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2 Weeks and Counting down!
Mar 03, 2015 by Barbara Pollak

YIKES!  Solvang is almost here.  Less than 2 weeks away.

I'm busy now getting my bike in shape and trying to get in some last minute shorter rides before the BIG one.

Crazy as it may sound, I've also signed up for ANOTHER long ride in April, called the Cinderella.  It's a women only Metric Century (65 miles) and mostly flat with a nice gradual climb around mile 40....  I've a feeling it may seem easy after Solvang (!)

But getting back to THIS ride...  

Wish me luck as I head off to Solvang.  Go Team!

Best, Barbara



New Year, New Goals
Jan 06, 2015 by Barbara Pollak

Happy 2015 everyone! Here's to a brand new year, new goals and packing in some serious bike rides.

This weekend I will hit a new personal bike riding milestone for me: 50 (gulp) miles.

When I started this journey, I pictured myself effortlessly peddling along, admiring the beautiful scenery with the the wind at my back, warm sun on my face and the miles just melting away...  cool

Gitty and me in Tiburon, CA December 2014

Welp, the reality has been somewhat different from my vision.  

Yes, there have been some beautiful Bay Area scenic rides. I am learning a lot. Much of this has been a mental journey for me. I've had to confront my Gephyrophobia* head on, biking over the Golden Gate Bridge.  It's also been a big time commitment. The weather has been consistently cold and rainy.  My feet are always numb. Hills really do take lots of effort and I'm still searching for the perfect saddle... surprise

BUT...Every week I get a little bit stronger and a little more confident.  The support of my friends and family has been wonderful and humbling.

Riding the flat American River Trail with Stephen, Sacramento, CA

I'm making some new friends and picking up valuable skills.  I'm still one of the very slowest on my team, but I think I will be able to finish the ride in March.  

At least...I hope so. indecision

Here's to a wonderful New Year and reaching whatever goals YOU set for yourself in 2015.


With love,



*irrational fear of bridges

Almost at my Goal!
Dec 21, 2014 by Barbara Pollak

Hi Friends

WOW!!!!  Thanks to your incredible generousity, I am extremely close to my goal of raising $3000 for LLS for my first Century (100 miles) ride ever!  Thank you! Thank you!

From now until December 31st, I will be giving donors a special "thank you" gift. There's still time to receive an original painting or print this month, if you donate $25 or more to my ride. 




So..without further ado, here's the latest news on my training: 

This month I tackled some MAJOR California hills around Lake Chabot and Portola Valley.  I am continuing to tackle my fear of careening down hills too fast and/or of falling over(!) while clipped in to my bike.  I also succesfully changed my first flat tire.  :)  




I am learning to ride in cold weather and in light rain.  I'm learning to like (not love) electrolyte drinks and protein bars.  I have mastered the art of consuming fluids while signaling left as I ride in traffic.




My TNT team is amazing.  I am in the slowest pace group, which suits me just fine. I'm in no hurry.... just enjoying the beautiful scenery while cheering on my teammates.

Here's a photo of some of the lovely ladies in my group. We had just finished a 33 mile ride!


Thanks again to everyone for your support!  

A big shout out to my extremely patient best friend and partner/husband Stephen; not only for your emotional support, but for physically managing our kids while I embark on this crazy fitness journey.  I literally could not do this without your help. heartheartheart


More updates next month as I tackle some crazy long rides of 40, 50 and 60 miles...!

Stay tuned......








December is ART'N'CYCLE month!
Nov 28, 2014 by Barbara Pollak

Hi Friends

Happy Holiday Season!

This month, in the spirit of the hoidays, I am doing something a little different...

I'm combining two of my favorite things: CYCLING and ART!

From now through the end of December: for each donation you make to my Team in Training ride, you will get a special thank you in the form of my artwork; either a signed archival print, a small painting or a custom painting of your favorite subject. Examples of my paintings can be found at this link: (click on the "personal work" tab). Please see my flier above for more details...

Thanks again for your continued support and for helping to make a difference in the life of those living with blood cancer.  Be sure to visit the LLS website ( to find out the latest news on cancer research and treatments.

Ride On!


PS: Photos coming next month of my winter training in rainy, cold weather and other stories....  blush




Here We Go!
Nov 16, 2014 by Barbara Pollak

Hi Friends--

Well, It's official! Yesterday I went to the Solvang Team in Training Kickoff orientation and first official ride of the season. Yeeha!  

Ok, I admit it....even after 2 months of training on my own including weekly rides, regular spinning classes and strength training, I am now actually pretty nervous about starting with the group.  Everything is suddenly real.

So, to prepare for some serious riding, a few days ago I invested in some real biking shoes and changed out my pedals to the clipless type.  I also got my seat readjusted. What I forgot, of course, was that there is a bit of a learning curve getting used to my new setup....

It actually feels like an entirely different bike.

One piece of advice I just read was not to try to use the new pedals/shoes on a training ride. Um, duh.  But of course that's exactly what I did and the next day I was paying for my major mistake with very sore legs and lower back (caused by tensing and stretching to find the proper positioning of my foot as well as getting used to my new seat position).  Owie.  frown

Well, needless to say, I am learning so much....


On a really good note, the Bay Area TNT team I'm with is absolutely fantastic.  Everyone is so friendly, supportive and helpful.  During orientation, we heard stories from blood cancer survivors, longtime TNT athletes and our coaches committed to helping us achieve our goals.

