 06 10:40:04 EDT 2013

    "Deputy Family, You are all such inspirations to me! I wish I could be with you to celebrate Mickey's and Brad's birthdays, but I will be thinking of all of you in Ecuador! May God continue to bless all of you and those you touch! Love, Julie"

    Julie Votaw

    Sun May 05 09:59:37 EDT 2013

    "Go TEAM MICKEY...The Hershman's look forward to seeing you cross that finish line!!!"

    Hershman Family

    Tue Apr 30 07:48:07 EDT 2013

    "Super bummed I cannot join Team Mickey in San Fran, but happy as ever to support one of the best TNT supporters out there. Go Team! Go Mickey!"

    Polly Weitzman

    Tue Apr 30 03:38:36 EDT 2013

    "Good Luck Mickey! Love, Coach & Tina"

    Chuck and Tina Pagano

    Tue Apr 30 02:19:42 EDT 2013

    "Congratulations on your remission! I am a 14-year Leukemia (AML) survivor. Good luck in the half marathon!"

    Kelley Sullivan

    Tue Apr 16 12:27:27 EDT 2013

    "Go get 'em!"

    Bob & Judi Hornback

    Tue Apr 09 09:40:58 EDT 2013

    "I am so very proud of you! Wish I could join you but with all that is going on, i must take care of time! "

    Andrea Cox

    Sun Apr 07 10:12:14 EDT 2013

    "Good Luck, Mickey!!! You are truly an inspiration!!! "

    Tracy Blankenship

    Fri Mar 01 09:29:01 EST 2013

    "Mickey, you're an amazing young lady, and we have loved you since we met you! I'm sure Ella will look up to you as she grows! "

    Buffy Smith

    Fri Mar 01 08:13:06 EST 2013

    "So proud of you, Miss Mick! We love you! -Nathan, Jessie & Lachlan"

    Nathan, Jessie & Lachlan

    Fri Feb 22 04:36:48 EST 2013

    "You are awesome Mickey!"


    Tue Feb 19 09:23:40 EST 2013

    "We make this donation to encourage Mickey Deputy in her effort to raise money for Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. She is a young lady to be admired. May God bless her in her courage and bless her with the strength she needs to meet her personal challenges. With love, The Bremer Family"

    Jane Bremer

    Mon Feb 18 06:32:51 EST 2013

    "Your an inspiration to us all Mickey!! Good luck :)"

    Kali Harrison

    Mon Feb 18 01:39:59 EST 2013

    "Mickey, You are such an inspiration to so many people! You are such a strong young lady! Keep up your hard work, and keep changing lives! :) <3 Kayla Weisenbach (BSUDM) "

    Kayla Weisenbach

    Mon Feb 18 01:14:21 EST 2013

    "Good luck, Mick!"

    Brad Deputy

    Mon Feb 18 12:53:08 EST 2013

    "Hi Mickey! So proud of you!!! PUDM will be rooting for you the entire 13.1 miles! :) "

    Stephanie Nitschmann

    Mon Feb 18 11:31:02 EST 2013

    "So proud of you Mickey! You inspire us all! Keep up the great work! Love you! "

    Elizabeth Bremer

    Sun Feb 17 10:59:36 EST 2013

    "You are such an inspiration! Best of luck!!! - Mandy (Tiffany Kronmiller's sister)"

    Mandy Rupp

    Sun Feb 17 08:48:55 EST 2013

    "Mickey, you are an inspiration to us all! I know we will hear much more about this at the 2013 PUDM! 2013 is all about being MICKEY STRONG!! "

    Travis Stoutenborough

    Thu Jan 03 08:32:20 EST 2013

    "Good luck mickey"

    Rebecca Bailey

    Mon Dec 31 12:51:51 EST 2012

    "Mickey, your bright smile is a constant encouragement to me! You go girl!!!"

    Mary Elsbury

    Mon Dec 31 09:54:18 EST 2012

    "Go Mickey!"

    Rob, Cathy, Jillian & Jacob Morgan

    Wed Dec 12 01:37:11 EST 2012

    "Thanks for working so hard for other leukemia patients, Mickey! You and Kyle are both five-year survivors in 2012. So proud of you both!"

    Beth DeHoff

    Wed Dec 12 12:06:49 EST 2012

    "Good Luck Mickey!! You will do great! You are such an inspiration and give our family such hope <3 With Full Support, Kady, Bella, Andy and Braylon"

    Bella Clevenger- 4yrs old- ALL

    Wed Nov 28 09:47:18 EST 2012

    "You go girlll. Glad to have the privilege of knowing your "sassy princess" - self. Can't wait to see you for the next PUDM event. "

    Shannon Maloney- PUDM

    Tue Nov 27 09:38:38 EST 2012

    "You are going be a great half-marathoner"


    Tue Nov 20 02:06:58 EST 2012

    "Good luck, Mickey! From the Indiana Miss Amazing Pageant and of course, me! :)Love you sweet girl! <3"

    Megan Layne- Indiana Miss Amazing Pageant

    Wed Oct 16 03:02:50 EDT 2013

    "Good Luck Mickey! I am so proud of you! "

    Amy Jacobs

    Wed Oct 16 02:50:31 EDT 2013

    "Go Team Mickey!!!"

    Marissa Gee Kopp

    Tue Oct 15 04:37:04 EDT 2013

    "Midwest Orthotic and Technology Center and SureStep are proud to support Mickey on her journey..."

    Midwest Orthotics / SureStep

    Thu Sep 19 10:33:28 EDT 2013

    "You're awesome, Mickey! :)"

    Kenzie Glotzbach

    Tue Jun 25 10:01:03 EDT 2013

    "Go girl. I am sooooo proud of you. Now wave that magic want and get going on Mom's stuff! Keep working hard, Mick. I love you. This is from me and all your buds in Room 3 at ROOTS. Love, Mrs. Woods "

    Cindy Woods

    Sun Jun 23 08:32:11 EDT 2013

    "Good luck, Princess Mickey! "

    Brit Davis

    Tue Jun 11 11:25:47 EDT 2013

    "Way to go Mickey!"

    Julie Lesh

    Tue Jun 11 07:59:19 EDT 2013

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