My Fundraising Page

My Fundraising Page
Jun 04, 2009 by Carmen Lethig

You Read Correctly - I'm Running 13 Miles!!!

Hi there! If you've made it to this page it is probably because you feel like you mis-read my email or letter. No, you don't need glasses...I'm officially in training to run a half-marathon. Yikes!

Every day I think about the fact that I've committed myself to run 13 miles this October. My feelings range from complete confidence in myself to sheer terror. However I know that I'm doing the right thing - not only to reach a personal goal of running more than my usual 3 miles but to raise money for a worthwhile cause.

In addition to training I'm also raising money to help fight blood cancers as a member of The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's (LLS) Team In Training. All of us on Team In Training are raising funds to help stop leukemia, lymphoma, Hodgkin lymphoma and myeloma from taking more lives. I am completing this event in honor of all individuals who are battling blood cancers. These people are the real heroes on our team and we need your support to cross the ultimate finish line - a cure!

I am participating in honor of Michaela Deputy (Mickey). Mickey, seen in the picture on this page, is an acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) survivor. She was diagnosed with ALL in December of 2004 and has been off treatments since February 2007. She is only twelve years old. Her family is involved in several LLS campaigns and Team In Training events.

Even though times are tough right now, please make a donation. Any amount you can donate - $10, $20, $50, $100 or even the spare change you might usually use for a coffee or throw into your rainy day fund. I mean, let's put it in perspective, shall we?

$13.10 - $1 per mile

$26.20 - $2 per mile

$34.50 - Date Night - the cost of one large pepperoni-lovers Pizza Hut pizza and two adult movie tickets (no tip, candy or popcorn even!)

$500 - financial aid for one blood cancer patient for one year

I'll be updating this site with my training progress so stop by frequently. You don't need to donate everytime you check the site (although I won't stop you if you feel the need). Thanks for your support!




Even though I signed up for the half, before last night I had not run in about two weeks. I'm used to running about twice a week, anywhere from 1.5 to 3 miles each time. So at this point in the training process I feel like I'm okay, despite my recent laziness. However, I'm back on track (pardon the pun). I ran last night, an "easy 20 minutes" according to the training schedule. I probably ran closer to 30 minutes - a little under 3 miles. I'm a slow runner, geesh! It was a good run, I felt good and paced myself, and tried to not think that in October I'll be running four times that length! Don't want to pysche myself out just yet. :)


A HUGE thanks to all of my family and friends that have already donated. It means so much to have your support! So yesterday I completed my frist "long" run in the training session. There have been two but I was out of town for them. Anyways, we ran on the Monon in Nora at 7:30 a.m. I knew ahead of time that this was going to be difficult for me - I never run in the morning, I never run in a group and I usually don't run for 40 to 50 minutes. Good news is I totally survived. Bad news is I was super tired and hot at the end of my four miles not to mention mad because I had to walk a couple of times because of side cramps. This week training on my own will be for longer and in the a.m. to get used to this.


The 10% fundraising benchmark is here and I'm currently at 30%! For once, I'm ahead of the game. Thank you to everyone who has helped me make that possible so far! I still have more money to raise so please help me out if you can - even just a few dollars will go a long way for cancer research (come on! skip your fancy-schmancy coffee for one day and donate $5). :) I'll stop harassing you now. Training - I've only ran two times this week at 30 minutes a pop. I had to run on the treadmill because I still can't seem to wake up early enough yet to run when it is cool. This weekend's long run is 60 minutes. OMG. Wish me luck. Mickey, my honored hero, will be at the long run to cheer us on, so that is exciting!


The long run on Saturday went well. I, again, got side pains about half-way into the run so I was forced to walk a few times. Other than that I think that my endurance is becoming greater so that I am able to run longer distances now, ever so slightly. I tried gu and it sorta made me feel sick so I might try another form of fuel while running. I went to breakfast with Mickey and the rest of the team after the run. What fun! It was good to get to know everyone a little better.


Last week completed four weeks of training so far. I ran four times, including the long run on Saturday a.m. at Eagle Creek. I missed the team track training, where we run shorter but faster intervals, so I did it on my own on the treadmill early Friday morning. I am SO slow. Seriously - a total of 25 minutes, 10 min warm-up, 10 min fast, 5 min slow-down and I only ran 2.1 miles. The long run was 80 minutes and I was SO tired after but otherwise felt pretty good. I have no idea of the distance I ran because I made up my own course (uh, I got lost) and I don't have my running watch yet. Hopefully I'll get it this week so I can better know my times, pace and distance. Stay tuned.


First of all a HUGE THANK YOU to all of my donors! I've officially reached my 50% fundraising goal. I am so happy about this. I can't wait to be at 100% (or more) so I can really just focusing on finishing the darn race in one piece! On to the running details.....Last week I ran a total of 180 minutes. My long run didn't go so well, but the rest of my training group said the same thing about their runs. Even though we started at 7 a.m. it was already hot and muggy outside. I probably ran half and walked half for a total of almost 7 miles. I have finally figured out my watch so I will have a better gauge on my mileage ran per week from now on. Also, I've signed up to run a 10K with my mom on August 1st and this week I plan on running my 1/2 race course at Fort Ben.