It is truly an amazing feeling to be making a difference and participating in an event that goes beyond a casual ride.

I feel confident that in 4 months I can actually do this!

I hope you will continue to help support my efforts.

xoxox, Barbara






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Supporter Comments

    "Go, Barbara, go!"

    Julia Hing

    Mon Oct 06 08:22:14 EDT 2014

    "Dear Barbara, Exciting challenge! Go for it. We're supporters of LLS back east too. Love, Aunt Karen and Uncle Stephen"

    Karen and Stephen Pollak

    Sun Sep 28 06:41:40 EDT 2014

    "Go BARBARA! lets hang the three bears! :)"

    Jill and Dennis Bower

    Mon Feb 23 03:48:00 EST 2015

    "Go, Barbara!"

    Brigid Gaffikin

    Tue Mar 03 04:54:29 EST 2015

    "Onward! :) Proud of you!"

    Sean Seamus McWhinny

    Wed Feb 04 01:19:13 EST 2015

    "Go Barbara Go!!!"

    Jill Tucci

    Thu Jan 08 10:59:29 EST 2015

    "Almost at your goal. "

    Richard and Debbie Pollak

    Mon Dec 15 09:40:51 EST 2014

    "Go Barbara! "

    Heather Zahiri

    Tue Dec 02 10:51:19 EST 2014

    "Keep up the great work Barbara! "

    sara cambridge

    Mon Dec 01 02:21:12 EST 2014

    "May this event finally make you one with NATURE!! Great cause, happy for you."

    Mark Sullivan

    Mon Dec 01 02:21:03 EST 2014

    "Go Babs Go! You inspire me! "

    Brooke Green

    Mon Dec 01 01:22:45 EST 2014

    "I'm honored to be able to contribute to your success in this endeavor. And I'm very proud of you!"

    rhoda draws

    Sun Nov 30 11:03:53 EST 2014

    "Go BABS GO!!!"

    Kelly Hopkins

    Sun Nov 30 09:25:24 EST 2014

    "Working in clinical research for subject with DLBCL NHL. More work needs to be done. Thanks for asking me to participate by donating to your ride, Barbara!!! All my best!!!"

    Jill Parker

    Sun Nov 30 06:13:07 EST 2014

    "Go Barbara!"

    Roger Burgner

    Tue Oct 21 01:56:15 EDT 2014

    "Huge congrats!!! Happy to support you and you giving to such a worthy cause."

    Barbra Blender

    Fri Oct 10 07:10:58 EDT 2014

    "A marvelous effort for a very worthy cause! Best wishes from Jamie, Paul, and Zo�"

    paul page-hanson

    Thu Oct 09 01:14:02 EDT 2014

    "Good Luck Barbara! I know you can do it :-) Liz"

    Liz Amini-Holmes

    Tue Sep 30 12:49:20 EDT 2014

    "Way to go, Babs! We're rooting for you!!! - J&D, M&L"

    Danielle Malik

    Mon Sep 29 10:34:19 EDT 2014

    "Good luck, ride hard. Love, Richard and Debbie"

    Richard and Debbie Pollak

    Mon Sep 29 08:40:16 EDT 2014

    "GO, Barbara! A supreme effort for a supreme goal -- congratulations! Roy and Pooh"

    Roy and Pooh Lewis

    Sun Sep 28 11:50:03 EDT 2014

    "Yay, Barbara! best of luck, Hillary and McKay. "

    Hillary Ellison and McKay Duncan

    Mon Sep 29 02:38:06 EDT 2014

    "Go Barbara! I've been an avid cyclist most of my life, but have never done anything so grand as you are doing on this "maiden voyage". (I've ridden centuries before, but only for myself)"

    Brian White

    Thu Oct 09 01:42:58 EDT 2014

    "Go, Babs, GO!,"

    Stephen Lewis

    Fri Oct 17 07:57:23 EDT 2014

    "Go Barbara! Proud of you for this effort. Love, Marya, Todd, Mika & Mikey"

    Marya Endriga

    Sat Oct 18 11:41:44 EDT 2014

    "Thanks for doing this- I will remember Bruce and Larry forever."

    Dan and Suzanne Pollak

    Sun Oct 19 07:54:55 EDT 2014

    "Impressive! You go."

    Del Greger + David

    Mon Oct 27 03:32:53 EDT 2014

    "Rock it Bee! "

    Nadia Amer

    Mon Nov 17 02:03:28 EST 2014

    "Ride on, girlfriend!"

    Laurie Herraiz

    Mon Nov 17 03:44:18 EST 2014

    "Keep your bum buttered and thanks for riding - every bit counts! "

    The Offenhartz Clan

    Mon Nov 24 06:38:50 EST 2014

    "Thanks for raising $$ for such a great cause!"

    The Sabenfasses

    Tue Dec 02 05:04:51 EST 2014

    "here's your $20! Go girl!!"

    Maria ray

    Fri Dec 19 10:26:02 EST 2014

    "Go Barbara GO! "

    Gitty, Shirley May and David

    Tue Jan 20 04:12:42 EST 2015

    "Good luck, Barbara!"

    Amanda Lynch

    Wed Nov 12 10:55:08 EST 2014

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