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May 10, 2012 by Elspeth Harris

Even though I've committed to running the Chicago Marathon in October, this fundraising page is still functional. I have been advised to use the Chicago Marathon fundraising page to keep everyone updated, so from now on please check that page for new updates and change your bookmarks if you've bookmarked this one.

I am required to fundraise $1,000 by June 6th, for my half marathon. After that, it is my goal to raise another $2,000 by October. Most of my funds are currently on this page, but between now and June 6th, feel free to check both pages to see how I'm doing.

If you've donated on my Chicago Marathon fundraising page, and this page you're on currently doesn't reach it's required thousand, money will be funnelled from that one to this one. You don't need to worry about making sure you donate to the right page, because all the money is going to the same place and they know it's all coming to fundraise me. LLS may not currently have the ability to merge pages yet, but they do make it as easy as they can. :)

For those of you who have already donated, thank you so much. Your support keeps me going, and you're on my team now. You are helping me help others on their way to ending cancer.

An exciting announcement.
Apr 09, 2012 by Elspeth Harris

I've committed to running the Chicago Marathon on October 7th!

Because of this, I'm moving fundraising pages here. All my updates will be posted there, so stay tuned.

My reasons for running
Apr 04, 2012 by Elspeth Harris

When I committed to this crazy enterprise, my reasons started small. I'd been toying with the idea of running a marathon, and wanted to start with a half-marathon, but didn't have that "kick" to get me started. Running FOR something was perfect, and the only thing that's kept me going. If I were just doing this for myself, and alone, I would have bailed before reaching 10 miles. Because I'm running for something and with a team, (including my coworker who sits next to me at work every single day!) I can't give up for selfish reasons.

I knew that my uncle had died of Myeloma, so LLS seemed like an appropriate charity with/for which to run. I'm running for my uncle, Andy. I'd heard of other organizations that team up with endurance athletes to raise money, and actually would like to run with them another season, but one day LLS was at a meeting at work and gave me the forms and said "you can sign up today if you want." So I did.

Then I got an email letting me know that another uncle of mine, not the one who had Myloma, his sister-in-law is currently fighitng Leukemia. I'm running for Judy.

Then my mom reminded me that my grandfather died of Leukemia. I'm running for my grandfather, James. He died when I was about two years old. And everyone in my family tells me how much he loved me. I'm running so that other grandfathers and granddaughters can have more time together than I had with mine.

I'm running so that more women can have more time with their husbands than my aunt had with hers. I'm running for a world without cancer.

Please consider giving $50, or whatever you can, and help the Leukemia Lymphoma Society fight cancer.

Mileage update
Mar 29, 2012 by Elspeth Harris

I want to give you all an update, since I've run significantly farther since I last wrote here.

Last Saturday (March 24th) I ran 10.8 miles! I was supposed to run 10, but I missed the five-mile-turnaround and kept going a little bit before I realized I needed to turn back!

Running outside with my team on Saturdays is making my solo indoor weekday training kinda boring. It's such a singificant help though, so I really do need to keep it up. I do weight training to strengthen my whole body (stronger legs = more endurance!), core exersizes every day (I've been told that a stronger core leads to all around sucess in just about everything, including bathingsuit season so I'm not complaing), a run that focuses on my form and my desired distance-running pace, a run that focuses on speed, and then a rest day.

If you made it through all that, congratulations! I plan to write again soon on my "reasons". I haven't told you WHY I'm doing this crazy thing yet.

Training Update
Feb 09, 2012 by Elspeth Harris

I've officially been training for four weeks, and I hit a milestone this Saturday: my fourth mile!

When I started this adventure, the most I'd run consecutively was two miles and it nearly killed me. (not quite, but it felt like it!) This past month I've been doing a lot of walk/run training where I walk to warm up, run as long as I can, walk fast, run, walk fast, run, etc.

This Saturday I challenged myself to something: stay in a run for a solid mile, walk fast to recover for a quarter mile, and then run another mile. I did this three times! With the quarter mile walk in between the three mile-long runs, I hit four miles in just over fourty minutes.

Doing the math, that means I'd finish a half marathon in two and a half hours. Which is better than three hours, right? Or four?

Before this past weekend, my longest workouts had been taking me three miles. I just need to keep this up, just add one mile. And then another one. And then another one. I'll get there, folks! Stay tuned.

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