Each week I get a little bit closer to my fundraising goal. I'm now over (slightly) my 50% goal. Not too much longer and I'll be there.

Last week I ran a total of 16 miles. This past Saturday I skipped the long run training with the group and went with my mom instead. My mom has been running for a long time but this was our first run ever together. I ran 9.5 miles! I am so proud of myself. I was so tired the rest of the day though! As a reward I bought a new pair of running shorts that I've been wanting. I think the rewards might be the best part of running!


It's been a couple of weeks since I've written. The long run for the week of 7/25 was cancelled due to weather and I'll admit that I was happy about it. I was considering not running anyways because I had been fighting a cold and felt sluggish and tired all week. So last week I ran light - only two days at 45 minutes each. But last Saturday I ran the Circle the City 10k with my mom. I ran the entire 6 miles and finished in 1:09. This puts me at a 11:17 pace per mile which is not fast. I took this race really seriously in order to gauge where I might be fore twice this distance which is my 1/2 marathon. At this pace I can finish in my goal time of between 2 to 2.5 hours. So I was really happy and satisified with my results of Saturday's race!

Also THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU to all of my donors. I'm now at $200 left to raise to meet my goal - actually slightly less as I'm sending in some checks today! Only a little left to go, if you know someone who might want to donate please send them the link to this page!


Again, thank you to everyone who made donations in the past week. That means I'm only $30 away from my fundraising goal. It's a great feeling to have this part of the training almost accomplished. Now I just need to focus more on those 13 miles....

This past week I followed the training schedule closely. I didn't go to group training on Saturday morning but instead did my long run with my mom on Sunday morning. I was just way too tired on Saturday to run for two hours (on account of long Thursday and Friday nights!) For our long run we did ten miles through streets and trails of downtown Indy. It was so exhausting! But I feel good knowing that I can do 10 even if it is super slow! I recommitted to the training program last week meaning that I am really in it now. haha! No turning back.....


I apologize for the lack of updating last week! Training is moving along - last week I was so busy every day after work that I only ran about 7 miles total for the week. This past Saturday my mom and I did my long run together at Fort Ben (yes, I skipped the running with the training group again only because I didn't want to drive to Eagle Creek). Anyways - I ran for 2 hours and 5 minutes - 12 miles!!!! I almost started crying when I looked at my running watch and saw 12.1 miles counted. One more mile and I would've run my race! And, as you can see, I also reached my fundraising goal! Actually I have a couple of checks to send in so I am slightly over my goal. Things are going well right now!!


So on my long run last weekend I hurt my right heel somehow around mile 10 or so. I did not run all week in an attempt to heal it and not exacerbate the issue. However it is just feeling worse now. So tomorrow I'm off to the doctor. I really hope it is nothing too serious as I need to get back on track with my running. I think I can probably be down & out for a week but not two!!! I'll keep you posted!


Last week I went to the doctor and had xrays of my right foot and heel. The xrays showed no fractures or spurs in my foot. So that is the good news. The other good news is that I bought some cheap inserts and put them in my shoes for walking around Chicago for two days. My foot felt so much better that I decided to go for my first run in two weeks this past Monday for 30 minutes/2.7 miles. Virtually no pain during the run although there was some I ran again yesterday for another 30 minutes/2.9 miles. My heel was KILLING me. That's why I called the run quits and went on the stationary bike for 25 minutes. Today there is some pain but not as bad as it has been. I'm going to see an orthopedic doctor to find out what is going on.


As I said in my previous update, I resumed training last week. This past Saturday I attempted to run the required 45 minutes but my heel was hurting too badly that I quit around 25 minutes. I bought some expensive inserts for my shoes at the running store and it seems to help for walking around but I'm still having issues when running. Which of course is a HUGE problem consider I have to run 13 miles in about a month. I made an appointment at an orthopedics place later this week. I'm so disappointment right now. I hope I'll be able to do the long practice race run this weekend with the team!


Supporter Comments

    "LLS was so helpful when Kristy was sick with AML. "

    Sun Apr 08 06:08:47 EDT 2018

    "We are Carson!"

    Audrey Seufert

    Sat Oct 14 12:40:25 EDT 2017

    "Good luck! If I can do it, you can with ease. Of course, I did the run/walk program. When you are done, you will feel great! Maybe you could run back to the start for another lap!"

    Ryan and Julie Ellis

    Tue Jun 30 09:37:48 EDT 2009

    "go car go! we know you can do it!!"

    kristi nor

    Wed Jun 17 07:28:41 EDT 2009

    "we are cheering for you!"

    bryan and tracey hageman

    Sat Jun 20 08:24:26 EDT 2009

    "We love you and pray for you."

    Audrey Seufert

    Fri Oct 13 06:56:55 EDT 2017

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