Taking Action to Create Hope!

Action = Hope!
Nov 02, 2016

We need more hope! 2017 will be my third year running in the Chicago Marathon with The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's Team in Training (TNT)! I am running in memory of my husband's mother Judy, who lost her battle with multiple myeloma while he was a senior in high school. 

My awesome TNT coach Marie put it best: everyone wishes there were a cure for cancer, but that's not enough. We need action! Action creates hope: hope for a cure, hope for better quality of life, hope for keeping families affected by these terrible diseases together longer.

Take action with me today, and create hope!


Supporter Comments


    Amber King

    Tue Nov 08 06:23:55 EST 2016

    "From a fellow FCS teacher"

    Marikay Kuntzman

    Tue Nov 08 07:06:38 EST 2016

    "Texas FCS Teacher Goodluck! My 21 year old daughter donated bone marrow this year.She was a perfect match to someone she did not know. "

    Lindy Dowdy

    Tue Nov 08 09:45:14 EST 2016

    "Love your FACS resources! Good luck with the marathon!"

    Natalie Brown

    Wed Nov 30 04:37:31 EST 2016

    "It is an honor to contribute lovingly to this warrior for the cause."

    Aunt Margie

    Thu Dec 01 08:44:38 EST 2016

    "From a fellow FACS teacher. My husband's mother passed away from Leukemia when he was eight years old. "


    Sun Dec 04 01:10:55 EST 2016

    "fasc good projects and info"


    Sun Dec 04 03:00:19 EST 2016

    "FACS Supporting you and research on leukemia and lymphoma. Jackie and FACS students."

    Jackie Bakker

    Sun Dec 04 06:59:14 EST 2016

    "Our daughter Savanna Jo lost her battle with leukemia at age 23. Thanks for doing this !!"

    Jayne Nie

    Sun Jan 08 04:04:37 EST 2017

    "Hi, I'm so excited about getting the much needed resources for my High School Nutrition-Cooking class!! I've recently returned to teaching after being a stay at home mom for 22 years!!! It's been a looooong time for me out of the classroom and I had thrown away all of my fantastic resources that I used years ago when teaching Nutrition and Cooking labs!! Good luck on your fundraising also for this worthy cause!! Toni Floyd tfloyd@columbiaschools.org Columbia, Mississippi"

    Toni Floyd

    Mon Jan 09 10:51:16 EST 2017

    "Good morning, best of luck! Enjoy your training and run. this is from the FACS page (so yes, looking forward to your resources ;) Cheers,"

    Barb Robertson

    Fri Feb 03 11:50:30 EST 2017

    "Veteran teacher but new to FACS! What a great fundraising idea. Thanks for helping while helping others. Win-win!"

    Dione Aanderud

    Mon Feb 27 08:17:54 EST 2017

    "FACS teacher supporting. Such a great cause"

    Jennifer Clement

    Tue Feb 28 02:45:06 EST 2017


    Cathy Caylor

    Wed Mar 08 11:55:37 EST 2017

    "FACS...Keep up the great work "


    Mon Mar 13 12:59:17 EDT 2017

    "Please send the FACS resources to susanbartos@aol.com. Thank you"

    Susan Bartos

    Sun Mar 19 10:43:53 EDT 2017

    "I think this amazing that you are doing this. I was directed to your page for FACS resources and was so happy to land here what a wonderful person you are! Thank you for sharing your resources and good luck with the run"

    Laura Morello FCS

    Mon Mar 20 02:11:59 EDT 2017

    "FACS people support each other!"

    Tami Naaden

    Wed Mar 22 08:07:14 EDT 2017


    Laura Gunnell

    Wed Apr 05 11:35:08 EDT 2017

    "FACS Bundle"

    Ashley Elmore

    Wed May 17 09:49:12 EDT 2017

    "Thank you so much for all the FACS resources and for this great idea!"

    Ashley Koss

    Thu May 18 11:02:43 EDT 2017

    "Please send me the FACS info. I will be a New teacher this year and these resources would be amazing! "

    Carry Suchy

    Fri Jun 02 01:08:02 EDT 2017

    "I am a FACS teacher - glad I could help you in this fundraising."

    Terry Yri

    Thu Jun 22 10:51:54 EDT 2017

    "FACS- Thank you ! "

    Victoria Sandford

    Thu Jun 22 11:12:35 EDT 2017

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