Jacqueline's Fundraising Page

Jacqueline's Fundraising Page
Feb 01, 2010 by Jacqueline Matthew

Racing to Save Lives

Welcome to my life-saving, feel-good Team In Training home page!

I'm sure many of you have wondered where I went after my last Team In Training event (San Antonio, Texas - 2008) - but never fear, Jacqueline is here! I decided to give my family, friends, and co-workers (all of the above gratefully known as MY FAVORITE DONORS) a break from donating, and time to catch up with their own finances during the tumultuous economy which we have been experiencing. This year I have once again joined forces with Team In Training - this time for the Chicago Marathon on October 10, 2010.

All of us on Team In Training are raising funds to help stop leukemia, lymphoma, Hodgkin lymphoma and myeloma from taking more lives. I am completing this event in honor of all individuals who are battling blood cancers, with a special emphasis on a dear friend of mine who's parents are both fighting with these blood cancers. These people are the real heroes on our team, and we need your support to cross the ultimate finish line - a cure!

My fundraising minimum for this event is $1,000 and I am confident that together we will be able to surpass this amount in a jiffy which is why I have upped the ante and set my personal goal at $1,500. Please make a tax deductible donation to support my participation in Team In Training and help advance LLS's mission. More donations = more research = an eventual cure!

Although this event may seem far off, I hope that you donate early on and continue to visit my website to track my progress.

I cannot thank you enough for the tremendous support!

Jacqueline Matthew



Supporter Comments

    "Kick butt, Jacqueline!"

    Chanthana Tsai

    Mon Oct 04 01:29:47 EDT 2010

    "Good luck fellow Chicago twitter friend!! "


    Mon Oct 04 01:10:28 EDT 2010

    "You are doing a great thing fund raising for such a great cause! Good lucj with your fund raising and your marathon!"

    Joe Jao (@deekindotnet)

    Mon Oct 04 01:06:53 EDT 2010

    "You have overcome many obstacles in training for this marathon. We know you will do great! Can't wait to watch you cross the finish line. We are very proud of you and love you very much. "

    Mom & Dad

    Sat Oct 02 02:45:25 EDT 2010


    Desiree Koh

    Tue Sep 28 10:23:15 EDT 2010

    "Good luck, I'll be there watching and Anika's running too!"

    Kyle & Anika

    Tue Sep 28 03:24:19 EDT 2010

    "Hey Girl! Keep up the good work. I've been fundraising too and have done the TNT too. I'll help you get there, both goals. Got Team!!"


    Sat Aug 21 12:38:43 EDT 2010

    "Go Jacqueline!"


    Wed Aug 11 01:10:43 EDT 2010

    "Boston goal? How awesome! Hope to see you in Chicago as I plan to run this too :-) "

    Laura Redman

    Mon Jul 19 03:22:17 EDT 2010

    "Small but meaningful donation. Thanks for running for a good cause!"

    Jeffery Heath

    Tue Jun 22 06:10:24 EDT 2010

    "Good luck!! =)"

    Nikki Brown

    Fri Jun 18 07:33:05 EDT 2010

    "Best of luck to you, Jacqueline!"

    John OConnor

    Fri Jun 18 11:31:46 EDT 2010

    "Great cause Jacqueline! Good luck and have fun!!"

    Shelley Kendall

    Thu Jun 17 06:21:53 EDT 2010

    "My best friend also participated in the Team in Training for a triathlon. This is a great fundraiser. Have fun and thanks for supporting the cause!"

    Lindsey Wierwille

    Tue Jun 15 09:42:10 EDT 2010

    "Shake a leg - I'll pay double if you come in first!"

    Jeff Mengel

    Mon Jun 14 05:46:10 EDT 2010

    "Good Luck Jac."

    Kristy Latorra

    Mon Jun 14 05:40:24 EDT 2010

    "You go Jacqueline! Thanks for your hard work! Have fun too!"

    Barb Kuchera

    Tue May 25 11:30:17 EDT 2010

My Fundraising Total

Raised: $1,554.40 | Goal: $1,500.00
104 %

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My Thanks To

Terra $100.00
Jeff Mengel $100.00
Kelly Freeman $100.00
George & Marcia Freeman $100.00
Jacqueline Matthew $100.00
Mom & Dad $52.00
Kelli Matthew $50.00
Joel Reitzloff $50.00
Bonnie Anderson $50.00
Nevra $50.00
Terry Barber $50.00
James Prins $50.00
John OConnor $50.00
Benjamin Barrone $50.00
Lindsey Wierwille $50.00
Kristy Latorra $50.00
Chanthana Tsai $26.20
Christina Nerbonne $26.20
@runnerynavymom $25.00
Joe Jao (@deekindotnet) $25.00
Nicole Bartlett $25.00
Desiree Koh $25.00
Andrew Hoppe $25.00
Heather Bjella $25.00
David Dakoske $25.00
Nikki Brown $25.00
Shelley Kendall $25.00
Jon & Jenny Deming $25.00
Katie VanderMolen $25.00
Jennifer Santelli $25.00
Kyle Manny $25.00
Sarah Shepard $25.00
Barb Kuchera $25.00
Kyle & Anika $20.00
Laura Redman $20.00
Kristyn & Alan $20.00
Jeffery Heath