My Fundraising Page

My Fundraising Page
Jul 04, 2013

Sent July 3rd

Today is my birthday. I think of it as my own personal New Year’s Eve, a time of reflection and resolution. I always have a list of what I want to accomplish and how I can be better, a list of my dreams. This is my fifth year raising funds for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (LLS). I am hoping you can help me reach one of my goals. Years ago, a diagnosis of blood cancer simply meant a death sentence. Thanks to research funded by LLS, the numbers have shifted to the other end of the scale. Some day, I won’t be raising funds for a disease that has a cure. But today, I am asking you to give what you can.

Last Saturday, I was attending the Annual Honoree Luncheon. The people on my team with leukemia and other forms of cancer spoke to us, told their stories and represented those who lost their fight. Instead of being heart wrenching, each story was filled with the triumph of the human spirit. They reminded each of us why we have such conviction to raise these funds for LLS and walk and walk and walk.

Your names and the names of my friends and family with leukemia and myeloma are my mantra. On October 20th, 2013, I will cross the finish line, proud that I can be a small part of such a big dream.

I thank you with all my heart.


Please feel free to send this on to everyone you have ever met. My sincere apologies if you receive this more than once.


Supporter Comments

    "Great job doing this fundraising event each year. Here's some extra for the years I kept forgetting to donate. Love ya Laura"

    Laura Scalzo

    Fri Jun 21 04:44:21 EDT 2013

    "Happy birthday, Toby and best of luck in reaching your goal."

    Lynn Caffrey

    Wed Jul 03 11:32:50 EDT 2013

    "Toby, Great Job! Happy Birthday"

    Gail Pastor Sara

    Wed Jul 03 11:46:12 EDT 2013

    "THanks for doing this Toby-- congrats!"

    Jema Turk

    Wed Jul 03 12:10:42 EDT 2013

    "Lost my husband and father to Leukemia. Always support the work of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and see the progress that has been made with much more work needed. Keep up the good fund raising work."

    Linda Nack

    Wed Jul 03 01:14:50 EDT 2013

    "Happy Birthday, Toby!"


    Wed Jul 03 03:19:47 EDT 2013

    "With everyone working together we can beat this."

    Ellen Adler

    Thu Jul 04 09:29:03 EDT 2013

    "Good luck and good work, Toby! Carla Buchanan"

    carla buchanan

    Thu Jul 04 01:13:08 EDT 2013

    "glad to be able to help, miss you toby!"


    Thu Jul 04 07:02:03 EDT 2013

    "Toby, I'm so proud of you. You go girl!"

    renee badura

    Fri Jul 05 08:32:47 EDT 2013

    "Toby, thanks for the effort you make to help others, you're an inspiration. And Happy Birthday!"

    Rob Lieber

    Fri Jul 05 10:19:59 EDT 2013

    "Thanks for helping with such a good cause, Toby."

    Paula Forselles

    Fri Jul 05 05:39:15 EDT 2013

    "You are, as always, inspiring. Have a great walk!!"

    Meryl Lande

    Sat Jul 06 03:53:29 EDT 2013

    " Bless you, Tohy. With Love, Roz and Elliott bless"

    Roz and Elliott $50.

    Sun Jul 07 01:52:23 EDT 2013

    "Go, Toby!"

    Silva Raker

    Mon Jul 08 10:01:36 EDT 2013

    "Thanks for giving us the opportunity to support this great cause!"

    Gary and Scott

    Mon Jul 08 12:07:40 EDT 2013

    "Toby--happy birthday. You are very inspiring with what you are doing."

    Sandra McHenry

    Mon Jul 08 06:25:22 EDT 2013

    "Go Toby! Love ya and miss ya. F&G"

    Franklin Albro

    Mon Jul 08 09:01:25 EDT 2013

    "Lots of good wishes!"

    Nicholas Wellington

    Tue Jul 09 12:35:49 EDT 2013

    "Toby, your efforts and dedication to this cause are awesome. Thank you! "

    Debra Lande

    Tue Jul 09 04:08:50 EDT 2013

    "Keep up the great work. Eileen and Ira"

    Eileen and Ira Salk

    Thu Jul 11 09:04:46 EDT 2013

    "My youngest sister passed from leukemia in 1974 when she was 11 years old, after a 5 year painful journey. "

    Marigrace Bannon

    Mon Jul 15 11:32:52 EDT 2013

    "Cheers to more birthdays and thanks for helping people celebrate more of them! Much love, Toby, and walk strong."

    Sharon Wilkerson

    Thu Aug 01 02:05:21 EDT 2013

    "Thank you, Toby for your friendship and fundraising efforts...LLS is a worthy organization I first became acquainted with as a multiple myeloma patient 10 years ago. Thriving and Surviving well...Pat Pendleton."

    Pat Pendleton

    Tue Aug 13 02:54:25 EDT 2013

    "You are wonderful and awesome, Toby. We love you!!!"

    Gail and Paul Friedlander-Young

    Thu Aug 15 07:45:42 EDT 2013

    "This donation is from Leonard Pitt"

    Leonard Pitt

    Thu Aug 15 08:18:40 EDT 2013

    "This donation was made by Joseph Tsang"

    Joseph Tsang

    Sat Aug 17 08:08:05 EDT 2013

    "Toby: you are doing great work - keep it up! Love, Linda"

    Linda Schieber

    Sat Aug 17 09:40:06 EDT 2013

    "Keep on Trucking! Happy Birthday, Sheba Sweet"

    Sheba Sweet

    Sun Aug 18 12:23:35 EDT 2013

    "You are a beaming light of hope! "


    Sun Aug 18 07:42:19 EDT 2013

    "Great job Toby! You are a stud!"

    Janet Curl

    Thu Aug 29 11:10:16 EDT 2013

    "Here we are now, entertain us.."


    Sat Sep 21 07:41:29 EDT 2013

    "You go grrrl!"

    Cathleen Schwartz

    Sun Sep 22 01:12:32 EDT 2013

    "Great job, Toby!"

    Maria Corrales

    Sun Sep 22 01:41:33 EDT 2013

    "Good luck and thank you for doing such good work."


    Sun Sep 22 07:11:09 EDT 2013

    "Toby, I'm so proud of you"

    Helaine Weisberg

    Mon Sep 23 01:52:09 EDT 2013

    "You are a great lady and your heart is in the right place. You have my respect."

    Charles Suss

    Sun Sep 29 06:29:42 EDT 2013

    "You go girl..."

    Romney Lange

    Mon Sep 30 06:58:26 EDT 2013

    "Good luck Toby. Thanks for your support on my swim!"

    Elyce Klein

    Wed Oct 02 03:58:51 EDT 2013

    "Go Toby Go!!!!!"

    Grace Ricco-Pena

    Mon Oct 14 09:06:06 EDT 2013

    "Hey rock star -- enjoy"

    Karen Grimsich

    Fri Oct 18 11:01:00 EDT 2013

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